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  1. Now I know where you stumbled upon this idea. Still don’t know what a witch has to do with Brady. Salem trials were long over before he got to New England. Drafting QBs is risky ... even in the first round Fifty-nine quarterbacks have been drafted in the first round over the past 20 years. Five -- Eli Manning (two), Ben Roethlisberger (two), Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes -- have won a Super Bowl with the team that selected them. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30962606/why-drafting-quarterback-first-round-not-carolina-panthers-preferred-plan
  2. Such a dumb argument. He’s also completely wrong saying that there are more late round HOF QBs than 1st rounders. Isn’t also really ironic that he wants to trade 3 firsts including pick 8, for a guy chosen at pick 10 in the same draft where Mahomes went at 12. SMH, I always wonder if some of these people believe what they type. Reminds me of my last visit to Wofford for training camp. 2 young guys, in cargo shorts no less, were talking right next to me while we were watching drills. I think I can assume they were huddlers and talking about something but of course they keep calling th
  3. I’d want to know what happened there. Just some bad blood between him and the Titans. I have no idea why. I’d also put a call in to Kirby and ask about him. I definitely don’t recall seeing anything about him that screamed warning flags effort wise/headcase. He was rated as a day 2 pick, that could sneak into 1st. Something really broke down.
  4. It’s nothing now. More than half the contract was his signing bonus. What he has left is 3 years $5M. For 2021/2022, if you cut Little, you break even with Wilson. Then you have 2023 at a cheap $2M if Wilson isn’t horrible. I know he’s been a basket case it seems, but I would 100% kick the tires. You won’t get his ceiling on day 3, so if he’s not a total nut case (not sure what caused the strife) and he’s not in horrific shape, I’d be willing to deal. I’d rather pay him than Little with a hope it works out.
  5. Listen Mr. Lynch, I’ll I want is a gift card to Five Guys...sure, $50 will be fine.
  6. Yeah, what’s a blockbuster trade? Giving up 2 1sts? Watson, Allen and Mahomes were all trade ups with either 2 firsts+ or 1 first and 2 seconds. Elway and Eli were pretty big trades. GB trading for Favre worked out. The 49ers gave up their first three picks to move up to the Patriots pick and got Jerry Rice, kind of worked well.
  7. Can't suck ass for Howell with Teddy in place. I don't want to see Teddy on the roster this year. If we can somehow save $18M by trading him, it's well worth it. Heck even to save $8M, I'd be OK with it. I'd either like Watson (if not too ridiculous) or a rookie QB. If not, I'd rather try Grier and PJ and shoot for a top 2022 draft pick. We had the perfect shot in 2020 and we blew it. Having pick 8-15 again puts us in the same place as this off season just another year later.
  8. Ugh, seeing posts like this really piss me off about what we did this year. Wasted $80M in cap, lost 3rd and 4th comp picks (imagine taking 4 G/Cs with 4 comp picks and still having all 7 picks), picked 8th instead of 3rd, 2nd or 1st. Without trading picks, have a core of Lawrence/Wilson/Fields, CMC, Moton, Moore, Anderson, Brown, Chinn, Burns, maybe a good Donte and YGM, 5 more rookie OL from a deep draft, 5 more rookies, 2022 1st and 2nd picks and $100M to splurge on taking the division and conference starting in 2022. It’s not a stretch to think we could shore up almost every position
  9. Please baby Jesus, make the deal happen. We'll trade him for a funnel cake to save the extra $10M.
  10. Really dumb. I said the same thing when we were discussing the cancellation. You want the older people (scouts/coaches) traveling multiple places and being more at risk? At the combine, you can setup zoom meetings for interviews and easily separate every team in the stadium while watching. You bring everyone in a week ahead, test every day for the folks on field, work on the schedule to keep groups apart more and it’s easy. Heck, you could even expand the numbers a bit if you extend the dates to basically bring in everyone who will be drafted.
  11. Did you watch him lined up next to Brown this year? $2M guaranteed? No way. He hasn’t looked like a beast in the last 3 years. It’s more than time to move on and give younger guys more snaps.
  12. Actually, he looked awful before he got hurt again this year. He got blown off the ball and pancaked a couple times. Bringing him back is dumb. We aren’t setup to win this year. It’s a big waste. I’d much rather see if Roy can play well with more snaps and rotate in Kerr and a rookie.
  13. Overall, you’d save $34M total (salary and roster/workout bonuses) over 2021-2023 by releasing him. If you can sign or draft a cheaper option, then you can allocate that about $30M extra to Moton or Watson if you can acquire him. That’s not a bad idea if you can get a cheap replacement. It would cover 50-70% of Moton’s cost from 2021-2023. Definitely a smarter place to put the money.
  14. You are correct. I also didn’t realize this was such and old thread, my point was only that if we can get rid of the extra $10M guaranteed for Teddy, I’m all for it.
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