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  1. Some really smart guy in here had a tank in 2020 plan to get a top rookie QB, bunches of comp picks so the GMs couldn’t ignore OL, tons of extra cap space and turn the team around by 2022/2023 where we could then sign the top 2 FAs at any position we wanted. He was shot down because, get this, it would have ruined our culture. One of the top points he made was basically what you said. While NO and Tampa deal with replacing Brees and Brady, we could have been ready to own the division for a decade since Matt Ryan is already getting old and the Falcons haven’t shown any life. Instead, we are in year 3 of the rebuild and people are talking about getting a clean slate yet again. We are in far worse shape at OL and QB and we’ve lost a $100M+ in wasted rollover cap and a 2nd, two 3rds, 4th and 5th for Sam, CJ and lost comp picks.
  2. If we trade down to 16 (Philly) we should get their 2, 3 and 4 at a minimum (6 is basically equal value to 16 and the other 3). You said two later round picks, which wouldn’t be enough to bother trading down. Personally, I’d take 16, a 2nd and 3rd this year and a 2nd next year otherwise I stay at 6. That would give me enough of a premium to move down. Heck, if someone like Philly wanted it bad enough, give me 16 and 19 and we’re good. I can get two solid OL with that.
  3. If we trade down 10 spots and only get a couple later round picks, we basically took him at 6. I don’t know why so many want to trade down. We took 11 guys last year. We went volume instead. We need more try impact players so stay and 6 and hopefully get a stud LT.
  4. Yep. The last 13 seconds were a cluster. It was almost as if a FG for OT was OK. A squib kick takes it to 8 seconds. At 8 seconds KC was at midfield already. A good squib kick has KC maybe at the 35. Also, don’t have a guy staying between the sideline and Kelce, have him on Kelce. Rush 3 and double Hill and Kelce. Who gives a fug if Mahomes is running around the pocket? Let him run for 20 and the game is over. Playing prevent you stop a TD is moronic.
  5. My immediate thought. If people harp on the OT rules they are missing one of the most horrible displays of prevent defense when the opposing team has 3 timeouts and can throw the ball anywhere. I was rooting for the Bills since we won’t see the playoffs for years and watching them guard the sideline on Kelce’s catch instead of guarding him pissed me off. Frazier was awful in play calling on those last couple plays. You have to know they have 3 timeouts so you can’t give them two easy 20 yard plays. The Chiefs didn’t even have to use their last timeout. The Bills took a timeout with 8 seconds left and they appeared to be playing the sidelines and playing to not give up a TD. If the guy guarding the sideline guards Kelce and tackles him when he makes the catch, it’s an almost 60 yarder to tie or a Hail Mary. Instead Kelce just keeps running and it’s a very makeable FG and then a coin toss win. Awful awareness by Frazier and McDermott. With 13 seconds, I’m doubling Hill and Kelce. Let Mahomes run. If he scrambles, best case is Hail Mary. Letting Mahomes take 0 time and hit Hill and Kelce wide open for 20 yards a pop and 2 timeouts is criminal. I swear they were worried about sideline passes and a TD and KC could have cared less about those.
  6. Horrible call. I hate refs. 2nd and 10 at the 37 is a huge difference than 1st and 10 at the 22. Refs can make such huge swings that it’s really annoying. I don’t like Suh at all but that might be a game changing call. We’ll never know but I hate ticky tack poo like that completely changing the score.
  7. Yeah, getting old. I mean Rhule has played football and coached football for a long time, it’s not like he was a grocery store manager who didn’t know football. We are all disappointed but this is typical football. Heck, Shanahan’s OC or WRs could have told him a specific CB is holding every play and he knew it would happen again on this play. This is not a revolutionary thing for coaches to complain about not getting calls and then get a call.
  8. I see no point in trading down if we get even value. Just evaluate the tackles get a stud and be done. Triple down on OL prospects on day 3 and know you still have holes because we ain’t winning the SB. We traded down a ton last year and we got 11 guys. We got a lot of mediocre not hard to replace guys. We got maybe 1 (Horn) impact player. We need healthy Cam’s and Luke’s and hopefully make some better late round picks. Ignore FAs that are expensive or cancel comp picks and build up our draft capital for 2023 when we might be ready to compete/grab a QB. If we trade down and splurge on FAs, we’ll get right into that middle of the pack non-playoff teams always getting the Derrick Brown’s instead of the Herbert’s.
  9. Not a real fun read of 39 rookies they listed in 3 buckets when you realize not one of them is one of our 11 picks, but a lot of representation from guys we mentioned wanting in our draft threads. I know Horn got hurt but it does feel like we didn’t really gain any impact players unless he shows out when healthy. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33092065/nfl-rookie-rankings-our-final-top-10-2021-season-including-micah-parsons-no-1-two-dolphins-only-one-qb
  10. So rare that McCoy went 1 pick after position we would have had if we didn’t trade up for Little and so rare that Humphrey went 4 picks after TMJ? Also, GB’s rookie starting center (got hurt and IR’d but started weeks 1-6) was picked 3 picks after TMJ. That’s 3 rookie Cs that started day 1 within 4 picks after 2 of our last 3 2nd round picks. That’s rare? It scares me a bit when someone above said Linderbaum is the smallest C in the draft. I don’t want to take a C at 6, it’s awful value and that size is a big risk. Elflein is a light C as well and he’s had issues his career. McCoy, Myers and Humphrey are 6’4”-6’”5 and 310-320 pounds. Linderbaum is 6’3” 291. Take a LT and be done with it. Draft 2-3 more OL with the Day 2 picks and hope you can assemble something decent and use your 2nd rounder next year to find a C of the future and you’ll be much better off.
