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  1. okay..he was mistaken then.....or driunk...lol Maybe next time!

  2. You out to come to our party on the 30th...end of the season blow out...Cooter says you live out near us in minthill..hes coming, bo catfang, alverez..and a some others i cant remember! lol

  3. You gotta come to the party on the 30th! So far all the regulars are coming!

  4. Dern...that means your not coming??

  5. Yeh we are in Charlotte....where are u?

  6. Hey come to our post season party!!

  7. Come to our party -I wanna meet u!

  8. You gotttta come to our party!!

  9. Hey Zod...it was awesomely wonderful to meet you sat. I especially thought you were sexy with that celery stick behind your ear!! Made your beautiful eyes really stand out!

  10. Is the car yours or just a dream car? I love vintage mustangs...especially GT's

  11. You sure were...touch being the star of the party! Wish we coulda stayed longer..the real fun was after we left i think....lol

  12. Hey girl, nice to meet you in person sat.!

  13. Hey dude! Nice to meet you in person sat.!

  14. You guys want to go to the pool hall this friday?

  15. Okay.....I'll bite....lol


  17. Your a goof ball...how u feel today...?

  18. pooooot....u got any beeno?

  19. Had fun last night...a few questions for ya...

  20. Well...I am tossin it around...I will let you know...lol

  21. OMG Biscuit!!! You gotta stop with these hot girl pics...you are gonna turn me into a lesbian!!!!

  22. I AM A FRIEND OF BO'S.... Crazy girl brought here to wake things up!! BO MIGHT REGRET TELLING ME ABOUT IT! LOL PICS to follow.... Love it here so far...lots of fun!

  23. I want one of those!!! Not only do i like football, caulk, I FISH also!!!

  24. oh we will be famous friends...so u coming over with your big caulk gun for new years i here....goood i reeeealy neeed some work done....reaaalllly it might taku u and Bo!

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