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  1. Was going to say the same. Beloved Panthers (players and coaches or both) are put on a pedestal that don’t match the results.
  2. This draft is loaded with Edge, CB and TE in the top 50 rankings. We shouldn’t go after those spots in FA or we are doing ourselves a disservice. I wish we had the extra picks from Burns as well. Pick 9, two early 2nds and a late 2nd would have been nice. If we wanted to go QB next year, a trade back from 9 if Levis/AR/Stroud dropped (or a solid edge guy if none dropped) could have made for a bonanza of talent to see what Corrall has and 4 firsts/future firsts to get the top QB in 2024.
  3. Exactly and for some reason people are pointing to more bridge QBs. We’ve spent around $70M for our QBs the past three years and the only reason we’ve even discussed playoffs was because we were in a division where 8-10 was the best record. We keep plowing through poo with mediocre guys since Cam was IR’d in 2019. We won just enough to avoid Herbert by one win, Lawrence or 3 1sts+ from SF and Young, Stroud and maybe more. Stop with the bridge poo. Can Brissett or Jones or even Carr take us to the Super Bowl? No, so why bother. We’ve fuged around for 4 years and have yet to even have a rookie who might be our future. Why do we want more?
  4. Deep? All 4 of the top prospects this year go before Pickett and there’s a few guys as good as the ones who went in the 3rd last year. This year’s class is head and shoulders above last year. Pickett is older than all of the 2021 QBs and actually 2 years older than Lance is. AR, Young and Stroud are all 3 years younger than Pickett. It wouldn’t shock me if no one from the 2022 draft becomes a franchise QB and yes, that includes Tom Brady Jr.
  5. So, 11 of the top 50 are edge rushers and everyone is complaining that it would be so hard to replace Burns? Is it too much to ask for our GMs to know what positions are deepest 1 or 2 years out? We tend to draft weak spots and we tend to sign FAs (even our own) without thinking about if it is easier to replace them this year or not.
  6. 100% correct. It’s kind of why we haven’t had a chance so far. We keep middling around 5-7 wins for 5 years now. Should have ripped the bandaid off already.
  7. Such a bad analogy here. I feel like a Rhule apologist but damn. Here’s a better one. That same farmer hired a worker and gave him a guaranteed 4 year contract even though he had never slaughtered a duck, only pigs. After a few months, the farmer fired the worker and the worker got a job back at the pig farm. The worker sued the duck farmer because he was still owed money and the farmer said I’m not going to pay you anymore so talk to my lawyers.
  8. So true. It’s so funny how hated he is that people think he should just walk away from money he’s likely owed. I assume the $5M is the difference from his overall contract amount minus what he was already paid and his Nebraska deal. It’s offset language meaning he can’t get from Tepper what Nebraska is paying him but I’d think his contract says he gets the difference assuming Nebraska pays him less. If I’m owed $5M, I’m going to try and get it unless I breached the contract, which he didn’t. LOL, there’s even people saying he stole money from “us” so he should just go away. As if someone other than Tepper paid him.
  9. So true. So many butt hurt people in here. Guess what, Tepper signed a contract with him. Are we surprised based on the training facility that Tepper would make it hard to finalize the payment to a former employee. Rhule is gone, but Tepper signed the contract. It was a mistake, but Tepper signed the contract. Billionaires have bunch of lawyers and they’re more than happy to stall things and get settlements that save them money so I’m not going to say that Rhule should stuff it. It was Rhule and Marty that had to have them.
  10. And yet your first statement is true. Press conference is meaningless. It’s meant to make people feel better. I’ll be honest that I think Reich could have had a bad one and it still would be well received given how much Rhule was hated at the end of his run. You could have put a can of soup up there and it would have been about how stoic and no nonsense the new coach is compared to Rhule.
  11. Everyone was pretty happy after 2020 as well. Considering how gutted the team was and how poorly Teddy played at the end of games, it was actually surprising that we played KC and GB so close, when they were both elite that year. Don’t forget how many people were talking about playoff byes after week 3 in 2021. It unraveled fast after that.
  12. Exactly. The second bounce hit the LOS and the third bounce was when it got to the defender who was going to get the ball. Perine was downfield not next to the OL. If it was a screen you could get away with it but this wasn’t close.
  13. Perine wasn’t in the area. It was thrown at the ground in front of the OLs’ feet. Here’s Mahomes in a similar play but actually threw it at the feet of Kelce even though it looks like he got hit. Pretty obvious to me that one was not grounding and the other was. Unlike what the post said Mahomes’ throw wasn’t identical.
  14. Lol. So true and are people actually saying intentional grounding call was bad? That was so obvious. He threw it almost straight down, not even to two OL in front of him, and he was definitely still in the pocket. Heck, at least on the do over you can see the official coming on the field to stop the play.
  15. As an objective viewer, it was 100% a penalty. It was a stupid play. It happens. Mahomes was clearly out of bounds before the push, both feet already out. Ossai either wasn’t aware of where they were or just wasn’t thinking at all. That play gets a flag every single time when it’s a QB running the ball. Every time. That single call was a good call and was the correct call that should be called. That said, I think Philly is going to absolutely cruise. While the 49ers made some dumb plays/non challenges, the Eagles still looked great against a much better D than the Chiefs/Bengals.
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