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  1. My opinion Panthers is taking huge risk with Bryce Young. Not that he can’t play ( I wished that he would not play behind Alabama‘s OL so we could really know he can play or not)(don‘t come to me with the argument that he is an Heisman winner is, Chris Weinke was also, we all saw how well that worked out for Panthers) my real concern, it is nearly certain with that frame he will experience a major injury and will be out for a while, so can Panthers afford him sitting out 1 or 2 seasons because of injury because of such an investment. Which bring us to my point, one of the biggest reason to fire a GM or HC in NFL if number one pick will not work out. Even the Fitterer and Reich will not believe Bryce Young will not work out, by not opposing hard enough, they could always say, hey boss, you forced us to make the pick why do you blame us. They have the perfect blanket. I really like to think they would stand up if they would not believe that is not the best interest of the Panthers but to say the truth, as an employee I am not sure I would.
  2. I really don‘t know, I really don‘t think Young can‘t really play 5 years uninterrupted without major injury. That is my biggest concern about Young pick, Panthers is making such a major investment for 1. pick, could they afford their QB is not playing 2 seasons of 5. Alabama has the best OL in college football, what Young will experience in NFL will be nothing like what it sees in NCAA. So Panthers are taking a huge risk, if they are taking such a risk I rather prefer they take the risk with Anthony Richardson while I think reward would be higher. if they don‘t want to take any risks they should go for CJ Stroud, Panthers is build to win with defense, they just need game manager QB.
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