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  1. See the post above. CV issues with guys that don’t matter. Also, kind of a joke. They weren’t making the team either way, but this won’t help.
  2. Ron and Hurney didn’t have that look to the future mentality. It was always about this year and how do we make sure we’ve got jobs the next year. Chris Clark comes off the couch, because we try to shove Daryl back in the lineup early, and says he’s more comfortable on the left and boom. No foresight and unfortunately Moton was already known as very flexible so they move him back.
  3. Best case scenario is obviously he plays well and looks like he’s still got more upside as he gets more comfortable and we add better OL. We need all the assets and cap that we can get.
  4. I think this is my second worst case. Worst case IMHO is he looks so bad that everyone and their mother knows we need a QB (hurts in draft without a 2nd) and we again need to give up a ton of capital on a hope. Forget Watson coming cheap for us. Also, it means we have wasted $55M in cap space for two bad QBs and probably will have a tough time keeping all of Burns, Moore, Brown and Chinn as we sink more into QBs. In terms of the draft, it’s tough to say if he bombs do we want to be 1-16 or do we want 7-10 in spite of crappy QB play. The latter means maybe we are like 2020 Tampa and the former means we are still a bunch of pieces away. The only issue with the latter is Tom Brady isn’t available and we would be kicking ourselves for letting Fields go as we might not have a chance. If he looks mediocre then maybe he still has some trade value and we can at least see if Arnold, Tremble, Marshall and Smith make Anderson expendable. We can also get a better feel for the OL instead of wondering if Darnold is just running into sacks where the OL was OK. Basically, we can keep the rebuild going on offense and trade Darnold or keep as an OK backup way cheaper.
  5. Yeah, missing that 2nd is going to suck balls if the OL doesn’t have at least two more guys aside from Moton show up as quality starters. That way we use the 1st on a LT, period. Crossing my fingers that Darnold works out.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Should have read through the entire thread as I could have just pied you and saved time.
  7. Amen. Jackson had a decent year last year and honestly hasn’t exploded to the point where he should be paid a ton after this year. I don’t want to send draft capital and cheaper/younger guys for a more expensive asset. Howard isn’t old but he’s not winning us the division this year so he’ll be 29-31 in 2022-2024 when we are hopefully competing. CB is a position where you can hit a wall at 30. Bouye was a legit stud and his age 28/29 years were bad. Norman had a decent age 29 season and then fell off a ton. It’s honestly rare to find a Darrell Green CB that plays at a top level past age 30. Even Deion only had a couple elite years after 30. Howard is solid but I’m not betting he’s Green or Sanders.
  8. I think it might imply that our GM spends a wee bit too much time near the showers.
  9. I don't agree with this. Everything Moton has said even all the way back to his rookie season was that he thinks he can play all over the OL and will do what's asked of him. I don't recall ever hearing anything out of his mouth saying that he couldn't handle or didn't want to play any position. I think the staff thinks he may be able to play LT, but since Erving and Scott haven't played at all so far this off-season, the staff hasn't made any commitment yet. That's why they've had him take reps at LT and that's it. If Erving somehow found the mojo and can play LT well, Moton can stay at RT. If all the LTs look like doggy doo and BC looks great at RT, Moton is likely moving left. It's not a point of Moton saying anything or being convinced. It's that we haven't seen any of the LT competition yet to make a call and Moton is basically just sticking with the I'll go where they want me to go that he's never strayed from before.
  10. I think you are right. On the one hand, it’s a white guy with short/balding hair (CMC has a big bald spot on back top), so you can see Newton making that mistake. On the other hand, that picture is certainly not “last night” dark so you can see where it is two separate statements and like mentioning Luke or Cam before, CMC is the most well known. It’s not shocking to be saying everyone is coming today but the big guy like Luke came last night.
  11. It’s all around Horn. For where we picked him, he’s got the chance to be elite. If he is then we are solid. Jackson is a wild card, but he seemed to be playing better. Bouye hasn’t been good the pst two years and the rest are who knows. It all hinges on Horn and the nice thing is that this year isn’t a big deal, next year is bigger and hopefully either Taylor looks good or we extend Jackson.
  12. Bouye seems to be fitting in but interesting that he said he had no idea about being the slot until Horn was drafted. I guess that’s common considering he wasn’t exactly a marquee FA but it was an interesting comment. Hopefully, he fits well in the slot.
  13. Check out the darker color bitches. Rookie shout out!
  14. So true. Our OL in 2022 would be Erving, Elflein, Little, Daley and the rookies. A distinct possibility that we'd need 5 new quality starters because none of those vets has shown that they are quality starters for a full year and the rookies are a 3rd rounder, 6th rounder and an UDFA, which is no guarantee of a quality starter. I still can't fathom the people who didn't want to pay him a lot of money. The only two positions on this team we should overpay for quality right now is OL and QB, because those are our weakest spots.
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