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  1. His salary is not guaranteed. SF can cut him and save $24M. Why in the world would they give us a 2nd to take on the salary when they can cut him and keep their 2nd?
  2. You know, I wasn’t going to mention it anymore but a reply to the embedded tweet. WTF did we draft a crappy LS? Every time I think I’m out I get dragged back in again. We wouldn’t even have a G battle, we’d have our five OL starters locked but instead we have an IR’d LS.
  3. He has no guaranteed money this year. They can dump him and get back $24M in salary. That’s why if they are moving on, he will be released.
  4. Don’t see why you’d ever trade for him. Make SF cut him. If they really want him gone they aren’t paying his $24M salary if they don’t have to pay it. Wait for his release. Mayfield’s and Darnold’s money is locked in so that’s different, cutting them saves nothing so they can be backups.
  5. I’m all for it and hopefully we get two 3rd round picks for both of them.
  6. It’s all about Corral. You have to expect the first OL/#6 pick to be good. It’s a horrific draft if he’s a bust so we won’t even consider the possibility. Since we traded away so much, the only way the draft helps us get better is if Corral pans out and here’s hoping he does. We need some luck.
  7. Pretty easy. We got Iky and a 3rd round QB. I hope he’s the best QB in the draft but even that doesn’t mean he’ll be a good QB. The history of 3rd round QBs isn’t good. You’ve got what, Montana and Wilson in about 40 years. Maybe we are that lucky but for these rankings, it looks like we got Bozeman, Woods, Corbett and Iky with FA and the draft. The Jets got Gardner, Wilson and Johnson in the 1st round. Objectively, we didn’t upgrade in FA and the draft like many teams because we traded away decent picks. It’s not surprising we went down. Who cares, it’s just a ranking and objectively it’s not off. Also, I wouldn’t put your posts in the objective camp.
  8. Cam’s arm was done in 2018 and Marty gave Olsen a big deal after missing most of the season and then he missed most of the next, followed by a 52 catch last season. It was obvious in 2020 that they were done, not hindsight. Also, Teddy wasn’t draft capital intensive. Sam was last year so I can easily argue that all 3 of those cuts were correct. Again, what we did later has nothing to do with the cuts being correct. 2020 was a year to tank. We stupidly tried to compete for the playoffs and got 5–11. We were stupid and Hurney was probably trying to keep his job. We should have gone for top picks and saved the cap space we gained cutting those guys and instead spent $70M on Teddy, Short, Okung, Weatherly and other guys who weren’t even on the team one year later. We also lost a comp 3rd and 5th. Anyway, no hindsight. Cuts were good and made sense if we did what we were supposed to do since we weren’t close to competing.
  9. If we go 8-9 (17 now), Rhule’s here again in 2023 and this place implodes. It’s a win if Corral was starting most of the year and doing well. It’s bad if Sam plays the entire year and we are stuck in QB purgatory.
  10. Lol, you are seriously touting a 7-9 team making the playoffs because their division was so awful as an example of where their ratings went wrong? IIRC, we beat that WFT playoff team in our 5-11 glory. I looked at the 2021 draft order with SOS and WFT had the 5th easiest schedule in 2020. So, they made the playoffs but finished 7-9 with the 5th easiest schedule and couldn’t even beat us during our 2-9 finish. The Bengals works but the WFT was trash in 2020. They got lucky because their division was god awful and they had a cake schedule and still couldn’t get to .500.
  11. I wish Bozeman was signed longer but I think it could be solid. LG is still a hole and C needs a longer term solution, like 2nd round next year or Bozeman excelling and signing for a few years. Imagine if we hadn’t taken an effing long snapper. Then we’d have some decent depth too. In the end though, this team is still riding on Corral. Having a not trash OL will help.
  12. Well, I do think our talent level after 2019 was pretty poor. We were the 2nd worst D in 2019 and lost Bradberry and Luke, the only two exceeding expectations. We lost some vets like Poe, McCoy, Butler and Irvin who disappointed, but our D was kind of stripped bare. I was fine letting Cam go and Olsen was clearly done and it showed in his last year with Seattle. Reid never played another game. Hated Teddy signing because I was against a bridge. Teddy not only cost us $31M, we also lost a 3rd comp for Bradberry and with at least 1 less win with Grier, we had pick 3 and the SF haul at a minimum. 3 firsts and a 3rd from SF would have been gigantic.
  13. I was pissed at Brown over Smith as well. The LS over Smith was getting kicked while down. That said, I very much agree. The coach sure doesn’t seem like the guy saying hey we could save a million a year with a rookie long snapper. Hopefully, Mays makes us forget about Smith. That would be nice. We could use our 2nd on a stud C and be done with OL for a while.
  14. I’ll admit I got a little excited by that. With the crap we’ve lived through for 5 of the last 6 years with the 6th being a one and done, it would be nice to strike gold. Our drafts after 2017 have been, well, to put it bluntly, bad. We need some luck and while it sure as poo isn’t guaranteed, it sure feels better than Teddy and Sam.
  15. Huh? What does cutting Cam have to do with the other? Those cuts were proper for what they were. That does not mean we did the right thing afterwards. I was on the tank for Trevor train. I disliked both QB signings/trades. Teddy was never going to be a stud and Sam should have gotten grabbed off of the cut pile instead of trading multiple picks for him and agreeing to the fifth year was stupid. If he did great, super, he’s the answer and use the franchise tag and happily pay the extra $6M. Don’t gamble $18M with a high probability you lose it all. Besides everyone and their mother new NY was taking Wilson so get Sam after the draft for a reduced amount. SF already made the trade for Lance so we were competing against ourselves. Any way, releasing vets who haven’t done anything since we cut them was a good call. Teddy and Sam were terrible calls and made no sense since we weren’t going to be competitive in 2020 or 2021.
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