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  1. Neither, I can't stand either team or QB. It's as bad as having to watch a Super Bowl that featured the Pats and Falcons.
  2. I’m obviously biased but the utility and versatility combined with production should make Chinn an obvious front runner. He certainly looks like a superstar in the making.
  3. Shore up the OL and D this year and go after QB next year, I'd be fine with that.
  4. Horizontal offense plus turnovers and a missed FG. Yep, still the Panthers.
  5. 0-5 teams have never made the postseason- they’re eliminated.
  6. Meanwhile Simmons can’t even get on the field.
  7. On a blown coverage, most of the yardage cane after the catch. I’ll give credit where due but I hope we see more of that and less of the dinking and dunking.
  8. Proehl is a huge asset and I see KG paying huge dividends. I like that he's extremely driven but remains humble. The thought of him realizing his potential with KB and Funch is exciting.
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