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  1. Hey man what’s up

  2. I mean I didn't know who did, I was just wondering why, I figured it'd get moved maybe.

  3. Why come my thread got all locked what I couldn't post no more?

  4. Did you hear?? Moore on IR!!!1!!

  5. No problem man, I'm working on getting some fraternity brothers to go with me and my girlfriend. Maybe we can tailgate or something beforehand.

  6. Still going to the CAR @ ATL game? Do you have tickets yet?

  7. It's in his signature haha

  8. Congratulations!! Apparently PFFL has tabbed us as members of his "Bandwagon Hate Club" or whatever. I'm a LoyalPFFLHater though, not a bandwagoner.

  9. Alright I'll go too, damn work's gonna suck the day after.

  10. I live in Auburn so we're only like 90 mins away from each other. I'm thinking about going to the Panthers game @ATL in January, are you going? If we're 0-15 I'm not going though.

  11. Hey do you live near ATL?

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