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  1. There is so much salt in this thread, somebody might want to order some fries. lol Rebuild? Panther fans don't know the meaning of the word.
  2. With this team trending upward, and Cam at the helm. Who knows where this will lead. But man, I can promise, it is going to be fun.
  3. Going to be an interesting time leading up to the draft. Especially if this team finishes strong. With how few draft picks we have, folks are going to be hyper-focused on that 1st one. Do you keep it? And who do you take? Can you trade it? What can you get? A million things to talk about.
  4. IF this Oline continues to improve, and Cam can finish strong. This team is capable of competing with anyone. And at only the 1 1/2 mark of a complete rebuild. I would say that shows remarkable improvement.
  5. IMO too many folks demand perfection from their heroes. Works great for TV and Movies. Not so much on the football field.
  6. If that is true, it defiantly did not work. Of course, not much worked for them all game. We spanked that azz. And it's been far too long since we could say that.
  7. He looked like he belonged. Just went about his business, and never looked out of place. I do believe he deserves more looks going forward. Anything to get Daly away from LT.
  8. That was probably the most complete game we have seen around here in a long while. If that's what the Cam effect brings? I can live with that.
  9. This made me laugh. I don't know why, but it hit a nerve. Well said.
  10. Sorry I missed it. Glad someone else noticed it. Yeah, BC looked the part. But then again, he wasn't asked to do too much. But no glaring mistakes, handled his bidness. He looked good.
  11. You got that right. Sad but true. He did look like he belonged. So we have that going for us.
  12. 1. On the long pass to Moore, Cam looked smooth. It looked absolutely effortless. No herky jerky motion, no prolonged windup. Just a nice smooth throw. If that is the Cam we are getting? Things could get interesting around here. 2. BC played 13 snaps at LT, and nobody seemed to notice. (Including me, lol) Keep bringing the kid along, and sooner or later, he will win the job. He played the last 2 Offensive Series if you want to go back and watch him. Nothing earth shattering, but nice solid work.
  13. Imagine being so insecure, that what other folks post, on a message board, upset you. lol
  14. I can see that. The more Cam gets comfortable. The more you put on his plate. As long as PJ is playing well, the 2 QB situation is fine. Once Cam is up to speed. See ya PJ.
  15. I get that. These games are important. But the way the game yesterday went, I don't think you need to rush Cam. On the other hand, there is a weeks worth of practice incoming. Maybe Cam can get more comfortable with the guys around him. I just think only 1 week of practice is enough for Cam to truly learn the Offense, and gain timing with all the receivers. That's a lot to ask.
  16. I thought it was a rather innocuous statement. But around here, right now, if you don't slurp the koolaid, you get lambasted. Cam had a great first game. But I am hoping the staff brings him along slowly, until he is in tuned with every little nuance. Then let rain the dogs of hell.
  17. That sure seems like an oddly specific description. lol
  18. And look who gets triggered. The usual suspects. lol
  19. Man, the Cam Stan's are Stanning hard I tell ya what. If Cam doesn't light it up, this place could be on suicide watch. On second thought, this place will be in "Build an Excuse Land". lol
  20. This thread is what happens when you pair a person with no football experience, and a vivid imagination, with the interwebz. Ah Huddle, you are gold I tell ya, gold.
  21. Welp, yet another thread that makes me proud to be a Huddler. You guys are the best.
  22. This from the guy who doesn't know the meaning of the word hypocrite. As a member of the "Superior Seven" he spends half his time telling others how to act, and the other half outright insulting them. But it's okay. They only do it because they want to make the Huddle a better place. lol
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