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  1. Fitt is the GM. He’s responsible. If the OC is making his picks when everyone and their mother said our biggest need is OL and we just extended RA for $15M a year, then he has zero business being a GM. I recall Rhule and Fitt talking about picks a lot in the draft videos. I don’t recall Brady.
  2. The fact that we passed over the best young C in the game really gets me. I mean he’s hurt every other day now and that was his MO before the draft. Nah, we decided to not focus on OL in the 2021 draft since Elflein and Erving would really round out the Paradis, Daley and Miller interior. And people love Fitterer, I just don’t get it so far. Man, I need the soothing sounds of getting back to the playoffs because seeing TMJ in red jerseys every other practice after releasing the long snapper really hurts.
  3. Yep and he who shall not be named instead of Deonte or the now released LS. It really isn’t hard to build an OL. We just ignored it for years and tried cast offs to solve it instead of investing real draft picks (BC in the 3rd is fine, but that was basically it) like Iky. After botching the 2021 draft OL wise and abandoning all the 2022 draft picks, the only real OL rebuild was LT with pick 6 and 2nd round C in 2023. Get your two anchors with draft slots where the best at those spots live.
  4. Couldn’t find crap outside of one rookie minicamp video where he mentions getting back in football shape and the long way to go comments from McAdoo and Rhule. Everything else is from training camp. That one minicamp video was quoted in every article I searched for in May/June so the search wasn’t fruitful. I distinctly remember a little more discussion that made me understand not just giving him the starting position day 1 in OTAs. I didn’t doubt he would get it, just not handed to him, which sure wasn’t going to worry me. I mean we had people in here throwing the towel in on him saying he’ll be a LG and here we are after preseason game 1 and he’s named the starting LT just like some of us fully expected him to be.
  5. Can we stop the stuff about Rhule not starting rookies? 11 players (half the starting 22) have started as rookies in from the 2020 and 2021 draft. 6 of the 11 have been 3rd through 6th round picks. I’m not a Rhule or Fitt supporter but the whole he doesn’t play rookies is bunk. Also, there are threads that say he doesn’t like vets, so WTF knows.
  6. We need to draft a center in the 2nd round to get a stud. We whiffed on McCoy/Jenkins and took Little and then we whiffed on Humphrey and took TMJ. We could have had our Kalil part deux very easily and been basically the same team just with a cheap you solid C. Been there for the taking off we just cared about OL before embarrassing ourselves last year and got rid of Hurney.
  7. Lol and Iky came into mini camps out of shape/not ready. Some of this mental masturbation is all for not. Sure seems like Iky and Baker are where we expected even though a lot of people were crying about it.
  8. Do you not recall that Iky came into mini-camps out of shape? People seem to be forgetting that and it’s not surprising to me that he’s being asked to earn it and he even was quoted when that happens that he has to do better. I don’t think it’s psycho analysis but a hey, you can’t come in and assume it’s yours and not be ready. Come in ready to go and yeah it was probably his already.
  9. He really is our only truly elite player, like top 5. I’d put him as the top RB, period, but we don’t have another like him.
  10. F that. I’ll raise you a 4th and a 6th and I’ll even guarantee his second year.
  11. I saw the same tweet and thought the same thing based on the ratings. I can’t imagine he had a lot of snaps so you’d think a sack would mean you can’t get a 90+ but what do I know. Found this, so maybe that tweet was run blocking only. OFFENSIVE LINE Pass-blocking snaps Sacks Hits Hurries Pressure rate 31 5 0 7 29.0% While at Northern Iowa, Trevor Penningexcelled as a run blocker but had his fair share of struggles as a pass protector. Not much changed in his preseason debut, as the No. 19 overall pick allowed a sack and three pressures across 14 pass-blocking snaps. However, he currently has a 90.0 run-blocking grade on first review, showing the dominant people-moving ability he possesses.
  12. C’mon, even you know there’s no way we wouldn’t eat a large portion of his deal to get some savings and even a really late round pick. Little had $2.7M remaining on his deal. Bridgewater made $4.4M in Denver. Baker is making $4.86M with us. Yes, Little was less but it’s not a huge difference in contract numbers. The only problem is that we seem to be in on all the former 1st round QBs that get traded after a team guarantees them a lot of money. Seems like something we don’t want to keep doing.
  13. Bless your heart for trying so hard. Little was a 2nd round pick who had done literally nothing. Sam’s a former first round pick who’s done just a little more than nothing. You’re probably thinking Sam’s contract is a detriment but we’ve seen the past two years that we’ve been in on former first round QBs being traded where we and the other team both ate most of the contract and the QB chopping a little off as well. We’d happily take a late round pick and eat most of the money if someone took just a part of Sam’s money. Again, my comparison is purely that teams have often traded for disappointing high round players. If someone trades for Little, then Sam is not untradeable, which means my comparison works unlike us not tossing PJ because his situation is nothing like Jimmy G’s.
