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  1. If we can maintain a pocket it’ll be a hell of a season.
  2. Overview Despite just a single season as a starter at Kentucky, Haskins is an interesting study as a prospect whose playing style doesn't necessarily match his traits. His 83 3/8-inch wingspan (34 3/8-inch arms) will get teams excited and he has good overall size to go with it. However, his playing style leans more to his snap quickness than his length, as he's much more consistent at searching for gaps than controlling the action with his hands. He's nimble and very active in both the run game and as a rusher, and his spin-counter is a legitimate weapon in attacking the pocket. If he can
  3. Overview Smith played inside and outside at South Carolina, but will be a slot on the next level. He has an ability to slip and accelerate past press coverage. He will primarily work the first two levels of the field and he's very tough to pull in throws in traffic, but he takes on excessive punishment at times with the way he plays. He has plenty of experience as a gadget player who's able to handle the quick game and jet sweeps. His physicality makes him an interesting option as a possession player with potential middle-round value. Strengths Unspectacular bu
  4. Given his dimensions I’d love to see him at NT beside Brown.
  5. I love huge OL from the top programs, thus I love this pick.
  6. I appreciate it, I lurk a lot during the season but don’t post much any more. I miss conversing with some of the vets as well. I didn’t pay much attention to the pre-draft chatter so the reviews are really all I have to go on, but I know they’re wildly inconsistent. As with every player in every draft I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.
  7. I can’t copy and paste so see screen shots for overview.
  8. Good luck with recovery. My shoulders are a constant problem but I’m putting off surgery for as long as I can. Already having a titanium spine and knees is enough for now.
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