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  1. Going to the Superbowl off a win like this... This was the absolute best day in Panther's history.
  2. Did you pick 18-0? Seriously I thought we'd be a playoff team, but if you told me we'd have the #1 offense and would score 49 points in the Championship game; I would have laughed at you.
  3. I'm convinced, this is payback for the 2008 game. I hope Delhomme is in the stadium
  4. Did anybody in all of our homerism predict we'd put up 49 points?
  5. Yes he did. They mentioned it to start the second half.
  6. Norwell is seriously becoming one of my all time favorite Panthers.
  7. I'm not complaining, but I think they should have spotted us at the 2yard line vs the endzone.
  8. Nah, we ran the same offense. Just Brown dropped the pass.
  9. Come on Panthers, let's please not make this another butt puckerer.
  10. We've already had the ball about 27 minutes. The Cards are completely gassed on defense while we are nice and rested.
  11. No second half let down coming this time around. Wow, just wow.
  12. I'm watching a stream and I thought that was picked for a second... Whew.
  13. This is how you intelligently milk the clock. Get first downs, and keep the same pacing.
  14. That was a fluke. I haven't seen anything that makes me think the Cards are dirty.
  15. He is also really really slow. That's not a devastating loss, and he'd be back in two weeks assuming we make it.
  16. I feel like he'd put the whole fuggin arm in a cast if he had to. No doubt that he wants to be out there.
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