  11. It’s a poo show, no denying that. I’m just watching the off-season since we know what we have (Rhule and Sam) even if people are covering their eyes and hoping.
  12. I wasn’t a fan of the Sam trade at all. We gave up way too much and there was 0 reason to do the 5th year option (same with Robby’s extension). I’m very down on our near term prospects but Sam’s here for 2022 and the article leads me to believe he could actually be interested in working with him as I’d say he’s probably got a way better perspective on coaching Sam up than Brady and Rhule. I just want to see the OL draft we should have already had plus not going FA wild as we need more good picks. If that doesn’t happen, 2023 is likely a flush too and maybe beyond. One nugget for Sam haters (I’m on fence if he can improve or not), do you truly think he was coached up well by Brady and Rhule?
  13. Yep, so funny that him saying he doesn’t like Sam’s throwing motion all of a sudden makes everyone in here a fan when he was terrible with the Giants. If Gettleman says something bad about Sam do we want him back as GM?
  14. I love when people don’t actually read the article. He said this: I think the kid the Jets drafted has a lot of magic in his game,’’ McAdoo said. “I think he’s special. He’s obviously a talented guy, he can make plays with his feet. I’d just have a hard time drafting a guy in the first round where you don’t necessarily like the way he throws. He can overcome it, guys have, but that’s something that’s a challenge for me. I’m gonna be looking at that, trying to fix it, because it’s a fundamental flaw, and I believe in the fundamentals. The quarterback, his No. 1 job is to pass the football. If I don’t like the way he throws the ball, I have a hard time picking him, right?’’ Which almost leads me to believe that he would be interested in working with Sam. There’s a difference between saying he wouldn’t take him at 3 and saying right now he wouldn’t be interested in working with Sam. He also had this gem, so he’s not perfect: ”If he stays out on the field he’s probably going to be a helluva player and he’s probably going to be the most ready to play,’’ McAdoo said of Rosen.
  15. The past four years = we are already the Lions/Browns of old. Browns of today are way better than us. They just need a QB upgrade and have most other pieces. We need the whole pie.
  16. If we had gone Slater and Humphrey knowing our OL was our biggest weakness and then took Smith in the 6th (such a freaking easy decision over a fuging long snapper), we would have drafted 5 OL to go with Moton and had both an amazing starting OL but also had some young depth. I have no idea what Darnold would have been like but I’d guess, better than he was. We might have been able to open the playbook and maybe CMC gets lucky and doesn’t get hurt because we don’t need to run him into the ground while the OL opens holes even for backups. Unfortunately, Rhule still thinks Slater is a guard and we really wanted a long snapper to compete badly and end up on IR.
  17. That’s great now. We had a chance to have one of the best OLs in the league with 4 starters on rookie deals after the draft and we screwed the pooch. Now we realize we fuged up and probably will draft all OL and we’ll screw that up too since we traded away our 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
  18. But he didn’t and Slater’s in the pro bowl and out OL is way worse than our CBs. We should have gone OL heavy in the draft and we didn’t and we are now paying for it.
  19. Can’t believe no one has said that Linderbaum ain’t going to be available late first.
  20. Do you seriously have an alias that you use to pie your own posts?
  21. Meh, not bad. At least I haven’t changed my tune on wanting to tank in 2020 for a rookie QB and I hated giving up the 2nd. There were a lot of people wanting a LT and there were a lot of people talking about how worthless the 2nd round pick was. Doh. We should have taken the best C in the NFL Humphrey in the 2nd this year. Instead we get Marshall and that’s why people think a 2nd doesn’t matter. We got Moton and Ryan Kalil in the 2nd but we don’t need OL, do we?
  22. 9 months later and this has turned into an email to the team expressing dissatisfaction. Man, I wonder what I posted in here. I know I wanted a rookie QB (didn’t want Teddy) and I didn’t like giving up so many picks but I might have been OK with it. I just wanted to go OL heavy and we fuged that up, but hey we have our long snapper of the future.
  23. Can’t fix 4 OL spots and 1 QB spot with 1 off-season, seeing as how we have 1 pick in the first 3 rounds, without fuging up comp picks or cap, which we need way more in the future with a new coaching staff and actually being competitive. My simple plan is LT at 6 and draft 2 or 3 more OL with the day 3 picks and let BC and Brown get stronger, leaner and prove that they are starting caliber players along with maybe a Trey Smith like lucky pick. 2022 OL is: LT - Neal/Ekwonu/Cross LG - BC C - Elflein or Day 3 pick RG - Brown or Day 3 pick RT - Moton In 2023, I’m planning to get our starting C with pick 33 (Rhule’s back). Just a gentle reminder that we could have had 3 of 5 of PFF’s Top OL Rookies, but instead we have Horn, Marshall and a long snapper. Imagine this OL being locked in for years: LT - Slater LG - BC/Brown C - Humphrey RG - Smith RT - Moton That right there is potentially the best OL in the league that is 4 rookie contracts and Moton. We could then have used pick 6 on BPA and LOL, we might like Sam Darnold right now! Rhule and Fitterer for President 2024! What could go wrong?
  24. Exactly how I feel in here. He’s back, get over it and see what happens in the off-season. Our email, lol, isn’t changing anything. I’ll check out the off-season and decide whether I’ll bother to watch or not.
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