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  1. Maybe, but in the NFL you are always one injury away from needing a QB...
  2. Two thoughts: 1. Football players are not fighters 2. There is no upside to "adults" getting into a fistfight. Grow up.
  3. The only name that makes sense
  4. We've signed a lot of "camp bodies" in past years, is this really that different?
  5. I've always been a Jack Daniels #7 man. Then my daughter bought me a bottle of JD Single Barrel Select, and now it's gotta be Single Barrel or, at a bare minimum Gentleman Jack. That Single Barrel is sooo smooth, and smells heavenly, like expensive cologne.
  6. In the NFL, smoking pot is bad, but gulping down fistsful of prescription narcotic pills is just fine if the team physician gives them to you to keep you on the field. Which is worse?
  7. Good for Drew. He brought New Orleans a Lombardi when the town really needed something positive.
  8. My bad, missed your post, mods, feel free to delete.
  9. Is pretty freaking good
  10. I think Tre is just trying to be classy about his getting let go. I understand the sentiment, after being laid off last week after 31 years at my company. Best to leave with dignity and not burn any bridges. I wish him well.
  11. He remains one of the best trades the Panthers ever made. We could use more successful trades like that.
  12. Before I spend 22 minutes of my life watching this, who is Dr. Carrie Madej and what are her qualifications?
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