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  1. I'll take, what is petty for $1,000 Aaron. lol
  2. Are you seriously upset that Zod hasn't answered your question? You know, he may have a life, and is just busy right now. Or? Maybe he is ignoring you. Only he knows for sure.
  3. My first thought was that the D looked good, so he is stepping up to be a part of it. Second is the Horn comment. But the one I like the most is the one about Riddick. He can be a leader for this unit. I believe that is the missing ingredient for this D. Ah hope, I love you.
  4. There are a whole lot of reasons to be excited. Compared to most years past, things look like we actually know what we are doing. Ah, good times. The powers that be look like they actually could be competent. If that translates to the field. We could be looking at a pretty good season.
  5. That's a lot of pressure on me. But, I would be happy to keep you in your place, if that is what you want.
  6. I heard Collingsworth himself say that sometimes the numbers don't always align with the stats, or the eye test. But, as a whole, for what they do. They fit a niche for football teams, and agents. He joked that nerds didn't play. Or something like that. I think it was "Inside the NFL" on HBO.
  7. Are you actually asking the Huddle to be honest in their player evaluations? Got your bullet proof vest on? lol
  8. The NFL is a business. Sometimes things just don't go the players way. There is no evidence that we ruined Teddy's value. We were lucky anyone wanted to trade for him. Now Cam? That one is a different matter.
  9. Go ahead and blame Rhule for thinking Teddy and Brady would make a good team. That may be fair. But you have to blame Hurney for that contract. Teddy fizzling out doesn't move the chains. But Teddy fizzling out at 20mil a year? That one is hard to swallow
  10. Oh come on. Rhule shows up to coach the Panthers, he looks at the QB room and says. "Well this ain't good". They took Teddy because he had a history with Brady. That scenario failed because of Teddy. You can hold that against Rhule if you want to. But Teddy is the one that sucked. We gave Teddy a chance to be the man. He took that and dumped all over it.
  11. Just pointing out there was an awful lot of anger towards PFF on those two posts. Hey, I added a lol to soften the blow.
  12. Rhule has been here only 2 years. Fitts is in his first year. That is no where near, "The same ol Panthers". Most of the old guards players are gone. The old coach, and his crones are gone. The ol owner is gone. The only things still remaining from the "Same ol Panthers" is the Stadium, and the jerseys. We have entered a new era in Panther football. But it seems like some of our fans are stuck in the past. They are still using their fear of that past regime as fuel for their arguments.
  13. I am sorry to be that guy. But, actually, we were 3rd in sacks that year, with 44.
  14. Why the anger? Did PFF steal your girl? lol
  15. Unfortunately, folks use the "Same ol Panthers" as part of their arguments. Until they get in step to the new regime, they will continue to use it as an excuse.
  16. If our D plays as expected. With those numbers we are sniffing the PlayOffs. I tell ya what.
  17. Yeah, I like both of these. I did want to bump his TDS to around 30, but I didn't want to seem to excited. Tempered expectations and all that jazz.
  18. I'm sorry but...IMO the Safety position is in worse shape at this point in time. At Safety, we have Chinn, and ...??? At least at LB we have Shaq, above average. Perryman, above avg.. And Riddick, a way above avg. rusher. And we have depth. So no, LB is not our worse position.
  19. Bump up the TDs a bit, like 25+. Cut down the INTs a bit, 13 or so. And Hubby be happy. Hellz, that's PlayOff numbers.
  20. This thread was going along just fine. Until our resident bullies jumped in. Now it has gone down the crapper. There are only a handful of these types up in here. But once they engage you, it's over. You can't get away. They follow you around, insulting everything you say. It's ridiculous. They make it difficult to engage in civil discourse. They attack "Homers" like it is open season. Why? Because we are happy, and they can't stand it. Being a "Homer" should not be a Capital Offense.
  21. I was just pointing it out. We already knew you weren't to high on Shaq. So you could have left that negative part out. You don't have to be negative in every post. (Like the post you just made. lol) Also, there are only 3 units, some unit has to be the worse.
  22. You just had to throw that in huh? lol Other than that, I concur with that statement.
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