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  1. Broke my readers last night. Just put some Super Glue on them. They're stuck to my nose. Woe is me.
  2. Hey, I'm just being real. We are a very young team. That is the truth. Very young teams have depth issues. That is also the truth. I'm sorry if my observation does not meet with your approval.
  3. I'm sorry, this is a goofy damm thread. We are a very young team. OF COURSE WE HAVE DEPTH ISSUES. But hey. It's not as much fun when critical thinking is involved.
  4. He's losing his luster at Mich. Can't beat their 2 biggest rivals. Is losing recruits, transfers are up. Thinks he is one of the kida, and he can't get any good QBs to commit. The biggest complaints are how he acts like a spoiled brat on the sidelines, and won't talk to local media after loses. He ain't gonna be there much longer. Cuz his reputation is going south in a hurry.
  5. Just an FYI. I was pooing Harbaugh, not you. He is a grade A douchenozzle.
  6. We are one of the youngest teams. You pretty much have to expect these types of things. I guess it comes down to; Do you believe this is the best roster we've had in a while? And would a good QB make us competitive?
  7. Again, the question is; Would quality QB play make THIS team competitive? It pretty much is a YES or NO answer.
  8. Talking about a guy they don't know, as if they do know. Ah, the Huddle at work. lol
  9. I get the negativity over the last half decade. But man, this roster is as good as we've had in a while. At some point folks have to admit. We are trending in the right direction. What we are building has more than a few folks excited.
  10. Again, we are talking about this roster being good enough, that quality QB play can makes us competitive. We are not talking about having the bestest roster. Nor the deepest. This roster, as is. Could be competitive if we get good QB play.
  11. I guess I don't see it that way. Shaq, Littleton, and Luvu are a solid bunch. Maybe not the best, but far from the worst. The Dline has talent. Most players improve year to year. If that is the case we may be pretty good there. We were 9th in yards per carry last year. If we can maintain that. We have a chance to be pretty good on D.
  12. That's kinda what the thread is about though. Do you feel we are a QB away? Evidently you are a yes.
  13. 2 short years ago, this roster was in sad shape. Too many aged out vets, and very little young talent. You cannot win with that roster. Now, we have probably the best roster we have had in a long while. A roster that is only a quality QB away from competing. You would think folks would be excited over the direction this team is trending. No roster is complete. Every team has holes. And as of right now? We have fewer holes than at any point in recent memory.
  14. Although I will say. The morning crowd is tough. Maybe not enough coffeffe. lol
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