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  1. Good idea. We can all send our notes to Rhule to prepare for next week. Lol. Panthers aren’t on so we likely only get 2 games so we watch what we have to unless you still pay DirectTV $150 a month.
  2. He’s really bad. Ross should have caught that first ball and they’d still have had a 2 pointer to win, but 180 yards of offense? It really shows you how good Lawrence was. Clemson’s never had too OL prospects the past few years (1 guy drafted before day 3 in years), but DJ isn’t even close to a good QB. They literally can run only 10 plays or so and all those 3 and outs wore down the D. NC State had the ball for 41 minutes to Clemson’s 18. They had 11 real drives (not including OT) and 8 of them were 3 plays or less and out (one had 4 plays with a penalty 1st down and then 3 and out). They got 40 yards total on those 8 drives. How is the D not gassed? They may win a few more but that dude has effectively ended their season in 4 games.
  3. It’s not correct for his overall. It says it’s from PFR and PFR has 0 completions so of course 0 TDs. We all saw that TD that was a perfect throw to get by Horn but Horn was covering Davis.
  4. That’s what I said last night. 6.5 weeks until that Sunday game with NE. Dallas, home for Philly/Minn and away for Giants/Atlanta. If we can get out of that 4-1/3-2 and CMC is healthy for the tough stretch that’s what we need. I don’t want him back early and re-injure it. Our next 5 are our easiest stretch left (first 3 are in the books), so we just need to weather the storm without him.
  5. Best record in the NFL. No idea how long Horn is out but as long as it’s not an Achilles, we’ve got Bouye back and DJ isn’t hurt. We just need CMC to ice up and be back for the NE game. The next 5 games are at Dallas (real tough) and 4 definitely winnable at home against Philly and Minnesota and at Giants and at Atlanta. It’s basically 6.5 weeks from now till the NE game. I’ll chalk at Dallas as a loss and then if we can go 3-1 in the other four that’s 6-2 before the tough half of the schedule. We definitely need CMC for that.
  6. If Horn was a broken foot and DJ is OK, it sucked with the injuries but maybe we dodged a huge bullet for the future. CMC will be tough but hopefully not too many weeks.
  7. They would have gotten a first down and still had the ball right now. I’ll take the incomplete and the win.
  8. These refs are atrocious. Were the real refs stuck at the airport and this was the local pee wee league ref crew.
  9. There’s that coverage unit we know and love.
  10. Gonzalez had a good enough game and should have had another FG. Nothing tough but just making everything is nice. Poor Sam got smooshed there. Again, we need new OL. Literally no push. Push up front and Freeman was already in the end zone. We get 0 push inside the tackles.
  11. Left outside is possible. Do not run between the C and LT.
  12. Olsen was 32 when he broke his foot and probably came back too soon. Remember he got hurt right after he came back after only a few weeks off. Horn doesn’t need to come back early. Even though people want us to have a bye, this is year 2.
  13. Not even close. How old was Olsen? How old is Horn. A broken foot isn’t close to an Achilles.
  14. Please let it be so. I don’t even care if he’s out most of the year. That’s so much better than an Achilles tear.
  15. Hate when we go prevent. Our guys were so deep.
  16. That was a great play by the CB. Marshall looked like he was about to reach out and the CB pulled his right arm back turning Marshall over so he couldn’t reach out. That was a really smart move on the CB’s part as Marshall had it easily because he stayed in bounds.
  17. This is fuging ridiculous at this point. Is Houston the shittiest turf field ever?
  18. Ugh, just got a pit in my stomach thinking about Horn and CMC.
  19. Blackburn must have finally told them that it’s possible that the runner might try a return.
  20. He was a training camp superstar. He’s been ass so far. All three teams have killed us punting so far. Our return blocking is bad and Charlton has been awful. Blackburn needs to be gone. Every part of our STs is ass this year. Heck, we dumped the Jets kicker and he punted better than our guy. At a certain point our STs coach has to take responsibility and be replaced.
  21. Where’s my boy blue now? OL looks fantastic, giving Sam all kinds of time. You were definitely right our OL is better than the Saints OL. I don’t know what I was thinking. SMH. Even Moton hasn’t played well. Again, we need the rookies to get in gear so they can hopefully replace this crap and then we need to draft OL every round next draft.
  22. No poo. We don’t kick a FG and we almost just have the Texans a FG and a lead. If CMC goes out you fuging kick the FG because we might not score again.
  23. Easy win they said. Playoffs no problem, what seed can we get?
  24. Can we fire Blackburn? 36 yard punts and no blocking on returns is getting out of hand.
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