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  1. another 3rd grade wannabe insult lol its just a game, kids, just a game
  2. It's the internet,I can do 30 message boards at the same time
  3. And how old are you? This is adult behavior for you? Lol
  4. try and remember this is just tv time entertainment. Dont waste your emotion on it. Odds are you wont be too happy afterwords
  5. trolling angle? Fascinating paranoia you possess looking for perceived negatives where none exist. and all because you base your self esteem in a team in the nfl on suday.
  6. You embellished my quote.that is called lying. I am talking football, I have talked football. All the stats are meaningless now and will be meaningless in this game. Talking football is easy and pointless. This stat says this team will do this...oh yeah? Well my stats say otherwise. OK now we talked football. Now let's talk about Cam's race and his dancing and his pants and Manning's forehead and hgh.....ok we covered everything lol
  7. you ask questions and make assumptions. I help you by answering. You become confused and cant comprehend truth that doesnt fit your narrative.
  8. in other words you have to lie to create your own world to believe in.
  9. you do because I told you what I was doing earlier. It has nothing to do with the created fabrication in your influenced imagination. Some people are actually capable of meaning what they say but when you tell people that are so use to being deceived,they dont know how to decipher truth anymore.
  10. fascinating fabricated logic on your part.
  11. No, you don't get what I'm attempting to do. You are creating a conflict in your head that isn't there. I have no loyal to another team motive. If nothing will change and you know this ,then why the defensive gang mentality? Why did I pick Proehl? Because I felt like it. Life is pretty simple that way. I'm at a Panther site,I picked a Panther player. Your tiny avatar spaces don't give much leeway. Sports is entertainment but you are treating it like an important issue that must be defended.
  12. I haven't talked down to one single person. You have decided to take indifferent observations personal. You said " fan of a team WE stomped"... 2 things are happening here. You seem to think I need to be confined to a box of picking a team ...and you claim to have something to do with what happened on the field of play.
  13. Why don't you answer the quote you posted as to what will change about your life when/if the team wins?
  14. Clearly salty? Fascinating fabricated logic on your part I must say. All teams are my board. The nfl is a singular entertainment company. What part of "I don't care who wins" do you not understand?
  15. Gee whiz, being top 2 a lot is such a negative lol. The owners are very happy with that,very happy
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