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  1. Antonio Brown Accused Of Threatening Arena League Coach, Not Paying Players , locking players out of their hotel rooms. https://www.complex.com/sports/antonio-brown-threatened-coach-arena-league-team Who would have guessed AB would be a terrible owner? Other than everyone with a brain...
  2. Colin Cowherd is picking the Panthers to win their division, so that seals it, he is never wrong.
  3. I know next to nothing about this test, and am not making excuses, but I know some very smart, capable people that are terrible test takers. They are not athletes though...
  4. I'm liking this offseason. Go Panthers!
  5. I think Cam might make a good position coach. He's got the energy and the positive attitude.
  6. It's amazing how you can be a mediocre QB and still make millions of $ bouncing from team to team, year after year. See basically every QB we've had since Cam...
  7. Meh, cheap insurance...What other veteran was available at this kind of price?
  8. If nothing else, this is going to make this season a lot more fun to watch than the last one.
  9. So last year we trade our best RB, this year we trade our best receiver. We better get this pick right or this is going to be a long season.
  10. Pretty unimpressive list of QBs, TBH. Maybe how fast you can throw a football isn't that important in the NFL.
  11. I hope when I die that I am not judged for my worst actions, but my best (or at least the sum of all of them). Requiescat in Pace Mr. Richardson. May your memory be a blessing to your loved ones.
  12. The best part is that Sean Payton predicted a Saints win in the pre-game show
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