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  1. For Mingo to do his job, he has to get separation, correctly run his route and catch the ball when it's within his grasp. For Young to do his job, he has to make pre-snap reads, get adequate pass protection, correctly identify the receiver, put the ball where the receiver can get it, and hope to God he gets it (unlikely if "THIELEN" is not on the back of his jersey). So while there are mitigating circumstances for both, they're not an apples-to-apples comparison.
  2. Throwing in a Jimmy Clausen comparison and saying he's the worst QB who ever lived wouldn't cost you any points, either.
  3. 18 of 53 on IR. "Look to your left, now look to your right. Chances are, all 3 of you will go on IR"
  4. Wish he got to do it a few years ago so Dugger would be here. Chinn’s not bad but Dugger is better
  5. Some wise moves: Fire Fitterer, Trade Burns, recoup picks, re-sign Luvu and Brown. What will happen: Fitterer stays on, Burns traded for picks, picks end up in USFL 2 years later, Luvu and/or Brown walks in FA
  6. Yards against is good, but 35 TDs allowed is solid enough for 30th in the league. I recall ranking 30th in scoring offense being bad -- is 30th in scoring defense good? Even if that includes offensive turnovers returned for TDs, you could take those away and it's still bottom-five in the league. Injuries have decimated them and despite that, Evero's done an admirable job. But to act like the defense has done great when that TD number is out there is crazy.
  7. The next coach could (read: will) go 0-17 and I'd still say he's better than Matt Rhule.
  8. If you saw the Texans game, he showed as much there as Brown did in his best game as a rookie.
  9. Funny because when he was a rookie, Brown got the same vitriol Bryce gets now.
  10. well hell that's what the future ex-coach is there for
  11. Chris Tabor co-stars as "Perry Fewell" in Season 6 of "As The Tepper Turns"
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