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Community Answers

  1. The panthers fugin suck

  2. I think he is the next Drew Brees if he gets the right coaching. We don't know how well Brees would have done his rookie season, because he didn't start. But I suspect he would have looked a lot like Bryce. I was always jealous of how quickly Brees would dissect the defense and that quick gd release. So hard to defend. I see that potential in Bryce.
  3. I blame the past several years of awful football
  4. That crowd is abysmal. Good lord. Not that I blame anyone for not going.
  5. Zero signal for me in Davidson. Not one bar. Lol
  6. Started a 10 day YouTube TV trial. Will cancel after the game. Man, how far this franchise has fallen. I've never seen a MNF not be on WSOC.
  7. I'll forget. Whenever I do a trial I cancel right away. You still get the seven days or whatever, but if I don't do it right away I'll forget
  8. I guess I will start and cancel a streaming service trial tonight lol
  9. Having to pay to watch a Panthers game on TV is insane.
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