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  1. "Process" comes during about the fourth game of a seven-game losing streak every year.
  2. Charleston Rambo was running a drag across the middle and cut off his route.
  3. I re-watched the fourth quarter last night. His receivers dropped three passes, one ran the wrong route and on 4 occasions, he had less than 1 second in the pocket.
  4. The concern isn't potential availability, it's the lack of identifying talent.
  5. Hope Brian Burns doesn't enter the transfer portal in December
  6. On the plus side, I look for Baker's helmet to be full of pride stickers by the end of the season. What sticker do you think Rhule will use? Panther logo, DBE or Jay-Z? I'm betting you're gonna see these cover D.J. Moore's helmet soon.
  7. People also need to prepare themselves to see both QBs play Week 1. Baker will start, take a few series, Darnold will come in for a few series, then Baker will play the third downs. College coach runs college program.
  8. It's a shame that doesn't motivate them to change their ways in the least.
  9. "Instincts" is an interesting way to pronounce "all day to throw the ball"
  10. Ron definitely did not want to lose to Rhule again, having linemen stunt and running zero blitzes. I love Ron and I'll always be a huge fan of his, but he had his team playing harder with 2 mins to go in the first preseason game than he did for some regular-season games here. That said, nobody is better at putting Corral in a bad situation than Rhule.
  11. When you consider all that Rhule has done for PJ Walker over the years, I wouldn't rule out the idea that he's intentionally sabotaging Corral to build up his case to cut him and keep Walker. Not saying it's what's happening, just saying there's unquestionably a possibility.
  12. Sure he did. Give any QB time in camp and a clean pocket, and there's reason to expect some good plays. When you give a guy no practice in camp, no pass protection in-game and he's got to dodge a defensive end and a blitzing linebacker within one second of a snap, well, not even Sam Howell or Tom Brady will look good in that case.
  13. Ownership Wealth Rank: 1st of 28 Player Salary Rank: 27th of 28
  14. Howell had all day to throw. Corral literally had no pocket for 3/4 of his snaps. Like, ball is snapped, hits his hands, two DL or a DL and a LB are in his face and he's spinning out of trouble.
  15. That makes me kind of regret it, to be honest. The quickest way to winning with the Panthers is to ignore everything Rhule tells you.
  16. Matt Corral, though, is 1-0 in fourth-quarter comebacks.
  17. PJ Walker beat a team that scored 0 points. Literally a FG and it's a win. Cam Newton beat the Cardinals, but PJ Walker got credit.
  18. Petrino is like Rhule + 10 percent.
  19. Don't be so sure. Maybe he gets IR'd next week. I can tell you this: Walker isn't getting cut. Ever.
  20. There are numerous examples of how bad Rhule is at his job. Will Grier destroyed PJ Walker last preseason, but was cut because he didn't play for Temple. Now, Grier has the inside line on Dallas' backup QB job and has gotten rave reviews from coaches and media throughout camp. Corral will meet the same fate in 3 weeks, when the headlines entering Week 1 are about how the hapless Panthers traded up for a QB they didn't let practice in camp, who barely got any preseason run, and who got cut so the Temple-Baylor Job Bank could stay in business. Ekwonu, on another team, is starting preseason week 1. Here, he's gonna be a healthy scratch at least 10 weeks out of the year. Matt Rhule has had a hand in 3 drafts now, and out of about 25 picks he's made one (1) good one: Jeremy Chinn. Man makes Hue Jackson look like Bill Belichick.
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