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  1. That pretty much does it for me, boys. Giving up Pro Bowlers for UFL rejects every year and going 0-17 repeatedly, I just can't do this garbage anymore, straight up not worth my time. Peace out. fug the Panthers, fug David Tepper, and fug the NFL.
  2. It's not just that this team is ruined since Tepper bought it, it's that it's the most hopeless franchise in the past, present or future of professional sports. I don't think they'll ever even go 7-10 again, let alone have a winning season.
  3. Not against trading Burns, who wasn't worth the money he seeked after how he played last season, but there's a 1000% chance those draft picks turn out to be another Kenny Robinson Jr. and Terry Godwin.
  4. I wouldn't call that an 0-17 team, i'd call it an 0-34 team
  5. People were not only patient with Fitterer for three-plus years, they were overwhelmingly supportive. I'll give Dan Morgan more than one offseason, let alone a couple days of free agency.
  6. And yet people think they’re handing them out
  7. That shouldn’t affect any past or future mistakes made here, where you’re still 10 years away from being 20 years away from competing
  8. Who the hell would say that, what a ridiculous response
  9. Guessing there won’t be a GhostofDocStrauss account anytime soon
  10. Trading McCaffrey and Moore for picks sure as hell worked out great for the Panthers. Hornets finally have 2 stars (still won't win a game til 2025) and y'all wanna get rid of one because he's not the new shiny toy. This is why I never post here anymore.
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