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  1. So true. I keep reading that even with two firsts we have an extremely low chance to replace him and I think, we have just as much chance of finding a Garrett like DE and a Herbert like QB as we do of failing to replace Burns value with the two firsts. That’s without even thinking of the early 2nd and FA money to spend.
  2. Go big or go home. I still think people who are against the trade think we don’t actually want to have a good team. Imagine if the Rams do implode like this year. Those two firsts for the anti tank folks could be Myles Garrett and Justin Herbert or if you are being more conservative what about another Horn and Brown. Would you trade Burns for Horn and Brown, pick 35 this year and $30M per year in FAs? I liked the trade not because I don’t like Burns but because having 5 firsts and 5 seconds in 2023-2025 plus all that money to spend is a potential game changer, we are competing for the SB every year especially if the Rams suck as much as you and I think they will (2023 suck is confirmed).
  3. Yep and that’s why it would have been a good risk to make that trade. I can only imagine what a good GM would have done with 5 firsts and 5 seconds in 3 drafts on this base minus Burns. Especially since we know the 2023 2nd is a top pick and I think their 1sts will end up as top 10 or top 15.
  4. I don’t know why people keep saying this. It’s not just two first rounders, but no, it’s not extremely low. Look at Iky, we are happy with him at LT, right? Well, in the draft before with Horn, Sewell, Slater and Darrisaw all have played very well. Heck, we could have traded down with Chicago and had pick 6 and 7 instead of Horn and still had Darrisaw as our current LT. Trades can easily work out. I wouldn’t have picked a CB at 6/7, but man, how would the offense be for a rookie QB if we had our OL with Darrisaw instead of Iky and maybe had Garrett Wilson and Olave with DJ. Heck, you could have traded DJ for GBs first and had pick 8 for Horn Jr. Iky, DJ and Horn become Darrisaw, Wilson, Olave and pick 8 plus $15M a year for a FA. Sometimes trades work out for the better. Also, the Burns trade was pick 34-36 in this draft and the two firsts in 2024/2025. What if Stafford retires or gets hurt again? There is a non-extremely low chance that we could actually get a player better than Burns on a rookie deal no less. The other part that you missed is that we’d have Burns’ $30M a year to spend on whatever FAs we wanted. 3 picks and $30M a year. If we can’t get enough value overall from that to match Burns’ value then we were never going anywhere anyway because our GM is terrible. It doesn’t matter anyway but let’s not act like the trade was 2 late first round picks that would never do anything. I’d personally wager that both 1st round picks (ignoring the 2nd and $$$s) will be better than the original pick we used on Burns, which by definition means it’s not an extremely low chance we would have done as good or better.
  5. The only reason to feel OK about this year is that our division is so bad that 5-6 is 1st place. If Tampa hadn’t fallen apart this year, we’d already be out of the playoffs. The last few years we were basically already out of it and a large part of that wad that our division was decent and out SOS was above average. I can’t recall the last time we had this easy of a schedule and we are still 4-8 with no wins against good teams and no road wins. Heck, we are still in the 5th draft slot. If we are out of it (like Tampa wins a couple and we lose a couple), then I hope we do lose out. I don’t want a meaningless win against NO in week 17 while they sit starters knowing we could easily be battling for a better pick. Watching those 2020 QBs go off the board knowing we were about to have a gaping hole was tough, but after 3 years of this crap, it hurts even more knowing we had the same record as the Chargers and Dolphins but our SOS put us last of the 3.
  6. Agree, but that’s the Huddle and everything today. There can’t be logical thought out discussions, you either have to say bad things about someone if you wanted the trade or you have to act like wanting draft picks means you don’t actually want a good team. I like Burns and he was a solid pick that I wanted. Would I rather have had the picks and the $30M a year to spend? Yes, but that’s not Burns fault. I just think the Rams are imploding as they/Stafford get older without draft picks to infuse talent. This year’s 2nd looks like pick 34-36 and I think the 2024/2025 1sts will be top 10, top 15 at worst.
  7. I still think we would have been better off team wise with the Rams 2nd, 1st and 1st in the next 3 drafts plus use his $30M a year on two solid/stud FA starters. The Rams appear to be imploding and damn having 5 1sts and 5 2nds in the next 3 drafts would have been a talent infusion or a trade up for that stud QB and still have our normal allotment of picks. This is well deserved even if the Rams are not likely to try and save their season again while Stafford withers. He’s still here so do your thing Burns and show up every week like this. Still sad we couldn’t seriously exploit the Rams trying to save their season. I want to be on the “they got what for Darnold” side of the trade.
  8. SMH. This never makes sense to me. If we have faith in our GM (I don’t yet), then it’s still better to have as early a pick as possible. Just because the Bears messed up and liked Trubisky more doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have wanted to have the option of all QBs. Same with the Browns and Jets with Mayfield and Darnold. I’d rather been at their picks and just picked the right guy in Allen because they wouldn’t have had to give up picks to get Allen. I bet the Cardinals wish they had an earlier pick but all they had was Rosen (and Jackson). I’m sure Jacksonville is much happier with Lawrence than Wilson or Lance. Oh and just to remind everyone again, Burrow, Tua and Herbert went 1, 5 and 6. We had pick 7 and took Brown. I never understand, oh wait I do, why no one ever brings up this example. One more loss and we had pick 5 and our opportunity to get a franchise QB. Note that I’m squarely in the hope for the playoffs because we won’t finish low enough and I don’t like Young and Stroud so much to trade away draft picks we really need.
