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  1. Oh give me a break. You want to throw out is HC time because it fits your narrative. Nothing more. He was a very good OC. Not so much as a HC. We all know that. Well, everyone but you accepts it. Also, tell Kungfoopanda to quit baiting me. And I will never respond to you again. Every fuging post, or just out of the blue he throws personal attacks at me. Prove the rules are used fairly. If he continues. I know that the rules don't apply evenly to everybody.
  2. After taxes, you probably get around 350,000. If you only spend 14,000 a year. You run out of money in 20 years. Frugal or not. You cannot enjoy life on just that amount. Especially, if you have a family. Me? At my age? Give me the money.
  3. Don't worry about him. He takes no responsibility for anything. He is above it all. Oh, and thanks for noticing how many fans I have. Almost every post gets some sort of snarky comment. I have a cult following. lol
  4. I called one of his posts "Silly" Obviously that crossed the line. lol Also, I have gotten 4 warnings in the last 5 years. All from him. I would say there's a pattern.
  5. That is the main reason I want Mays to win LG. Having those 2 together for years puts a smile on my face.
  6. Short and sweet. It's about all the Huddle can handle.
  7. I hear what you are saying. The problems lies in the fact that there are only 3 Preseason games. There will have to be adjustments made as to playing time. Also, as far as I know, we have no scrimmages set up. So there will be a lack of opportunities to see what Corall can do. It is going to be very interesting to see how they handle Corall. That is for sure.
  8. Oh no, the Cult of Negativity is after me, again. Whatever shall I do? Random guys on the internet being bullies. What a novel concept. I bet not one of you guys own a dog.
  9. We did not hire MacAdoo as a HC. It has nothing to do with him as our OC. We hired MacAdoo as an OC. Of which he has been successful. You have been given ample proof that Mac has done well as an OC. Yet you choose to ignore those, and run with the "But he was bad as a HC" line. It's what you do. You expect others to eventually come around to your way of thinking. Meanwhile, you never try to come around to their side. Rigid adherence to one's own thoughts, leaves precious little room for others.
  10. He thinks he's not only edgy, but funny too. It is a dangerous combination when in the wrong hands. As we just saw.
  11. Do you go around correcting every grammatical error? Or are you just sweet on me? lol What a .... You truly do have an overly inflated value of your own self worth there don'tcha? Of course most people that lack empathy are like that. I would suggest getting a dog. But it would probably run away at its earliest opportunity. The funny part? You actually believe folks care about what you have to say. Some random dude on the internet thinks he's important. How novel. I know I'll get some kind of warning for this. But you're worth it.
  12. Why is KK here? I was told by many Huddle experts, that players didn't want to be here. Maybe the Panthers are not the dysfunctional group so many have claimed them to be.
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