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  1. Playing in my town with TV on the Radio later this summer. Should be a good show.
  2. I just started re-reading one of my favorites.
  3. Will do. We plan on going and we will definitely tailgate.

  4. Ender's Shadow is a decent read, it's from Bean's point of view. Idk about the others. I also thought the ending was anticlimactic, but appropriate. I haven't been reading much sci-fi lately, but I recently read Starship Troopers. It's a decent read and a short one. The futuristic fascist society in the book and the moral philosophy discussed is interesting enough to keep the pages turning.
  5. Nice avvy from cracked. The girl in that ad looks like my girlfriend.

  6. I present to you my meals for the next week: Cheeseburger in a can: Chicken in a can:
  7. Hey Buddy! Good to see another Cali Fan!..

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