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  1. The Philadelphia Eagles Select ILB Taiwan Jones from Michigan State. We see this as a value pick in case one of our linebackers go down. He was a solid player in college and we hope that translates to the next level for us as we prepare for life after DeMeco Ryans.
  2. The Philadelphia Eagles Select WR Chris Conley from Georgia, he was a Combine warrior and we hope his stats there translate to as just as much production on the field. Could supplant and take Coopers spot for eagles during the season.
  3. The Philadelphia eagles select Jacoby Glenn, CornerBack from UCF, we Feel as if he is a sleeper pick & are somewhat dissapointed in such a high ratio of corners being picked so early in the draft but are happy to walk out with the new additions in the draft so far.
  4. Sorry i didn't make my pick, been pretty busy, i'm solid with that pick you made for me dck! Thanks!
  5. thanks man! wanted a corner here but peters wasn't worth the risk with such a solid player on the board here! Happy with my selection
  6. If i'm on the Clock yet, The eagles Draft Landon Collins, Strong Safety from Alabama
  7. Eagles sign these 2 for $1 each and complete their free agency period. Have $18 cap space
  8. Eagles have signed Chris johnson for $1. Their cap space is now at $20. My backfield is lesean sproles chris johnson and chris polk, not a bad backfield to have lol
  9. yeah it was a tricky situation tbh but smith isn't too bad of a pickup
  10. eagles have signed royal for $5 & maclin for $14 since he never had money to offer maclin but with home team advantage we obtain him for $11 eagles now have $21 cap room
  11. Eagles bid $1 on cory redding and $1 on ricky jean Francois
  12. eagles have signed culliver for $10 & Hali for $4 & Mike adams for $1
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