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  1. My god. Everything is racist on this message board. Unless you're black, then you can say whatever the hell you want about other races without any repercussions. Don't believe me? A dude literally said "f-150 owner to a poster" How is that not racist? check the Tinderbox too. It's just a mob of bullies who verbally abuse you and call you racist for not agreeing with them. No wonder why this message board has slowly been dying. Remember the glory days 5-10 years ago? Its seen as a joke my most people around town. The owner (Zod) just lets it happen and is completely out of touch with at least half the fanbase. Self sabotage at its finest. Quite funny. Ban me? Sure. Call me a racist? Go ahead. Like I give a shiit. The Panthers are a joke of a team too. David Tepper will run this team to the ground. Sam Darnold as our QB? Just lol. I'd rather have Jameis Winston. We'll win 7 games at most
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