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  1. No, I got that point. I just thought it was very misleading. I can say SB winning QB, but the difference between Dilfer and Peyton/Tom is as stark as Mahomes and Darnold. I can say First overall pick QB and Russell and Manning aren’t equivalent. We attempted to rehabilitate players who were basically dumped by their old teams. We chose wrong and we probably don’t have the ability to rehabilitate anyone, but we were dumpster diving, not dealing with good QBs.
  2. No argument there. Bad choices and a bad staff. Just thought it was a bit disingenuous to act like the SB QBs we brought in were Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and the staff ruined them. We’ve seen McAdoo with decent offenses because he had Eli and rookie/2nd year OBJ. Clearly wasn’t McAdoo raising their levels.
  3. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. I’m not going to defend Rhule and McAdoo, but damn were you laughing when you typed this out? Let me ask you this. If we are ruining these studs, how many of Cam, Sam, Baker and Teddy do you expect to have starting jobs in 2023 anywhere outside of us? Teddy and Cam were 1 year cheap stop gaps that went to back up and couch and Cam hasn’t started after Rhule. Baker and Mayfield aren’t on any other team’s radar.
  4. And? Have we actually run through a good QB? No. Do I think it would matter? Yes. Do I think Rhule and McAdoo would be like Pederson? Not a chance. I’m just not going to say they’d ruin a prime Peyton Manning. Sometimes the QB is the reason for the success. When McAdoo had an already multi-pro bowl Eli and the best rookie/2nd year WR ever, they had a good offense but McAdoo clearly wasn’t the responsible party. We’ve trotted through OPG and that’s not going to work with this staff.
  5. We’ll never know. The poop we’ve run through here is about as far from prime Peyton as you can get. McAdoo’s offense and play calling appears to be very poor.
  6. Probably. Amazing that we are still talking about the QB competition and Rhule. First, Baker is a fifth year vet, not a rookie. We aren’t starting his NFL introduction so after plenty of snaps in preseason games (many starters barely played) and 3 real games, let’s stop the QB competition talk. Iky was a rookie with 0 NFL experience and he seems to be adjusted after his competition and you expect rookies to have to adjust much of the season. Second, Rhule sucks but the QBs are retreads for a reason. Their teams got rid of them even as top 5 picks. They’ve got problems already and either they aren’t fixable or our staff doesn’t have the ability to fix them. Probably a lot of both but let’s not act like Baker really was a top 10 QB because 1 time he finished top 10 in passer rating and Rhule is his only issue.
  7. I am very much on board with drafting a QB in the first. I really hope we pick the right one and get a coach who can develop him.
  8. Who said I didn’t like him? I was actually OK with taking him although I didn’t like losing the 3rd (we’ve already traded away enough). I’m just being realistic and didn’t like what I saw. How often does the worst rookie QB performance in rookie preseason translate to a solid starter? I don’t really know if any of this year’s QBs will end up as solid starters. I was definitely more interested in next year’s class.
  9. He does, man, if we had invested a top 10 pick as well. Phew.
  10. For what we gave up, he’s already done enough to be worth it.
  11. If we pick a QB in the first, Corral is a bust. We spent a 3rd and 4th to get him. We aren’t evaluating Corral in 3 quarters of play, we are comparing him to other rookies, none of whom were 1st team players. He looked the worst and least ready to play in the NFL. We are extrapolating that it’s highly likely he’ll never be a good starter. It’s that simple. Malik Willis was considering far more raw and he’s looked so much better so far and in preseason.
  12. You might be right. We might be paying $35M for WR2/3 without a true stud. It just keeps getting better lol.
  13. Seems you are souring on DJ a bit. I don’t blame you because I recall when Robby got smashed at Atlanta, the announcers called out DJ for a lazy route meant to scheme Robby open/single coverage. The announcers called out DJ a few games in a row. Are you starting to think that maybe Fitterer signed another bad extension? I recall a thread giving him huge kudos for resigning DJ so cheap compared to other WRs. I know you are a big Fitterer fan.
  14. I saw Grier level results when every other rookie QB including 7th rounders were looking competent. Corral was literally the only rookie QB who looked that bad. Now he’s on IR and not even practicing. Sorry, but that’s not a good start. I’m not saying he’s done and has no shot, just that the odds appear to be very low compared to the hope right after the draft. Also, Grier had some great college tape as well. Grier had a 539 yard, 4 TD and 0 interception game against #4 Oklahoma right before they lost to Alabama by 11 in the CFP. In 2021, Corral had two games of 3 or more TDs, Tulane and Austin Peay. Which of those two SEC games should I watch? In 2020, Corral had three 4 or more TD games in the SEC and those 3 teams finished 7-23 in conference. Maybe Corral will surprise. Most likely we are drafting a 2023 1st round QB.
  15. Sorry to say, Corral reminds me of Grier. When you watched him in preseason action, he just didn’t have it. There’s poor decisions and missed throws that happen for rookies but he just looked out of place. Mayfield certainly hasn’t been good but Corral looked lost. I see us going QB in the 1st just like Iky due to terrible results patching the OL. We’ll decide we are done trying to get a cheap win at QB and actually invest. The funny part is that retread/late rookie approach hasn’t been cheap. We’ve given up a 2nd, 3rd, two 4ths and a 6th along with $65M+ cap in 3 years. We basically failed miserably trying to get a low cost turn around to play well and to actually be low cost.
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