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  1. Well whoever wanted the Panthers to look like Colorado got their wish
  2. Richardson’s rushed 13 times for 75 yds, longest run of 18. Young’s rushed 5 times for 51 yards, longest run of 26. Young’s actually done more on the ground when he’s running it, but he doesn’t have the goal line touchdowns. I was surprised that it’s that close and granted Richardson missed a chunk of last week, but he’s doing it on designed runs and read options. Young’s got those numbers just from escaping.
  3. Watching JT's newest video once again proves Bryce's receivers had little to no separation all night. Now, the 8-10 people who camp out in every Bryce thread will conveniently ignore that and instead highlight a third-down sack or a missed throw, (the sack, especially, is fair game) but the full picture from JT's video is that Bryce's mechanics are fine, his decision-making doesn't deserve 1/10 of the vitriol it gets on here, and the biggest issue regarding his lack of success isn't being shorter than most QBs. It's the subpar playcalling, the route concepts, and the non-existent separation. Stroud would not fare much better, if at all, with the tools available here.
  4. You climbed others' asses about how it was the offensive line, and how it would take more than two weeks for a fourth-year veteran to show what he could do. And yet, a first-year rookie doesn't even get two weeks now. Nothing's changed except your amount of patience, and no "but McCaffrey" insult can change that.
  5. A lot of it is bitterness toward everyone, instead of targeted bitterness toward Cam's haters -- which would make more sense.
  6. He's hated every player who didn't light it up out of the gate, except Sam Darnold, who he preached patience for for half a season. Kinda funny how his go-to insult is to call people a Darnold weirdo. Some major projecting going on there. But it's cool, he'll say we're Cam haters now, which is hysterical if you looked at all the years we spent defending Cam.
  7. TheRed. Sometime around the time Cam started falling apart, his tone changed to about the most condescending dickhead you could find on the Internet, which is a real accomplishment. His reading comprehension skills, along with his ability to like any player in Panthers history not named Moore or Newton, also rapidly eroded. I'm a mouthpiece for David Tepper, and yet the most recent post I'd made was But don't worry, he'll see that, ignore it, and bring up his closet crush, CMC -- or maybe some "meltdown" insult. Bro should at least put it in a different language so I'm not reading the same thing every time someone calls him out on his bullshit
  8. Justin Fields fanbois OD-ing on some injured Bryce Young copium
  9. Red, you were a lot more fun (or at least bearable) before this alt turned you into a condescending prick. I can't stand Tepper, and you know that, but you get your rocks off by hating on every player this team has and if it gets you a cheap insult, you'll go for it -- and use the same one every single time.
  10. There was a time when the mods here brought reason to a group of irrational shitposters. Now the mods are bringing the irrational shitposting to the people with reason
  11. The most nauseating thing is the endless ESPN puff pieces we get.
  12. backtracking after being proven wrong in accusing me of making stuff up is not a good look either my mans
  13. I mean it's out there, can't say it was made up
  14. David Tepper is worse than George Shinn. More money, but more ego.
  15. To be fair, Ickey only made it one game
  16. but yeah y'all keep up posting hot takes about every first-round pick, they age like milk
  17. OK let's do this, boys Sept. 2018: DJ Moore is worse than Ridley, we screwed up picking him: Fun thing about this one is the people saying "it's only been four games, be patient" are the exact same people crucifying Bryce Young after one game. Burns? Hell just go through all your own posts clowning his ass since 2019, that one's too easy Let's try Derrick Brown. No one said he was a bust Welp Oh look who we have here “Brown, who will still be just 25 when his fourth NFL season kicks off, has progressed nicely throughout his three-year career but significantly elevated his play from last season to this one,” McGuinness writes. “His 77.9 PFF pass-rushing grade ranked 12th among all interior defenders, with the former Auburn Tiger registering 40 total pressures on 514 pass-rushing snaps.”
  18. That's right. So why does it get celebrated when one does it and dissed when the other does it? Seems a fair question.
  19. My mistake was not grouping you in with the Stroud crowd from the get-go. You may not subscribe to blaming him for sacks or drops like others, but your Stroud bias is certainly comparable, and there's tangible evidence to support that notion.
  20. But somehow CJ doing it is more impressive?
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