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  1. So which fan club am I president of now? Luke's?
  2. Frank has gotten Fred Weis'd several times in this thread, but it's fun to watch the back-and-forth between hyperbolic claim, disproved point and then the moving of the goalposts (with a little jab at me here and there).
  3. Lol I get called haters and fanboys of everyone, this doesn't faze me one bit
  4. Darren Waller for MVP, amirite? 170 catches this year?
  5. It'd be more of a concern if Rod Carey were to leave or get fired.
  6. Wow. Can't believe Sam Darnold's gonna rush for 17 touchdowns this season. What a legend.
  7. CMC's on pace for 500 touches? Guess Robby Anderson's on pace for only 17 catches. At least Darnold's on pace for 17 rushing touchdowns. It's been one game.
  8. Fitterer and Rhule just don’t value kickers very much. Look at who we’ve acquired. Then consider how you’d feel if Ron/Hurney were doing this instead of Temple Superfan No. 1 and Trader Scott.
  9. I remember when throwing to Steve Smith 12 times and his getting 8 catches was force feeding. Throwing to someone 19 times though? Nah, that ain't it.
  10. I'd like to make a few points here. 1) "force feed" implies they were unsuccessfully trying to get them yardage. Our best chance at success was with CMC, who the Jets couldn't cover nor tackle. 2) He wasn't used anymore than other RBs around the league. Joe Mixon had 33 touches (for 37 fewer yards) in a Bengals win. 3) DJ Moore was targeted 8 times, had 6 catches for 80 yards and one carry for 14 yards, so it wasn't like he was ignored (I also consider him to be a weapon on offense). 4) No fewer than 7 teams threw the ball at least 47 times last week. Do we want Sam Darnold firing 50 passes a game, or CMC getting 25 touches and balancing run with pass (just like nearly every team that won)?
  11. Corn Elder? Since he's a veteran, more like Eld Corner amiright
  12. I'll be interested to see how they'll connect with all communities as we build out a squad.
  13. Agreed. I don't like Rhule, but that was a great call. Anticipate a line drive and see if DJ can run it back.
  14. Honestly, I think Rhule is building a roster that's mostly comprised of players he coached in college, and people he inherited. Not convinced that's an upgrade over Rivera.
  15. I'm convinced that at this rate, Butker could be here and he'd have the same numbers as Olindo Mare
  16. Dude I don't want us to run McCaffrey in the ground anymore than anyone else, I'm just saying that when he's had a year of rest and no preseason action, Week 1 was the best time to give him 30 touches (especially with many of them not being between the tackles).
  17. It's almost like they're *whispers* not that different
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