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  1. It was a joke of course. I want LT in first.
  2. I knew someone personally who was star at UNC and then went to NBA. Got a fat contract... bought a massive house, multiple exotic cars... wife was ok with him cheating on her as she said it comes with territory. Two years in... he got a career ending injury. Lost everything, went bankrupt, wife cheated on him and then left him. All his friends left him. He’s a nice guy but that got to mentally fug you up. Some people take it better than others. Some drink and do drugs to cope, the stronger ones move on.
  3. So both of A/C workers had 3 kids each and were in mid 30s (means likely young kids). Devastating.
  4. When I saw what happened I thought right away that I was likely prescription drugs related.
  5. Stay at 8 and get the best talent. If we pick Parsons... great. Shaq is a goner next year.
  6. Zero reason to release him. Above average back-up and adds competition.
  7. Rhule said this draft will be Offense heavy few months ago. I expect LT and OG/C in first 3 rounds.
  8. Watson need to move to Czech Republic if happy ending massages are his thing.
  9. Yep, I knew it was coming haha. I actually did not took a crap. I felt like it was a perfect thing to do for the ask.
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