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  1. u have 10 seconds to comply

  2. ur nipple guy and saltman likes buttholes. so could i be like uterus guy?

  3. sup man. how things been? economy down there running smooth?

  4. sh*t, it really works! :D

  5. now i can fit with you guys with my avatar. the tattoo on her buttcheeks says it all

  6. i am gay but i dont like giving head. Neck gets sore.

  7. i thought saltman had a crush on you and was a homo. now i see why. i can relate.

  8. I have that effect of people

  9. hey nice to meet you sir. ps: i'm horny

  10. haha funny video. never seen that

  11. ya knowbody takes ed-209 seriously. especially after...

    o wait...
  12. yea i will. *** this robot s**t lol it was funny at first but i need a new account

  13. gotcha..lemme know who u are when u do

  14. no not really. i had a couple of accounts before the crash. never really post much. but thought i would have some fun now. but i think i will just start a new account soon. and post for real.

  15. so seriously, ure not an alter are u?

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