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  1. Anyone with as many assault allegations against them as he has, has a serious issue, IMHO. What guarantee is there that there won't be more coming...I think we dodged a bullet, but for all the wrong reasons.
  2. Can you blame them? Why would a quality veteran QB play for this dumpster fire of a team?
  3. Fearless prediction: Gronk re-signs with Tampa. Fug...
  4. Change is good - If the new guy, whoever that is, is an improvement..
  5. Anything more than a late round pick, hard pass. This reeks of a desperate coach trying to retain his job.
  6. What the hell was Dak thinking??
  7. (On a treadmill, nothing changes)....
  8. I feel like every game this year is a rerun of the previous game. The Panthers start out showing promise, then fall flat in the 2nd half with horrible o line play. What do we have to build on for 2022?
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