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  1. I think it’s some of us who were hoping for a revamp of the OL and truly hoping that we weren’t pinning our hopes on Erving and Elflein saving the day. I don’t think people would be down on Marshall if the OL wasn’t so bad. It was obvious that it would be and we took two guys (not early either) who weren’t going to start right away and ignored guys like Humphrey and Smith for a 3rd WR (Robby being extended made Marshall a Vernon Butler type pick) and a long snapper. We really did put OL on the back burner in the draft and that’s likely why people are down on Marshall over Humphrey who’s rated higher than all of our OL. Heck, Smith is also rated higher than all of our OL.
  2. What? What in the world does 20ypr in the preseason have to do with almost 20 yards per game in the regular season? You do realize that yards per reception is the yards you go on each reception you have and that yards per game is the total yards you get every game on potentially and usually multiple receptions. SMH if you are thinking they are the same thing.
  3. Just telling you what I think the expectations were. He had a great preseason so people were pretty hyped. Also, seeing how well his LSU teammates have done probably also set some expectations because of the great preseason. Also, please stop with the not realistic stuff. There are tons of day 1 and day 2 (and some day 3) instant impact players. It happens a lot. Someone mentioned Creed Humphrey, who’s played phenomenal and was selected after Marshall. I loved Erik McCoy over Greg Little, instant impact in round 2 as well. Some rookies develop, but there are a lot who contribute immediately as well, including Marshall’s teammate WRs.
  4. If we took Creed over Marshall and Smith over a long snapper we’d have a pretty solid OL and we could have dumped Paradis and saved a chunk of cap space. Woulda, shoulda, coulda but yet again our OL would be young and solid if Brown and BC develop. All we would have lost is Marshall and a long snapper.
  5. Probably what Samuel did last year as WR3? I assume people were hoping for 60-70% of that. Samuel averaged over 60 yards a game. Marshall is at over 19 yards a game.
  6. Everyone has torched us returning. The NO returner was taking kicks 5 yards deep in the end zone and still getting to the 30 every time. Personally, I remember him on Detroit and honestly thought he was out of the NFL by now.
  7. How about a Huddler to be assistant GM over OL? We just need a little sanity and someone to keep saying before each pick “Why aren’t we taking an OL here?” or “Who’s the best OL here and maybe we should take him instead?”
  8. That’s way more than half full. At a bar or restaurant that might be the entire serving. I’d think you could have done a little bit better job with the image, so please work a little harder.
  9. Yep. I’d say yes, if we lose to the Giants we will have had to screw up bad enough that I think that a coach has to actually take responsibility.
  10. Actually, given health (Clemson’s best DT and future top 15 pick is hurt), I think there are guys on Clemson and Alabama’s DL that are day 1/day 2 picks this year and next. If you could play Madden with the players, I think the current starters on both teams could win a lot against our IOL. Heck could be a couple of them who are really good NFL players. Just give me the Davis kid from Georgia and a healthy Brese from Clemson as rookies in the NFL and I’m in Darnold’s lap every pass play.
  11. Yep. Shula with a hurt CMC and no healthy Cam isn’t the same as Shula with a healthy Cam. Right now, I’d say neither. If we had an amazing OC back with Cam to give him check downs and screens without double fake pumps to keep him from doing 10 step drops every play, that would have been glorious. I am not excited by Brady but I really would like to see a healthy CMC and some semblance of an average OL.
  12. Not this year. We’ve been posting a lot about the schedule. It was obvious before the season that we had to go 6-2 (+/- 1 win) to have a chance at the playoffs. You could carve our schedule into two halves with the Pats in the middle and see that we had to rack up wins early because they would be much harder starting at the Pats.
  13. They also say that a steel sword fugs the poo out of a piece of balsa wood.
  14. Darnold’s drive to tie the game was more impressive than any of Teddy’s comeback attempts that failed. No idea if Darnold can be that consistent guy although it would be nice to have a functional OL to see.
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