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Community Answers

  1. Basically a rematch of the 2015 NFC Champ game. Lol
  2. Nothing can stop us now!!!!!!
  3. This is so spot on it's scary.
  4. Here is a chance for those of you still defending Matt Rhule to plead your case in a civil manner. I am genuinely curious what you still see.
  5. Eh, take all of it and dial it back 80%. Rumors get inflated each time it is told to someone. I can tell you it is very difficult to find ANYONE that enjoys being employed by the organization these days.
  6. Here is is boys and girls. Can we not embarrass ourselves today?
  7. I want a winning team. Adding pressure to fire Matt Rhule will get us their faster.
  8. This will be a running thread all season long after losses until it happens, as we all know it will.
  9. Here it is, ladies and gents. The day you all have been waiting for. I would love to see a dominant victory today, haven't had one of those in a long ass time.
  10. Spoke with the Panthers yesterday. They are facing a challenge with the rain all weekend and the field. Charlotte FC plays today and the Panthers tomorrow. The rain presents issues with painting the field, no time to dry. So whatever they decided on with the paint it isn't permanent, just for this weekend. ie... Don't freak out.
  11. Give me your predictions for the game. Who wins? Notable stats?
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