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  1. Saint Greg: We may not want to leave two guys unblocked.
  2. Kay Adams of Good Morning Football was reading out our Defensive stats. When she finished Cris Carter was dumbfounded. Saying he may have to pay more attention. So we have 1 more convert.
  3. I get that it is getting harder, and harder to find things to complain about. But man, that wasn't one of them. lol
  4. We did score 10 points, and gave up 0 in the 4th quarter. I would think that is pretty close to closing the game out. Right?
  5. Same story, different names. And all are true.
  6. lol I'm not sure you understand how these things work. Which seems pretty apropos.
  7. Don't forget he had to come out of the game as well. So he is still injury-prone. lol
  8. And yet, I still don't care who you are. Still a nobody.
  9. 2 things Sport. 1. If you have to list your credentials. You may be a dweeb. 2. Like I said. Nobody.
  10. @CRA doesn't need you White Knighting for him. He's a big boy. He can defend himself. Oh? And who the fug are you? That's right. Nobody.
  11. lol just facts. You gave 1 fact. lol The rest is just you Yodaing up your imagination. You don't like Rhule, nor Sam. You have prepared yourself for a Meh type season. And your posting supports that. Hence. Grumpy you are.
  12. lol Quite the imagination you have there. Just because you try and sound like Yoda, doesn't mean what you say isn't goofy af.
  13. I'm guessing you are an only child, probably from a broken home. And you rarely heard the word "No". Am I right?
  14. Yeah...One Sam gets excused, the other gets roasted. Just because you are grumpy, does not mean you have to shove it down the throats of others.
  15. It is only the start of year 2, of a major overhaul. Too many folks have lost sight of that fact.
  16. My mother loved the Lions, and anyone that beat the Skins. For a while there, anytime we actually made the Playoffs, it was the Skins that sent us home. Fuging Hogs. lol
  17. Mitch, and Grizzard every Sun., back when Newspapers were a thing.
  18. He is a treasure. Talented writer, better human being. He had a weekly column for the longest time. The man could turn a phrase.
  19. I grew up 60 miles from Tiger Stadium. So it was almost a law.
  20. How much do you follow them? Even with the interwebz, it is difficult to follow from this far away.
  21. I did not see him in the 2 games I watched. But I usually wait until after cuts to really get into them. There are just so few places to go to get good info.
  22. I bet there is quite a few of us that had a team to root for before the Panthers came along. I was a Lions fan for 30 years, but been a Panther since day 1. I still love my Lions, but I don't follow them nearly as much as I should. I blame the Detroit Free Press for charging for their online content. That slowed my information highway to almost a stall.
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