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  1. You know what go back means right? If you went to the playoffs in 2017 then you go back to the playoffs in 2018 even if it’s the next year. What do they call it when a team goes to the playoffs two consecutive years or wins Super Bowls in two consecutive years? They call it back to back.
  2. Umm, did you read the Teddy threads? There were a lot of people who thought he’d double his career highs and that we’d be a playoff contender. There was less optimism than 2018/2019 where people were thinking our FA additions would get us back to the playoffs and that Cam was coming back healthy, but there was still a lot of optimism.
  3. This is how I feel. Marty and his Teddy are gone so at least we'll go down with Sam taking chances and our GM not making the same mistakes over and over and stunting our rebuild. That said, the optimism in here is off the charts. Reminds me of the 4500-30 TD numbers people were throwing around for Teddy. Now it’s we don’t need Moton at that price, an OL of Erving, Elflein, Moore, Brown and Christensen will be solid. I’m really excited about the future and I really hope the rookies look solid and Sam turns the corner, but I’m not assuming we are a playoff contender yet. At least we’ve
  4. We are stocked with DTs and at this point it’s time for the younger guys to maintain their reps. It was stupid to keep him last year and would be just as dumb this year.
  5. Honestly, I liked Moore and Smith better than Brown in terms of NFL potential. I don’t see why we couldn’t have kept both Smith and Moore easily. We have so many throwaway guys on the roster right now it’s not funny. I definitely get the medical concern but I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see him starting for KC. I still feel like OL is still the biggest concern we have. If we don’t keep Moton we have a big question mark at all 5 spots.
  6. Smith was a day 2 prospect if not for the medical concern. That’s the type of flyer I think we should take because our OL is a big damn question mark and as far as talent goes, Smith could be a better G than all bolded. The guys you have bolded had PFF ratings of 48, 58 and 60 or are 3rd rounders we’d like to win the LT job, 6th rounders or UDFAs. That crew is really enough shots taken to get a good OL when Paradis and Moton might be gone? If we lose Moton and Paradis then every OL drafted has to work out for us to not have the worst OL in 2022. A shot at Smith or a trade up for Fors
  7. I hate to burst your bubble, but we haven’t done poo in the past five seasons, just a one and done in the playoffs. Our SB appearance was actually 6 seasons ago. In the last 5 years we are the bottom of the barrel. The drop seemed to coincide with the hiring of some guy, not sure who, but he’s gone now and so are his cap sucking decisions so reason for optimism again.
  8. If we had taken Smith instead of taking a LS, I think we had some solid potential to work with and a better chance. I don’t get why all of a sudden Moton is being shown the door. If Moton and Paradis are gone, the piece we have left over aren’t close to a good OL unless miraculously every player lives up to their potential. Every year FAs get more money. That’s why we had a bargain for Cam for a few years and that’s why Dallas had to pay Dak so much and why Rodgers is being such a baby. Paying Moton top tackle is deserved and very easily affordable given the amount we are paying the
  9. I think you meant to quote someone else or else I’m really confused!
  10. Yep. Look at the Saints roster. They have Kamara, Thomas and JAGs. We know them well. It was obvious to me after we took Marshall and they reached for Werner that we sniped their guy. They would have loved Marshall to fall and probably didn’t think we’d veer from OL at 59. If we wanted both guys we had to take Marshall at 59. Then we waited as long as we thought we could and grabbed Christensen. We didn’t even need a call to tip us off. Honestly, I just wish we started with Moton at LT. He’s way better of a pass blocker than Williams was but Ron was stubborn. I think we both would have ha
  11. 100% agree. I would have taken Tre Smith in the 6th and LS after the draft. Heck, some people liked Forsythe and he went a few picks before Fletcher. Probably wouldn’t have been hard to trade up to get him before Seattle (who hadn’t addressed OL all draft). We need OL help/depth. Do we know who of Brown, Smith or Moore will work out? Who cares if we get all 3? Fitterer did a great job trading down and still getting solid guys, better than I thought would be there. I just felt like we settled with the LS going for pure need. Worst case is the WFT LS was there in UDFA, best case our guy was and
  12. Lol, no kidding. We went from wanting Sewell to pair with Moton to a hey, Erving and Elflein can carry 3 rookies and we don’t need Moton. Amazing, isn’t it.
  13. Hah. It is what it is. Feel free to not reply, won’t hurt my feelings. Sorry if I’m not going to just bury my head in sand as if having 5 new unproven guys on the OL is an ordinary year for you.
  14. Hurney paid players past their prime or when injured the year before or at non-marquee positions like RB and LB. Paying a RT that was ranked 3rd best at RT in 2020, who hasn’t missed a game in 4 years and is 26 (turns 27 right before the opener) isn’t in the same ball park as Hurney. I understand the hesitation but you’ve got a rookie contract for the guy they want at LT so there’s no reason to worry about overpaying a marquee position. If Brown and/or Moore can work out, the OL will be inexpensive overall. If we didn’t let Hurney go on a hunt last year we’d have so much cap that we
  15. I know you aren’t a fan of questioning the team but you honestly think Elflein, Moore, Brown, Erving and Christensen is a solid OL in 2022 if Moton is gone? When we had speed bump we also still had a solid core of Ryan, Norwell and Turner with Williams at RT. Same when we had Oher and Remmers. Last year Paradis played closer to his pre-injury and Moton was solid. Those 5 are all hope so I think you are wrong about those 5 in 2022 not being any scarier than the year before. None of them have proven to be solid OL or have played together before. That would absolutely not be the same as ever
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