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  1. Just saying. Maybe things will go better this time? You know, bright spots and all that.
  2. Nobody is going to use that stat. It doesn't align with their rage.
  3. Were you saying that when Sam went back-to back-to back 300 yd games?
  4. If Brady gets his head out of his butt, this team can compete.
  5. Well I tried. You have convinced yourself of impending doom. I hope you are wrong, cuz I like the direction we are heading. I just don't get why folks are afraid to admit that this rebuild isn't done yet? That 3 game winning streak messed with people's head.
  6. Maybe you highlighted the wrong part? Take a look at how you ended your post. Then get back with us.
  7. See, you are super focused on only a small part of the whole. As a whole, this team has more talent than last year, and a poo ton more than 2 years ago. That is what you should be looking at. The future.
  8. Then you may wish to get into a different line of work, cuz this team is trending upwards. 2 years ago we had precious little talent. Now, we have talent all over the place. It is year 2 of a rebuild, surely you know these things take time?
  9. Speak for yourself. Not all Panther fans get pissed after a loss.
  10. These yahoos don't care about that. That takes thought and empathy. It's all about the hot takes for these folks.
  11. You really are a ray of sunshine in a dark hour aren't you? lol Man, I truly hope you are wrong.
  12. Imagine being such an insufferable narcissist that you feel your opinion is infinitely more important than it truly is. Edit to add; I wonder why you don't use your towering intellect to rage against the 27 "I ran into" threads?
  13. And we all know who will be running the train. lol
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