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  1. What if everyone is off the board? what if there is no board?
  2. I wanna see us getting our asses kicked for a half and then Darnold comes out swinging and leads us to a victory. Then I'll believe.
  3. Good article. I still think we gave up a little too much. But I'm happy Darnold is a Panther.
  4. Optimistic af. Saw a lot of potential last year and I believe we'll be better this year.
  5. How has no one said "aww shucks" yet? The Huddle is slipping. @Jeremy Igo
  6. Valid points. Maybe the FO sees something I don't. But I don't like any of the QBs in this year's draft. So drafting the BPA and rolling with Teddy for one more year isn't the worst thing in the world in my opinion.
  7. The camera angles during Bucky's therapy session made me want to slap the cinematographer but I definitely enjoyed it. Excited to see where the story goes.
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