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  1. Man, I'm torn. I'm not an analyst or QB guru, but both Young and Stroud make me giddy for different reasons. Young looks like a more athletic Brees, pinpoint accuracy, lightening quick decisions, mobility within the pocket, careful with the ball, etc. but lacks ideal height and elite arm strength, but can make all the the throws. Stroud is a physical marvel, much like Cam, but a better passer. Threat to run with the ball in his hands but prefers to throw, has elite arm strength and ideal height. I was anti-Stroud pre-draft which stems from my anti-OSU bent, but seeing the film breakdowns and trying to put my biases aside I'll be ecstatic with either of these guys. Given the staff we've assembled I feel that either of these two will be a homerun, it's more of a matter of who fits your offense better.
  2. With an actual pro staff I'm legit excited about whomever we draft. I'm not an analyst but any of the top 3 guys would make me happy, particularly if it's Young or Stroud. I want a duel threat QB, not necessarily a running QB. Someone the LB's have to respect to limit their coverage depths.
  3. If it was before humans, who observed and recorded that?
  4. Yes but it depends on which part you read and the context. There are different eschatological views. It also depends upon whether or not you give man made climate change any credence.
  5. Thanks man, I appreciate it. it’s a little bit of everything, back, knees, neck, etc., but God is good, no complaints here.
  6. Yeah, not a Tepper fan at all. I don't feel like arguing all the time so I do a lot of lurking.
  7. That's a humble and classy man, hats off to him. I have no doubt he'll land on his feet and as long as he keeps God first, everything else will work out. Soli Deo Gloria
  8. Thanks for sharing - he's already my all time favorite Panther HC. Soli Deo Gloria
  9. It can't be that simple. Ignore the fact that it was announced that they were looking for a coach with a background in offense, apparently those types of facts don't merit consideration. It has to be bias based on something NOT related to the sport.
  10. SCP is a Huddle OG. I miss a lot of the old crew.
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