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  1. Mark Williams and Zach Edey on the Charlotte Hornets
  2. Congrats to Coach Scheyer. He needed that win and so did Duke. I felt like he was gonna start feeling some major pressure if he didn't bag at least one rivalry win this year.
  3. Every time Fitterer makes a move, it gives me the same nervousness I got when Jake dropped back to pass in 2009, only without the past history of actually succeeding
  4. There are about five guys on this team I consider untouchable in a draft trade and aside from them, I'd surrender any piece plus picks for only CJ Stroud. Otherwise, stay put or move up to 7 for Richardson (which I'd prefer anyway).
  5. I'm not sure how cheap Brissett will come after a year where he outperformed the guy who was supposed to be the savior there
  6. Contract is cheap. He's viewed as one of the league's best. Pretty simple. Rhule drafted a long snapper who couldn't carry Jansen's jockstrap. It's not like he's immediately replaceable. People need to pump the brakes on their urgency in showing the door to players who are generally tougher to replace than they think.
  7. JJ Jansen has been here for 15 years and is still excellent. Why the hell would he be let go?
  8. I’m also good with Darnold back as a backup, but I think Reich may want to go draft pick - Corral - Eason, or draft pick - Eason - Corral.
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