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  1. The #Panthers have fired coach Frank Reich, sources say, moving on before his first season is over. Special teams coordinator Chris Tabor is the interim coach and addressing the team now. Jim Caldwell moves to special advisor working with the offense.
  2. Depressingly familiar ending. Every fuging week.
  3. Imagine watching your child get pummeled every play
  4. WTF happened to Sanders this year? I know our O line sucks, but he can't seem to get a decent gain to save his life.
  5. Nice drive but good lord, Bryce's range of accuracy is about 7 yards.
  6. It's bad enough that we get Dallas multiple times a year on nationally televised games, but to watch them pummel the hapless Panthers is going to be unbearable.
  7. Despite his small and skinny stature, and getting physically wrecked week after week, Bryce is still able to walk. That's good.
  8. Weird things can happen in the NFL - I think winning one more game this season is possible, but not likely. Winning two or more games? Zero chance. I'm afriad that we are looking at a multi-year rebuild.
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