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  1. Gameday!!!! I'm serenely confident... we got this.
  2. I understand why the hawks fans are confident. They've had some success recently. Russell is a baller. But this is not last year or the year before. This is a much stronger Panther team, with unshakable confidence. Someone said on the radio the other day that all the pressure is on the Panthers. 15-1 season... memories of the last couple years in the playoffs... MVP level quarterback. And the host responded... yes... the pressure is on the Panthers, but that pressure is from the outside, from the pundits, from the media... and the Panthers don't feel it. They are confident, and that confidence is going to lead to destruction of anyone in front of them. Yes sir, believe it.
  3. Mark it down. Ted Ginn is going to be the X factor this game. Hawks are going to focus more on the TE trying to keep Olsen in check, condensing their defense, and Teddy's going to break some big ones. And catch them.
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