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  1. Probably both. Hope you guys have fun and that I an make the next one.

  2. okay..he was mistaken then.....or driunk...lol Maybe next time!

  3. HI, I'm actually In north charlotte, between Concord and Huntersville. Thanks for the invite, but I will be out of town visiting my dad.

  4. You out to come to our party on the 30th...end of the season blow out...Cooter says you live out near us in minthill..hes coming, bo catfang, alverez..and a some others i cant remember! lol

  5. You gotta come to the party on the 30th! So far all the regulars are coming!

  6. Dern...that means your not coming??

  7. outside of wilmington

  8. Yeh we are in Charlotte....where are u?

  9. thanks for the invite to the post season party. in charlotte i guess? most likely can not make it.

  10. Hey come to our post season party!!

  11. Come to our party -I wanna meet u!

  12. You gotttta come to our party!!

  13. It's my cuz'ns car. He lives just inside the NY/VT border. he only brings it out in the summer when he knows it'll be nice, and then brings it to shows. that's it.

  14. Hey Zod...it was awesomely wonderful to meet you sat. I especially thought you were sexy with that celery stick behind your ear!! Made your beautiful eyes really stand out!

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