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  1. Told you guys chill out, lol J No killed em! I'm really concerned about the team this year after this display but we just need to get out of here with a win and figure out everything else quick
  2. You guys are pessimists, chill out and let's see what happens, we are still winning..
  3. Wow I can't believe jacksonville is a challenge to our team
  4. can anyone pm me a link to watch... everywhere i keep going i cant get the annoying ass ads off my screen
  5. "God told me to lead the Seahawks, but only for an insanely high price" - Russell Wilson
  6. Batum got plenty of time at SF in portland.. more than sg.. 1. Lillard 2. Matthews 3. Batum
  7. I read it's like u have a beer gut but also have toned Arms and chest.. it's the balance of beer and lifting to achieve a dad bod (read this online)
  8. Read an article saying they are abstaining from sex... looks like you may be wrong
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