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  1. If Rhule coached the team in the '90s and Rae Carruth went to Temple he'd absolutely have signed him to a huge contract extension in 1999.
  2. Wouldn't be the worst hire by any stretch, so forget about it.
  3. Best rhule (see what I did there) of thumb is whatever Rhule says, it's the opposite. Wants lots of NFL experience? Hires a high school guidance counselor.
  4. Yeah aside from the picks and the trades it was great. I'd say you're looking at at least two future stars in the USFL from that draft. Maybe three.
  5. Rhule's absolutely hiring Mike Locksley after Rhule. Look at this dude. He's perfect.
  6. Need to add Jon Embree as a coach, too. He went 4-21 at Colorado.
  7. He's the worst available, so hiring him makes sense. Worst HC, worst OC, worst offense, worst owner worst team ever. Personally I'm kinda rooting for consecutive 0-17 seasons. Lose like 65 games in a row. Be legends.
  8. Rhule's not desperate. He's incompetent. He has no concept of desperation. When he does stupid poo, it's because he thinks it's smart. There's no interior pressure on the former short-order cooks.
  9. In what other pro sports franchise do the coaches hate the players AND the players hate the coaches? And y'all think Tepper creating this disaster wasn't by design lol
  10. It's really just acknowledging another example of the rampant dysfunction that exists only within this franchise. Truly transcended "laughingstock" status. This 0-17 debacle is going to most be entertaining since Rhule probably won't get fired after the season.
  11. What will actually happen: DJ Moore/Brian Burns traded for picks Reddick extended, signs a monster long-term deal Panthers pick eight busts in draft including Howell Darnold QB1, Anderson WR1 in Week 1 0-17 Rhule begins 2023 on the "hot seat"
  12. No concern there, the Panthers are far worse than both teams. They're well on their way to at least 30 losses in a row.
  13. I legitimately believe this year's team will go down as the worst in NFL history.
  14. It'll be Jeff Nixon or Scottie Montgomery. The next time the Panthers score 20+ points in a game will be 2023, if not 2024.
  15. I bet there's a fair number of free agents who would rather retire or wait it out than sign with the Panthers.
  16. Tepper is the worst owner in the league.
  17. Buckle in, you've got at least 5-7 more years.
  18. Reddick is a Temple guy. He's not going anywhere. Long-term, huge contract coming within the next four months. Burns gets dealt. Reddick gets hurt before Week 4, Burns becomes All-Pro. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  19. If you think that's disappointing, just wait until you see their replacements.
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