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  1. Lester looked good as a rookie and graded out as our best safety according to PFF (albeit in limited playing time). I never understood why he didn't play much last year. I'm not sure if he's the answer but he's not bad by any means.
  2. They refuse to talk about Cam with me because I constantly hype Cam up. I fully believe that he has the potential to be the greatest QB of all time. I agree with you that too many Panthers fans take Cam for granted. Too many people also act like Cam has little to no issues as well. I love Cam to death. He's my 2nd favorite player behind Smitty (and tbh I talk about Cam way more than I do Smitty). Cam just had a really bad second half, but his teammates did not help him out at all. AWFUL offensive line and early drops that should have been TD's really hurt not only him, but the team as a wh
  3. Look I'm just about the biggest Cam homer you will find. My friends that I talk football with always refuse to discuss Cam or the Panthers with me. I want Cam to succeed and I want him to be the QB of the future. I'm not ready to give up on him yet. He's had a good season until this game. Every QB has stinkers and Cam just had one. On the other hand, it's pretty easy to predict what is going to happen at the end as Cam is forcing plays.
  4. That's why we need an overhaul. Not only the staff, but we need more weapons on offense and a much better offensive line. Coaching does change a lot though. See: Jim Harbaugh, Andy Reid, etc
  5. Well seeing this situation a LOT as a Panthers fan I will predict that Cam will throw another INT trying to force something to happen.
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