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  1. i'm really sorry bro. y'all must be pretty terrified, and pissed. i sure hope everything turns out ok.
  2. its funny how cases are leveling off after hhs started getting the data first on 7/15. *** bad post. new cases aren't being tampered with. its hospitalizations that are having to go thru hhs to get out. i posted before looking into it enough
  3. that may be the greatest meme i've ever seen
  4. look, don't have sex with demons, don't ingest demon sperm, and accept your meds are made from alien dna and the virus will just disappear. i mean i get it, if it weren't for all the sexy demons everything would be fine. darn those sexy demons
  5. 28% of military personnel treated with hydroxychloroquine died vs 11% with no treatment. its not very hard to understand.
  6. mounting research is also showing that wearing a mask will minimize how severe you get it - if you get it.
  7. she's an oteopath. bwahahahahahahaha
  8. that is some racist ass poo
  9. yes comrade brother. this.
  10. neil degrabass tyson
  11. some arkansas and texas counties are bringing in refrigerated trucks to house the dead as the morgues are full. i think running out of testing capabilities is dear leader's plan
  12. https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/15/warnings-possible-cover-progress-trump-orders-hospitals-stop-sending-coronavirus if you don't want to look dear leader just ordered hospitals to stop reporting covid data to the cdc, which makes it publicly available, and now they are to report it to hhs - which does not make it public. he's trying to kill us because the virus is making him look bad.
  13. do you have any idea why fauci had to try and conserve masks for health care workers? do you have any idea why we didn't start production or stockpiling in january? i'll give you a guess. science doesn't change every week. new information is added every second to science. that's what makes it great. i don't think you know what the word actually means
  14. i totally heard you can replace surgery with essential oils
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