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Community Answers

  1. Panthers start off with 4 homes games and one away at the start of the season. If they only win one of those games, Rhule is fired in October.
  2. Please use this thread for leaks and discussion on the big reveal to see when opposing fans flood our stadium this year.
  3. I'll go with the one that never murdered a human
  4. Also, there is no better game time than 1pm on Sundays that's all end of discussion the end.
  5. Give me your two biggest weaknesses of this team. One for offense, one for defense.
  6. On the radio today, Fitterer said they deferred to McAdoo's judgement on QBs, and he had Corral as QB1
  7. Absolutely. At worst Corral could be a serviceable backup and that's nothing for what he cost.
  8. 1. Considering how few picks they had, the Panthers coupd not have dreamed things went so well for them. 2. Corral is the most exciting Panthers rookie QB since Cam Newton. That much is not really debatable. At the very least it's some interest and excitement to see how he does. 3. The Panthers have the most complete roster that they have had in probably 4 seasons. If this is not a winning season, Rhule absolutely needs to be canned. 4. I'd like to remind everyone that for a LT to step in and be good right away is very rare. Most struggle for at least a few games if not an entire season. Heck, Jordan Gross started at RT his rookie year for this very reason.
  9. Y'all need to listen to this man. Best draft info out there for years.
  10. 45 second mark. Damn that's pretty.
  11. OL is the most common hits in those numbers. Hell, I say use them all on OL. One hit and it's worth it.
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