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  1. Im tired of seeing the defense run right by Marriotta and miss him in the backfield. They gotta play with thier heads up. Missed a lot of runners too.
  2. All teams get better throughout the season. The Panthers are no exception. The tricky part is getting ahead of the curve. They aren't quite there though.
  3. I put money on the Panthers and Wake Forest. Won both.
  4. He and McAdoo need to hurry up and get on the same page. We were lucky and somebody figured out there was an exploitable mismatch for Shenault.
  5. Completely agree. I keep holding out hope that he gets in a groove but I'm pessimistic.
  6. Section 129 row 8. F all the haters. NFC South divisional win for the Panthers today.
  7. Reporter: "Coach, what do you think about the execution of your offense?" Rhule: "I'm in favor of it."
  8. I just got home from the game. It was hot and I was distracted by gf and 10 yr old kid who didn't really want to be there. I'm trying to think of some positives that would improve my outlook for this season but I can't think of any. Mayfield dropping 3 snaps and getting 4 passea knocked down was pathetic and lost us the game. Didn't try to establish the run early. Lost us the game. Defense was total trash. Horn 2 holding calls and Henderson completely forgetting how to pass defend was unforgivable. I've been giving Rhule the benefit of the doubt but no more. He will go down in flames. I'm not a habitual bettor but I lost 2 bets. The under and the spread. I suck at gambling. I did, however, get the Panthers score correct 24. So overall I had fun but we lost.
  9. This guy. Scored 3 tix from a friend and taking the gf and 10yr old son, who is into soccer and will want to leave at halftime. Girlfriend is a Packers fan but will pull for the Panthers and help me stay until the final whistle. We were planning for rain when given the tickets but now looks like it's gonna be good weather for a Panther home opening win. Hope you all enjoy the day.
  10. I think the Panthers are going to run hard over the left side (Garrett using Ickey, Brady, and Foreman). Low scoring first half. Baker and McCaffrey will have good days, 250 and 150 respectively. Browns run well between the 20s but only manage 3 FGs. Panthers get 2 TDs from Baker and 1 from McCaffrey. 27 - 9 Panthers.
  11. Smitty was so good. He always did something relevant and creative. The Vikings game after the yacht scandal. The changing the baby when his wife gave birth.
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