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  1. Yeah. He's pretty much a d-bag

  2. damn u and ed-209 really had a vagina smack fest didn't ya?

  3. Yay! U winz teh interwebz!!!1!!11!!

  4. tapped out. 209-5 jorts-1

  5. I am done with this. I didn't think it was possible for someone to be so dumb and yet manage to use a computer. And for the record, My family has had season tickets to Saints games for 35 years. Yeah, bandwagon fans. :rolleyes:

  6. you are the one talking about winning a superbowl. that doesn't have to do with anything really. if you guys beat us in the playoffs to get there, i would understand but no. panthers made it to the superbowl their 8th year, saints their 43rd= LOL yeah we lost but we played against the patriots back then, not choke artists and refs giving the game away in pity of katrina. if you dont care about how bad the saints have been, you are a bandwagoner then. if winning one super bowl recently is your only weapon then i'm sorry,you suck.

  7. Saints in the Super Bowl 1-0 Panthers in the Super Bowl 0-1 it's really not hard to understand. And i am not bragging. You started this poo.

  8. what a freakin joke. RIGGED btw yea go take a look at that tainted trophy and realize how many years of misery it took to even have 1. steelers have the best franchise and 6 of them and their fans dont even brag like you losers do. pathetic.
  9. I think I might go take a ride to the Saints facility today and check out that shiny Lombardi trophy that's on display. It's just about 6 miles from my house. Look, do you really think I give a flying poo about all of the losing seasons we have had anymore? We won it all. If you can't understand that, then maybe you should get off the short bus and have it run you over.

  10. yup. getting rid of the turnover machine delhomme, we are in trouble! our running game, offensive line, forcing turnover defense, steve smith w/ up and coming wide receivers on a run first team- being a young team in great salary cap shape for the next few years, yes we are in a mess. with your quarterback being on the madden 11 cover and we the ones in trouble? gotcha! plz,you r just a ignorant optimistic saints fan that didnt show up until the saints had a winning record, one of the very few that they have had no less.

  11. You are the worst troll and probably a Falcons fan. have a wonderful time watching the Panthers suck for the next few years. I'd like to be able to tell you good luck, but we know it's going to take a lot more than luck to get the Panthers out of the poo hole they are in.

  12. it don't matter what your team has now and ours don't have at the moment. as long as we bust that ghetto ass like we have for many years,that's what matters. panthers own your fu*kin asses! one dinky championship doesn't make the chiefs special. hell the raiders have 3 and who the hell cares? stop being a bitch and man up! 2010 fluke bowl or not, your franchise is still garbage!

  13. Wow....We won the superbowl and you didn't. I don't care how long it took, we have a Lombardi trophy and you don't. If you think the Saints are a fluke, then you probably know nothing about football. Brees is easily the best QB in the NFL right now. Our offense is deadly and now we have a real defense. Either you are complete idiot or you are just trolling me. By the way, we also went to the NFCCG in 06. How many flukes get that far twice in 4 seasons???

  14. we went to the superbowl the 8th year of franchise history. it took 20 years for saints to even have a winning season. yuh panthers lost but who did they play? saints superbowl was handed to them by multiple turnovers and peyton manning. you idiots are like the chiefs, have one ring and be back in the fuging basement in no time. FLUKES

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