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  1. Doesn't matter who the QB is if there are no WRs to throw to.
  2. NE offense is a shell of themselves though. Not what we have seen in recent years.
  3. He probably is when you play him on the outside, but he's rather good in the slot.
  4. Offense seems in sync now, let's get a defensive stop and another TD!
  5. What the hell just happened. Maybe it's a makeup call for the facemask call earlier.
  6. We need WRs. Continually throwing to Smith and Olsen can't last much longer.
  7. Is Armond Smith the worst player on the team or is that just me?
  8. Defensed a pass in the EZ, game up wobbly; looked like a Achilles.
  9. We won't. Good coaches don't let injuries to role players effect the team.
  10. Hopefully we get a make up call for that terrible facemask call.
  11. Shula over adjusted the first half of this game. After not taking deep throws and opening up the playbook against Seattle, he did it on just about every single play in the first half; which did not allow Cam and Co. to get into a rhythm.
  12. Coaching goes a long way in the demeanor and energy of the team. I will say though; that the last drive was crucial in turning this game around.
  13. I think the Panthers finally got it right on that last drive, they were trying to focus too much on taking big shots downfield; something they did not do against Seattle, rather than get settled in a groove then take the big shot. How the offense opens up the 2nd half will be key.
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