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  1. 1 minute ago, hepcat said:

    I agree there is more talent on defense than last year. Offense is largely the same if not worse on the offensive line. So that might balance it all out. I really don’t think this team has accomplished anything over what they did last year yet. They beat 2 teams with rookie QBs and a team missing half their coaching staff. A win against a pretty solid Vikings team would legit surprise me. I expect the Panthers to get their asses kicked today.


    Well I tried. You have convinced yourself of impending doom. I hope you are wrong, cuz I like the direction we are heading.


    I just don't get why folks are afraid to admit that this rebuild isn't done yet? That 3 game winning streak messed with people's head.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, hepcat said:

    Team started 3-2 last year too so are they really trending up? I guess it depends on if you believe in the QB or not. Darnold surprised me early in the season but it was against poor teams. As soon as the difficultly level ramped up Darnold has looked worse. If he bounces back today I’ll be happy for him but I’d be surprised. The offensive line is terrible and Darnold has largely been a poor QB in his career.


    See, you are super focused on only a small part of the whole. As a whole, this team has more talent than last year, and a poo ton more than 2 years ago. That is what you should be looking at. The future.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, hepcat said:

    I hope I’m wrong too but as a day trader I watch trends carefully and the Panthers are trending down and if they were a stock I own I would have my finger on the sell button right now 


    Then you may wish to get into a different line of work, cuz this team is trending upwards. 2 years ago we had precious little talent. Now, we have talent all over the place. It is year 2 of a rebuild, surely you know these things take time?

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  4. 6 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

    Imagine being such an emotional child that a random reactionary Huddle thread caused you to post another dumb reactionary thread as a reaction to the reactionary thread?


    Imagine being such an insufferable narcissist that you feel your opinion is infinitely more important than it truly is.


    Edit to add; I wonder why you don't use your  towering intellect to rage against the 27 "I ran into" threads?

  5. 8 hours ago, onmyown said:

    I don’t use Twitter and I don’t. Sexual harassment, sexist behaviors and racial slurs…paid massive settlements to keep quiet. Pretty clear cut if you can handle using your own brain.


    You can poo poo it all you want. It is hate speech, about someone who doesn't even matter anymore. This is a football message board.

  6. 54 minutes ago, Manna said:

    Sophomore slump for Brady? That or he's trying to get "too cute" with his play calling to audition for a HC job (like what Chud did in 2012). 


    At the beginning of the year, Brady and Sam seemed to be on the same page. Heck, Sam had 3 straight 300 yd games. Then...things changed. IMO, if we can get back to that. This will just be a bump in the road. 

  7. 17 minutes ago, Proudiddy said:

    Honestly, I'm reaching that point.  I'll always be a fan of the Panthers and hold my allegiance to them, but I realized a few years ago, especially after Superbowl 50, the only way to ensure one is to curry favor with the league office.  You can only do that be either developing or obtaining one of the top 5 superstars in the league or so (and keep them healthy), or build an undeniably good team with great coaching that is capable of making the playoffs every year, thus recognized as a perennial contender.  When we had the best player in the league, we ran him into the ground within a year after his MVP season, so giving ourself a chance to get to another Superbowl went out the window as soon as we were pushed out of Superbowl 50 by league storylines and officiating.

    Anyways, the only way to obtain a league superstar or a perennial winner is through good ownership.  The realization I had a few years ago is that if you look around the league, most ownership sucks and are incapable of running a winning organizations.  Only a handful of organizations in the league have been winners during any significant stretches, everyone else has had small spurts where they just lucked into winning.  Look at the Lions, Bears, Browns, Cardinals, etc. - some of the oldest franchises in the league and they have abysmal history outside of a few small spurts of success.  

    Now, we have a chance to turn it around with new (and very wealthy) ownership in Tepper, but it also takes the ability to find and appoint the right leadership that create a winning culture and system.  Patriots and Belichick, Baltimore and Harbaugh, Seattle and Carroll, Pittsburgh and Cowher and then Tomlin, KC and Philly before them with Reid...  these are the most recent teams with sustained success. 

    Tepper gave us new hope, but it isn't very promising so far.  He held onto Rivera too long, Hurney as well, allowed Cam to be jettisoned when the two guys that followed have been worse (despite Cam's injury issues and physical condition), then paid out the wazoo for Rhule and his handpicked staff, which are already showing signs of regression and amateurish decision-making.

    So, all that being said, seeing the direction we are trending now, I'm just not seeing that glimmer of elite, culture-building ownership that the league's winning franchises have.  And since I was 10 years old when we first got a team, living for every fall Sunday just to watch our Panthers, only to be let down time and time again...  it just starts to wear on you.  It's like being in an abusive relationship, and we just keep coming back to be disappointed, hurt, and let down.

    Again, I will always be a fan and will always have my allegiance and loyalty to my hometeams, but at some point, I have to question how much I'm giving to this team and what am I getting back in return.  And at this point, I'm way in the red, and it just doesn't feel very good anymore.

    Sorry for using your post as a springboard to vent, but this poo is frustrating.


    Come on man. We are 5 games into the 2nd year of a rebuild. You have to remember how little talent this team had before Rhule got here? Take a look around, there is so much more talent, at almost every level. And this was actually just the 1st year of Rhule, and Fittz.


    You have to give this regime at least some time to get this ship turned around. I mean, truly, is it really fair to judge Rhule, and Co. at this time?


    Have they been perfect? No. But despite that, we are still trending upwards. And only someone who doesn't want to see it, will deny it.


    Some bad breaks have befallen this team. Let's see how this works out. Then maybe we can make a more informed decision. 


    Edit to add; I feel your angst, I really do. I'm am frustrated as well. That 3 game winning streak was a tease. The difference is, I like the directions we are headed.

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  8. 1 minute ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    What is the deal with you and @SBBlue? This isn't the first time you two have come out of nowhere to white knight each other.

    Seriously, if y'all gate it here so much, just go start your own forum. That seems like a win/win for everyone. 


    Like kungfoodude and you don't double team folks.


    I'm done. I've had my say. I'll be me, and we'll see how this goes. Cuz, I ain't going anywhere.

  9. 13 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    You've been given one warning point ever. Not by me. Not for calling me out.

    If you want to clout chase from a select few, at least be honest.

    Please, go start your own forum if you want. 


    Yeah, because you are so innocent. I mean, if we are going to be honest.

  10. 1 minute ago, top dawg said:

    Random guy to you, anchor to us in the heart of Carolina.


    I believe you, but, if he is an anchor? Why have we never heard of him? Seems to me if he was such a sage, we would have articles on here from him. Maybe I just missed them.


    By the by, I live in the heart of the Carolinas, and have never heard of him.  But, I don't read the newspaper anymore.

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