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  1. I think I will listen to the cumulative data and not anecdotal.
  2. Most players continue working out hard through July. Most players also don't bother doing a video for social media, no point. Glad he is working hard, but don't assume others are not.
  3. That one play last year where he fell straight down and missed the first down after being hit by a small DB told me everything I needed to know about him.
  4. As I prepare for the hell knows as Spartanburg in August, please let me know some of the players or positions you are most interested in.
  5. Nothing yet. Should be coming before July 1
  6. Not really with starters, but definitely the depth guys trying to leap frog one another.
  7. The teams with the highest % vaccinated players will also have a competitive advantage due to the Covid protocols. Like it or not, that is an absolute fact.
  8. The job is his. There isn't really a competition.
  9. Don't really have any besides he looks the part. We will know much more when the pads are on and there is full contact.
  10. Not as comfortable as those guys but that's to be expected as he is new to system. Bridgewater looked more comfortable having played in New Orleans. Going to take Darnold more time to get acclimated.
  11. Where players line up is one of those things I get dinged for if I divulge
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