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  1. I know you read this board. Get in touch. I won't blow smoke up your ass. You have my info. Love, JI
  2. Don't like to say I told you so... But.....
  3. At least PJ can create plays with his feet. Darnold creates interceptions with his feet.
  4. 5-3 I'm.drunk You should be too watching this poo
  5. This team is down 5-4 at the half against a horrible NY Giants team This is the lowest point the Panthers have been since 2010.
  6. Oh hey there. How's this thread doing?
  7. Robby might lose time to Terrace when he comes back.
  8. Zod

    Fog machines

    Here is the rig I just made for cheap. Once I fill the tub with ice it should cool the fog down enough for it to lay on the ground. 20211021_111216.mp4 20211021_112206.mp4
  9. If a media member at practice tweeted that they will get their creds yanked. That is some serious insider info that will greatly anger the coaches if it gets out.
  10. This team struggled greatly against the Jets and seems to have gotten much worse since then. I'm not sure relatively easy wins are on the menu any longer.
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