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  1. The returns, to this point, show that more have quit than haven't. But it's admittedly tough to see, because so many of our players suck even when they're trying.
  2. That's the second possession. Run, Pass, Holding, Sack, Pass, Punt
  3. Honestly, the results this team has week-in and week-out illustrate that the players hate him. Sure, I'll leave out his Temple and Baylor yes-men, some of whom (read: nearly all) are here because they lack the qualifications to be in the NFL without his assistance.
  4. And we know that not only will neither of those things happen, it's more than possible we'll get shut out once or twice down the stretch, and we'll surrender more than 40 2-3 times down the stretch.
  5. When we lose to Atlanta, no, Tepper does not fire Rhule. But considering it's the last chance at a non-blowout loss this season, yeah, Tepper fires Rhule after Week 18 (let's cross our fingers, toes and vestigial tails)
  6. I'll take five more blowouts to get this son of a bitch canned. Serve 'em up.
  7. Why? So he can be to the Panthers what Hakeem Olajuwon was to the Raptors?
  8. And by then, he's set you back two more years with horrible personnel decisions, so then you're looking at 2025 as your next hope.
  9. This Sunday is the last close loss of the season, a neck-and-neck game that comes down to a made or missed field goal. From here, it's four reruns of the Dolphins game.
  10. Four blowout losses and one loss by a touchdown or field goall probably seals Rhule's fate. I take that back, hopefully seals his fate. In a perfect world we pull a 1998, win the last two and have some momentum for the next coach -- but in a realistic world, the season regrettably ends in winter, when this team has gone into hibernation.
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