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  1. But 17.6 of the 53.5 are batted balls.
  2. The Panthers haven't tanked in 12 years. Burning through draft picks and throwing money at free agents only to go 1-16 isn't tanking, it's incompetence.
  3. Belichick will get fired or retire before Rhule gets fired
  4. Tells us the same thing, every week, like clockwork.
  5. So Tepper sucks, he gets told he sucks, and he blames the fans, so you’re mad at the fans.
  6. Once the first blowout comes, like last year there won’t be anything but those the rest of the season. And yet Rhule will still be here.
  7. He’s gonna move the team because the fans call him out for being the horrible owner that he is? OK, fine
  8. I think Rhule and Fitterer armed with 0 good players and a boatload of USFL stars will surely *checks notes* be better?
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