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  1. *eats brownies while wife gets mauled by Bobcat*
  2. For some reason, I really like this band...
  3. An old favorite. Been listening to a lot of pre-Disco music lately.
  4. Great version and the tambourine player is epic!
  5. Japanese rock with some traditional instruments....
  6. I used to watch him race Speedway (motorcycle flat track) when i was a kid.
  7. Fug yeah! Bill the Cat for President 2020
  8. Authority Zero (sorry, forgot how to embed the yt vid) https://youtu.be/TCToy0h8m8o
  9. Son of a Gun, neither do I....
  10. Hahahaha! I know where that intersection is. It's in Bakersfield, CA. It's right behind the county gubment building. Seems appropriate.....
  11. Nice Flare Stack. You work on the oil or gas side of things?
  12. Thanks Biscuit! It's supposed to be Obama and Biden after he called out that terrorist group Isis....
  13. Contact info? Hey, I forgot how to link stuff but if one of you nutcases could do it for me, I might think fondly of you. It's funny as hell, trust me.. http://www.srslulz.com/obama-and-biden-after-calling-out-isis/
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