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  1. Observer articles were. Staple in this joint many many moons ago. Now I never see them. Anyone still check their coverage out?
  2. I said next year when they pick top 10
  3. I doubt new orleans hangs on to him long term. They will draft their next franchise QB next year.
  4. I still have two left. will they be ok next halloween?
  5. Probably so. We are getting a HUGE upgrade from the position of First Lady. I think Dr. Biden will do great things for our educational system.
  6. Google knows the Huddle dominates all Panthersphere.
  7. It is almost as if being overly loyal was Rivera's biggest fault.
  8. I don't doubt that at all either. But we have really only ever heard Cam's side of the story. I would be interested in hearing the other.
  9. What went down between the Panthers and Cam was business, not personal. I think Deshaun is smart enough to distinguish between the two.
  10. You accuse "ya'll" (meaning all of us) of being racist then you state we are the ones that cannot discuss race in a professional manner. I understand your point. Yes, there is some racist element in our fan base. But to boil it down to "ya'll" then expect anyone to care what you have to say afterwards when you just insulted them isn't a great strategy for civil discourse.
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