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  1. Imagine if our OL had to face our DL in a game setting. Yikes City
  2. What a game by that defense! Damn! We held them to only six first downs all day. That's insanely good.
  3. I was impressed with Darnold for the most part. Every QB's gonna miss some throws over the course of a game and unfortunately, one of his would've gotten us six points instead of a FG. I didn't expect him to be as cool in the pocket as he was, though. That was nice. Didn't try to take too much from what he was given. But this week's a bigger test.
  4. So which fan club am I president of now? Luke's?
  5. Frank has gotten Fred Weis'd several times in this thread, but it's fun to watch the back-and-forth between hyperbolic claim, disproved point and then the moving of the goalposts (with a little jab at me here and there).
  6. Lol I get called haters and fanboys of everyone, this doesn't faze me one bit
  7. Darren Waller for MVP, amirite? 170 catches this year?
  8. It'd be more of a concern if Rod Carey were to leave or get fired.
  9. Wow. Can't believe Sam Darnold's gonna rush for 17 touchdowns this season. What a legend.
  10. CMC's on pace for 500 touches? Guess Robby Anderson's on pace for only 17 catches. At least Darnold's on pace for 17 rushing touchdowns. It's been one game.
  11. Fitterer and Rhule just don’t value kickers very much. Look at who we’ve acquired. Then consider how you’d feel if Ron/Hurney were doing this instead of Temple Superfan No. 1 and Trader Scott.
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