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  1. If this team had a different owner and coach, I'd say this roster looks like it's on the rise and could be in for a 2002-like Step 1 of a turnaround. But because they're hamstrung by Rhule and an Adderall-less Tepper, it's tougher to say that.
  2. This thread stopped being related to the topic about 7 pages ago. Can it please be retired?
  3. He's an awesome dude. Super polite. Good players have their haters. Great players have even more of them -- doesn't bother him, doesn't bother me.
  4. Hell yeah, I wanna see some hands thrown at a Huddle event. I'd show up for that
  5. Busiest time of the year for me at work but I enjoy it
  6. This is an 8-9 win team with competent Corral QBing and, among other variables, Rivera as coach (especially considering that aside from Donte Jackson, everyone who didn't see eye-to-eye with him is no longer here). That's only taking into account personnel and Ron's coaching strategy. But with Rhule, to whom history will be very unkind, 9 wins is a pipe dream.
  7. I mean...they can't. Switch the roster with the Rams and Rhule gets them at most 7 wins.
  8. It's tough to say this roster is "ready to go" when the NFL world considers it to comprise the worst team in the league.
  9. That was an awesome win. It's crazy that Aho is only two goals from tying Staal's franchise playoff record
  10. Since Opening Night has come and gone, Teppe knows there are only two occasions in which his stadium will be sold out: when an EPL club visits CLTFC, and when hell freezes over.
  11. That's the thing. I don't put it past George Shinn V2 to conjure up these fluff pieces, and then ditch the statue and remove any mention of him like they did Cam.
  12. I'm far beyond expecting any sort of civil discussion with someone whose penchant for senseless optimism and condescending replies knows no bounds. Really just wanted to make it abundantly clear that many of us see a pattern in how you converse.
  13. That's literally all you do: complain about posters' complaints. I'm not sure what satisfaction you derive from being so self-righteous all the time.
  14. RBs are not a dime a dozen -- which is why the Panthers were 4-3 with CMC and 1-9 without him last year. That said, it's also about how you maximize their talents, which Rhule cannot do and refuses to do. The ones who are on the roster, presently, though, are good enough to handle the job between CMC, Foreman and Hubbard.
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