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  1. Give 'em h£ll and give the NFC South a well deserved victory. Will be rooting for you. Falcon fan here.
  2. From a Falcon fan.. Time to move on and adjust a few things for the playoffs. One obvious issue was Norman allowing Julio to have a picnic. I think Cam is fine with rhe MVP. See you all next year and good luck.
  3. Sorry about your injuries. When you come to Atl you can play all 2nd stringers and still whip our azzes.
  4. 10 minutes to kickoff. Let's have a no injury game. I'm putting on my paper bag before our azz whipping.
  5. Me too. Once Ryan's pocket closes he doesn't know whether to sh!t orgo blind. Lately he's been doing both so the Panthers should hsve a field day today.
  6. Falcons are desperate and have no clue how to fix it. I hate to say it being a Facon fan, but we just $uck.
  7. From a Falcon fan, Cam will have so much time in the pocket today, he might want to think about running over to the sideline and getting a quickie from one of your cheerleaders.
  8. My bad ........... was hoping no one caught the mistake. :)
  9. As bad as we are, it will be 2-3 years before we get competitive (and witha new QB)
  10. We'lll play good for 1 qtr and fold like a cheap tent in a moderate breeze. The Dome will have more blue than red. Falcon Fan here just to snoop. F
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