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  1. Burns had as many sacks against the Lions as Peppers had in all of 2007. Every DE has ups and downs but you pay your best players and keep them. It's sort of how the best teams win.
  2. Tommy Tremble has more career carries than Giovanni Ricci.
  3. I don't think anyone should think of that as a reach. Whether he pans out or not, it was fine
  4. Sports Illustrated, back when it was a real thing, had the Panthers bringing up the rear of the NFC South in its NFL previews in 2003 and 2015.
  5. I wasn't trying to convince anybody, I was just bringing up other historic moments that were less negative.
  6. But the good have been VERY good. 2005 season finale in Atlanta, a must-win to make the playoffs (like 2014), was a 44-11 blowout W. That was awesome. 2007 game in Atlanta, yeah Jake hurt his elbow, but DeShaun Foster and David Carr (!!) helped preserve the win. I was at that game, 50-yard line seats in the second row (but behind Atlanta's bench). There's been some great moments in Charlotte, too. 2015, the 38-0 win is still the largest margin of victory in franchise history, and to go much farther back, Timmy Biakabutuka running all over them in a Sunday Night Football win in 1997 was epic (though I don't remember it).
  7. Meh, no Falcon fan can forget the 34-3 beatdown they took at the hands of the Panthers, in a winner-takes-all NFC South title game AT HOME.
  8. There's no team I'd rather sweep than the Saints.
  9. Nah man, there's definitely been worse than that. Not that it was good, but Jesus Christ, Keith Taylor last year was not even USFL-tier in that timeframe. I think Jackson deserved it above any of them and clarified it right after. Congrats on the Derby
  10. I'd only carry one FB and add Beason.
  11. Honestly I’d put Donte Jackson as the 4th cb
  12. Ken Lucas or even Munnerlyn over Horn right now
  13. Of all the people who could judge post accuracy, you're definitely one of the least qualified. So I guess there's that.
  14. Here's the problem: I can share with you numerous posts across multiple accounts singing their praises, but you're just going to say, "Well, they're good players, of course they'd say that," so there's absolutely no use in my linking all these posts dating back to 2013. One thing I would not do if I were you, though, is deny their existence.
  15. I’m sure he appreciates you taking up for him. Look at comments in the Burns threads over the last 5 months (particularly the one in December). Negatives outweigh the positives by a mile. As for Pep, do the same in 2009. The sentiments only got more negative as time passed. Stances softened when Pep came back, but that doesn’t erase years of “only tries when he wants”.
  16. the Huddle has always had more Brady and Brees fans than Peppers and Burns fans
  17. he won't win OROY until someone makes a GreatestOfAllTimeBryce account on here, like @GreatestOfAllTimeCam (who seems to have disappeared)
  18. Darnold is a more likable Derek Anderson. Solid backup who for 4 starts or so, can win you some games. After that, he's likely to regress.
  19. Absolutely. It was poorly game-planned well before kickoff. As for this classic, yeah i remember walking outside with a minute or so left thinking, well, Fox gave away another one, but Jake still had a couple epic Jake moments left in the tank.
  20. Everybody who illogically hates Matt Corral now will regret it when he plays well in the preseason and solidifies a backup job
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