  14. It’s so funny that I don’t have any faith in our GM or coaches at this point but I’m just so tired of the annoying stuff. Rhule’s the coach, it’s not changing for the better this year. I haven’t seen anything that would make me believe we can develop QBs or OL, but it seems to me that as you agreed there’s a reasonable thought that PJ could be Baker’s backup and as much as people want Corral to be ready today, he’s clearly not. I think you mentioned this before. If we can trade Greg Little we can trade anyone. Darnold could easily be moved.
  15. It’s what you posted, I can’t help that. We know how you feel so trying to compare Jimmy G’s situation to PJ’s to say it again is silly.
  16. Lol, really? It was obvious he wasn’t ready. I hope he comes around but he had 0 poise telling me he’s going to need some time to be NFL ready. The barrage of rookies looking much better doesn’t make you feel good. If it’s coaching then we need to get to a point where we have guys who can actually develop a QB. I have zero faith that we do. What’s amazing is the thought that you guys know he will be fine if only he got half the reps.
  17. What does that have to do with acting like Jimmy G’s situation has anything to do with PJ’s? That’s what you posted and that’s what I replied to so the rest of your post is your bias shining through. Jimmy G obviously wasn’t a team guy as seen even back in NE, so there is no reason for him to even be at practice.
  18. We’ll see. His bad play that got Baker hit hard was magnified because he didn’t play many snaps.
  19. Oh no, Robby got hit hard. His only chance was the safety not being there. Bad play or missed route. Reminds me of last year when DJ took off some plays and against Atlanta he got Robby killed. Same type of situation, the DB didn’t bite on DJ’s bad route effort and was there to kill Robby on an easy first down.
  20. Dear lord, you can’t see the difference? One guy has been a thorn in the coaching staff’s side and clearly not a team guy, the other is a clearly a team guy. Corral isn’t close to ready, regardless of reps. Maybe, just maybe the staff is actually deciding who to be Baker’s backup. If they can pawn Sam off on someone and save even a few million, then PJ’s the backup. Unless you want to tank, I don’t see Corral as even backup ready. Again, the difference is pretty stark.
  21. Probably the reason why they went so hard at Lance. I think they see an open window and realized Jimmy wasn’t the guy to help them win a SB. I mean he’s thrown for 77, 131, 131 and 172 yards with 1 TD and 3 INTs when SF is 4-0 in the playoffs. When he throws over 200 yards, they are 0-2. Basically, they win without his help and he’s not good enough to lead them to victory. They have the D and running game.
  22. Yeah, I agree on the staff. Feel like we’d be the Browns on Mayfield, not the Bills on Allen. I have 0 faith in this staff.
  23. Our best QB was due to a half tank (Clausen provided his half). There’s so many top QBs that have propelled bad teams to the SB and SB wins. Not all number 1s, but it has been very lucrative in the pst to have a high pick in a stacked class. From the outside looking in the 2021 draft class was loaded, 2022 was bad and 2023 is loaded. It’s still a guess as to which ones work out but having a top pick in a top year helps. Browns picked Mayfield and Jets picked Darnold but the Bills and Ravens are pretty happy with their first round QBs in that same class. Looking back at how bad we were in 2020/2021 after losing our best players from 2019 bad team, tanking in 2020 was 100% the right call. Here we are in the same position two years later and it feels like we might repeat it. Who knows.
  24. See my post above. People love to rally around the non-Rhule guys but our FA/draft evaluations haven’t exactly been on point since the 2017 draft. It feels like we are stuck in Marty land, one marquee guys each draft and then a lot of meh. DJ, Burns, Chinn and hopefully Horn and Iky in 5 drafts. No one else I’d put on the better than average, impact player, list. That’s not how you build a team. Maybe Brown and others will surprise and turn things around but it’s not just Rhule that’s been the issue IMHO.
  25. Sometimes a simple answer doesn’t meet the story lines people make up in their heads. If you watched Corral play, it was obvious he’s not close to ready. He put up the worst performance among all rookies and instead it’s blamed on practice reps, when not a single rookie QB is planned as a starter, even the sole 1st rounder who is 3rd string right now. Now all of a sudden Rhule is actively trying to ruin Corral to spite Fitterer? I think you are likely on the right path and Corral wasn’t seen as a sure thing anymore. I seem to recall Fitterer calling him a first round grade for us. If that turned into a hey, we won’t know if he’s NFL good until 2023, Baker became more viable as our 2022 and beyond. Personally, I don’t have a lot of confidence in the HC or GM so far, especially after seeing the OL still struggling and Corbett looking more like Elflein and Erving than Moton. After being right on a bunch of OL options in the past few drafts, it is disheartening to feel like we can’t evaluate OL (or QB) at all.
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