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  1. 7 minutes ago, chbright said:

    Don't wrestle with a pig in the muck, you get dirty and hate it, he loves it.....


    That is exactly how I feel right now. I hate myself for going there. Damm pig. lol

  2. 5 minutes ago, Panthercougar68 said:

    “wE sEe nO iMpRoVmEnT”

    when is the last time we were 2-0 in the South 😁


    4 wins already. 2-0 in the South. Life is good. Then I think of Sam, and I am sad. But we won. And there was great rejoicing.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    No you're not. If I had a dollar for every time you've posted you're done with me I could retire early.



    The fact that you are still posting shows just how messed up this place is. 


    If I had said what you did? You'd jump all over it. 

  4. 1 minute ago, CRA said:

    You know how awhile back you posted about taking message boards entirely too seriously?   



    Yeah, and I screwed up conversing with you. Put me right down the tubes with the rest of you. And I hate myself for that. It won't happen again.

  5. 1 minute ago, CRA said:

    Sterling Sharpe was a WR for the Gamecocks and the Green Bay Packers.  Wrong Sharpe. 

    You meant Shannon.   The one who played TE. 


    Yeah, you're right. At this point I don't care. You have bad takes, and you expect folks to fall for them. I'm done with you. 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, CRA said:

    wrong Sharpe. 

    Only thing other TEs have on Gronk is longevity.    Like Tony G.  


    Right Sharpe, done with this. I mean, Google is your, well my friend. 

  7. 4 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    You're not familiar with this poster.

    Yeah, it's time for a change. You should leave. You're obviously not happy here and it's miserable for you. Pull the plug.


    I may not be perfect. But your Race Baiting, coming from a mod, has to be unacceptable.

  8. 3 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    The owner of this site started a thread recently about being ready to see PJ. 😂


    So? What does that have to do with you a Mod, race baiting someone? 

  9. Just now, CRA said:

    Gronk is the GOAT of TEs.  

    you seem to be unable to admit Sam has something to do with high drop amount.   I simply talk about all the factors that are going into it.   

    the “drops” cost us just as much as having a QB so bad that it forced our staff into that game plan. 


    Ozzie Newsome, Charlie Sanders, Sterling Sharpe, Tony Gonzales. lol @ Gronk.

  10. 1 minute ago, glenwo2 said:

    oh come the fug on.... 🤣

    This is the NFL, not some church social.

    "Asking a lot."  Oh poor receivers have to do their fuging jobs and not drop passes...BOO HOO. 


    The lengths he is going over this is facinating.

  11. Just now, LinvilleGorge said:

    I don't have a vendetta against him. I'm not upset at Darnold. He is what he is. I'm upset at the decision makers who brought him here expecting something different. The OL featuring Bell at LT and Chandler at RT was even worse than this one. You just clinged to Darnold because he looks like what you want a your QB to look like. Sorry it didn't work out 


    DUDE. Tell me you didn't just race bate this guy? OK, I think it's time for a change here.

  12. 1 minute ago, aces said:

    If mods on my forum constantly bad-mouthed our QB and blamed the league leading 25 drops on him, I'd realize it's time to find new mods. 



    DM me.

  13. 1 minute ago, CRA said:

    Brady is throwing those to the GOAT TE.  Cam to a Pro Bowl TE.  And if the ball is in on their finger tips…it’s low odds for them too.  Probably better than a rookie who hasn’t caught a lot of balls but still low. 


    First. There are a bunch of TEs better than Gronk. lol


    Second. Making excuses does not diminish the original sin. Drops cost us today. We have 24 for the year. It's okay. You can admit it.

  14. 5 minutes ago, CRA said:

    Every ball not caught isn’t created equal.  That’s just nonsensical. 

    Sam has been the worst starting QB in the NFL for the last 4 seasons.  Yeah, he catches more hell than other people.  Well, maybe not Robby on the year.  Robby deserves his fair share.   But I don’t fault Robby for the ball he didn’t catch today.  


    Drops are a statistic. Ball hits hands, then hits ground. That's a drop. Stop with trying to quantify it. 


    Jesus dude. You know, you're right. Sam sucked, we should have lost. That would teach us.

  15. 2 minutes ago, jayboogieman said:

    This thread has taken a turn from that ladypanther intended.


    It's because we have some fans that are not happy with how we won today. It'll get better.

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  16. 2 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    I'm not the only one who sees the truth, hence why we've completely revamped our entire offensive approach.


    One game does not a revamp make. We had a game plan to beat ATL, and it worked. Sorry.

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  17. 3 minutes ago, CRA said:

    Tremble caught every ball thrown his way but 1.  And that’s not a drop.  And him not pulling that in isn’t something you should be complaining about.  He gave it all he had but the ball was still far out for him.   He is a rookie TE.  


    Excuses. A drop is a drop. You give Sam hell for misses. We can give receivers hell for drops

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  18. 2 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    Yes, I have an agenda of wanting the Panthers to build a team capable of competing for a SB. Guilty. You have an agenda of wanting to make excuses to high heavens thinking that makes you a "good fan". You've let the historic mediocrity of this franchise change your expectations. I haven't.


    lol Oh I forgot, you are the only one who sees the truth. The rest of us only care about mediocrity.


    We won, and some of us are happy about that. Does it change the future? No. But how does whatever it is you are doing change anything?

  19. 8 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

    I mean...I can't make you not be a weird Darnold fanboy. Not within my power.


    Nice rebuttal. 


    You act like everything you say is Gold. It ain't.

  20. 5 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

    We've had to redesign our offense into a stall ball offense because of our deficiencies at QB and OL. We've had to basically just ask Sam not to turn it over and hope our running game and defense can deliver the W. It is what it is.


    A win is a win. If you have to quantify it. You have an agenda.


    Sure we won, but I don't like the way we won. How silly is that?

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  21. 4 minutes ago, CRA said:


    All drops aren’t created equal. Several of those drops today just aren’t great balls.   The pass to Freeman.   The one to Tremble.  A lot of his drops are asking a lot of the receiver.  And those aren’t even receivers.  Hell, Robby’s wasn’t even a drop.  He got his soul knocked out of him for a minute. 


    This is the NFL. If you get 2 hands on it, which every receiver did today, catch the dang ball.


    Now let's see you spin that.

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