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  1. Haven't read the thread yet, but I just gotta say. 60 Poo!!!?? That's a new Huddle record. Nicely done. When you put your mind to it, this is what you can achieve
  2. THE Teddy "2 gloves" Bridgewater? The guy who can't put down roots, because he never stays is one place longer than 1 year. THE Teddy "2 gloves"? The guy who was paid a Kings ransom. Then 1 year later was run out of town like a pauper? THE Teddy Bridgewater? The guy who is so risk averse he makes Ron Rivera look like a gambler. That Teddy "The checkdown is a safe play" Bridgewater? He gon. He took his whole 15 TD passes on to Denver. You'll like Denver. Just take a left at Asheville, and go until you hit the mountains. Weed is legal there, so yo
  3. 59 poo!!!!! Now THAT is impressive. 59 poo. Damm, I just can't get over that.
  4. Hey, have at it. It's one thing to have no faith. You however, don't have to come off like a giant dicktator doing so.
  5. You are wasting your time with him. Goods vibes are defiantly not his thing. Hey, I got to edit. Didn't really need to, just wanted to see if I could. As for most of us. Yeah, we can be sweet talked.
  6. I know right? We will be lucky to win half as many games as we did last year. Panther fans are in for a rude awakening. And with that extra 17th game, we get to lose one more game. Am I right?
  7. Only 20 poo. That cat yesterday got 35. You gonna have to step that Troll game up a notch or two.
  8. I looked it up. He has 28 games with 1 or fewer INTs. 3 4INT games, 3 3INT games, and 4 2INT games. I was expecting worse. If we can get Good Sam the majority of the time. We just may be alright.
  9. Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your time here.\ Out of Sam's 38 starts, he has 28 games with 1 or fewer INTs. I think I can live with that.
  10. Someone in another thread stated that Sam has 16-6 record against the NFC. And outside the Pats, and the Phinns, who are pesky Divisional teams, he has done well against the AFC. If true. It is the first real evidence I've heard, that maybe Sam can be good here. Right??
  11. You guys are a nutty group I tell ya what. Nothing @Swaggasaurussaid was wrong. And ya'll jumped him like he beat your dog. lol If Brown shows up fat, and out of shape? He isn't going to last long. And all you arm chair warriors will be right. HOWEVER, if he shows up ready to compete. Like he did all of last year. Yeah, he can absolutely help this line. Now excuse me. I have chores.
  12. Just trying to keep you honest. lol Nothing personal. I don't expect to change your mind. I just enjoy the discourse.
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