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  1. Probably both. Hope you guys have fun and that I an make the next one.

  2. HI, I'm actually In north charlotte, between Concord and Huntersville. Thanks for the invite, but I will be out of town visiting my dad.

  3. outside of wilmington

  4. thanks for the invite to the post season party. in charlotte i guess? most likely can not make it.

  5. It's my cuz'ns car. He lives just inside the NY/VT border. he only brings it out in the summer when he knows it'll be nice, and then brings it to shows. that's it.

  6. hehe yeah, it's not a bad ride is it? :P

  7. Very nice to meet you as well! :)

  8. it was a long day. that's for sure. But, I dunno if the fun happened afterward. I was have'n fun the whole time.

  9. thanks! right back atcha. I was all over saturday! ROFL!

  10. I can be quite unfriendly. Loved to brawl in the service. You guys say when and we will party again.

  11. Kind of picking fights with folks in the line for the shitter. I threatened to remove someones teeth after they jumped in front of 20 people. Cooter was getting a kick out of it as were the 100 other folks waiting. I stirred the crowd up so much that they all turned on him. I came out of the shitter and he was way back in line. Lots of hell yeahs and high fives. Best wee wee in a while.

  12. He behaved pretty well. better than me.

  13. Massive drunkeness. Pretty much just a lot of fun. Glad you guys showed up.

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