  9. And there are still people who thought Marty did a good job.
  10. I assume that’s why as well, but it’s like Parcells said, you are what your record is because we shouldn’t have been in the Cleveland game or had an XP to win against Atlanta. We needed a completely botched coverage for Robby to get a 70 yard TD and their coach not running the ball at all. Against Atlanta, we needed PJ to throw a 60 yard Hail Mary with 12 seconds left, a throw he makes 1 out of 100 times. These type of measurements don’t take into account the amazing luck we had in both games.
  11. Some people may not like this but a healthy KB probably wins the game as well. First, no Cotchery who should have just caught it cleanly and second, he had more success against that same D the next game we played them than anyone did at the SB. His career nosedived but he was in great shape in preseason before the injury and was not the same after the injury.
  12. Double benefit of having a RB who would force us to run the ball which was Denver’s weakness and also put Mike Tolbert’s receiving skills on the bench.
  13. All that said above, we are one win away from the top. If we beat Tampa, we basically just need to match the rest of the division and let’s be honest no one in our division is looking like they’ll have an end of the season run. Beat Tampa and I’d be optimistic that we win the division. Amazing that we could easily only play 4 or 5 .500 or better teams. Seattle plays the Jets, SF and KC, so one other loss (maybe us) and they are 8-9 and we only play 4 .500 or better teams in 17 games. That’s another big reason for Wilks’ success. Playing potentially 2 .500 or better teams in 12 games is crazy.
  14. Seriously? We are 4-8 and people are talking about winning out? As @t96 said, we haven’t won a road game and our first non-division win was at home against the sad sack Broncos. Rhule went 1-4. While we lost close games to Cleveland and the Giants, I think they’d beat us today, same with Arizona. SF would easily beat us. Maybe we somehow beat Arizona, but back at the start of the season our OL was certainly not gelled like it is now. Of course that’s all Wilks, but in reality an OL with 4 brand new starters will take some time to gel and Baker really sucked balls. We saw Baker last week and he wasn’t magically better with Wilks. Honestly, I think the only way we’d be better is if we never made the Baker trade. He was 1-5 as a starter and had a 48% completion rate in the one win, which was won by the defense and Shenault’s great run.
  15. You are right on with Atlanta and Denver, heck Tampa was awful when we played them (two straight losses to 1 win teams). It’s so weird to be 4-8 with our easiest schedule in years and there’s so much chest bumping on how good we are. We are 0-4 against .500 or better teams losing by 14 a game. We finally beat someone out of our division and it was a team that legitimately might be the worst team in the NFL right now. We have some pieces to build on but we haven’t beaten anyone yet. The best team on our remaining schedule is Seattle at 6-5 and they just lost to Tampa and LV, so we’ll win some more games, but we’ve got a lot more to do. We’ve got one thing going for us, the worst division in football, but that only helps to make the playoffs not win playoff games.
  16. Cam never won. Before his shoulder fell off, did you feel any need to replace him? These are 2020/2021 draft picks. I was just saying that everyone would rather pick 32nd, but all we really need to stop all the draft pick talk in season is actually get a solid QB we don’t want to replace. That hasn’t been the case since the first half of 2018 when Cam was not the same. Once we get the solid QB, the rest is adding the right pieces through draft and FA but no top 5 pick talk.
  17. I wanted Lawrence and then Fields. I think avoiding all FAs and letting Grier roll had a chance.
  18. I hate to say it, but if you want to win every week, you are following the wrong team. Ever since Cam got lit up and his shoulder officially died, we are 20-49. We are 0-4 against good teams and 4-4 against bad teams. We are squarely in the mediocre to bad teams. I’m switching to playoff rooting because I think we do have a shot after all the losses today, especially considering 7-10 could win this division. We have 1 good team left on the schedule so we aren’t in line for a top 5 pick.
  19. I think everyone would. From 2011-2017 there was zero in season draft discussion because we had our QB and made a bunch of playoff appearances. That said, I’m envious of teams like the Jaguars, Chargers, Eagles, Miami, Cincy and maybe Chicago because they got their QB in the past 3 drafts even though 1 of the 3 may have no franchise QBs. We need that QB as we won’t be playing the Broncos every week.
  20. While I would have enjoyed a shot at a top 2 QB, our schedule was likely way too easy. Not a team in our division over .500. This game was our first non-division win. It’s kind of pathetic division wise when we are 1.5 games out at 4-8 and we have only played 4 teams over .500. I’ll still root for the playoffs because F it, we aren’t likely to get back to a top 5 pick. We only have 1 team left on the schedule that’s .500 or better. Heck, our 17 game schedule right now only has 5 teams over .500 and we are 0-4 losing by an average of 14 points to teams above .500. We are 4-4 against below .500 teams.
  21. Lol. Not nothing is a nice way to put it. I think we’ll have another year like this next season because we won’t solve our QB issue but our division will be bad again.
  22. Let’s wait till we play another good team. The Broncos are awful and our schedule is downright easy. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes because they’re locked into Wilson and Hackett means a new coach as well. He’s certainly not a good coach struggling.
  23. Umm, I think you might be a wee bit premature in the college football is changing. Georgia and Michigan are still the top two and see @CRA’s post above. Even a good, not Lawrence, QB has them competing the last two years. Heck, last year they were the only team that had a chance to be Georgia and again DJ blew the game with a long pick 6 when they were in FG range. If he kneels down they could have won 6-3 instead of losing 10-3. Yes, Dabo can’t ignore a resource but I don’t think the transfer portal is everything and recruiting doesn’t matter. The top teams will continue to get most talent the old fashioned way.
  24. Ohio State and Alabama are a bit of a surprise because they have solid QBs. Clemson has DJ Trash at QB, dude is legit terrible and loses games.
  25. This Broncos team is a big fat turd they are so bad. I’d rather rebuild more around Darnold than Wilson. I’m sure Wilson has regressed a bit but this is crazy bad.
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