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Community Answers

  1. Lol, many of us know he is talking about himself when he is talking about Purdy.
  2. Ok folks. Here is the thread which will let us know who here is really in tune with what's happening. Hit me with some 2023 off-season Predictions. Coaching, FA, Draft, all of it.
  3. Honestly, I'm more excited about the off-season than this game. Anywho, here is your thread.
  4. Harbaugh and a double draft this season? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Sign me up. Anyone who doesn't want that doesn't want to have fun.
  5. Holy crap! I care about a Panthers game in January!!!! Let's fuggin gooooo!
  6. Welp, here it is almost January and we could still make the playoffs. Please tell me what will happen this weekend. I don't mind spoilers.
  7. Win out and they win the NFC South Matt Rhule was gifted the worst NFC South in a decade and he still fucked it up. I will never forgive Tepper for giving that idiot another year when clearly he should have been fired last January.
  8. And yes, anything Agent89 is Panthers related and belongs here.
  9. This might be the first game I'm actually looking forward to in months. Can the Panthers win today?
  10. Let's say you can keep Wilks or give another first time NFL head coach a shot. Who you choosing?
  11. Do we want this dub? Improbable playoff push? Can we do it?!?!
  12. Seems like it was an amazing rivalry for a few years. We still hate em or nah?
  13. Should definitely be out next head coach. I don't want to gamble again on an unknown.
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