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  1. Oh, I can tell you what it is. The US media build her up, throw cash her way and made her instant celebrity and basically made her the face of the US Olympic team. Her mental state is all out of whack because of all the pressure. I won’t be surprise if she slowly disappears from the spotlight.
  2. I don’t know. As much money and sponsorship she got, pulling herself out is probably not the best look.
  3. Good. Make em compete. Don’t just give em the jobs.
  4. I’ll be just like the Panthers. Will finish 7-9 and just miss the playoffs.
  5. Wish this guy knew football and could be Panthers coach
  6. I’m glad I started this thread. It went exactly where I thought it would.
  7. So is Aaron Rodgers retiring or what?!
  8. Per NBCSports SI.com's Bill Huber reports Las Vegas sportsbooks are "preparing for Aaron Rodgers to retire." It adds to speculation Rodgers won't be back with the Packers when training camp opens next week. Multiple sportsbooks, including DraftKings, have removed Packers-based wagers on the belief Rodgers will retire, while PFT's Mike Florio suggests there’s a "very good reason" to think Rodgers won’t report to camp. The Packers broke off long-term talks with contract-year WR Davante Adams on Friday, the latest misstep for a front office that's been under fire all offseason. Rodgers, who rejected a two-year extension, may be willing to sit out 2021 as he looks to force his way out of Green Bay. Looks like there is 0% chance he plays for the packers again
  9. Funchess apparently lives in Charlotte as well. His and my dog currently boarded together.
  10. Ja  Rhule


    Annnddddd Deadpool?!
  11. Congrats. I got 4. The most amazing feeling in the world watching newborn taking a first breath and start to scream. You just know it’s a new chapter in your life.
  12. Sorry to hear that. Did they get Delta variant by any chance? I heard you can still get Delta variant even with COVID shot. The recovery is just much faster.
  13. Randy had two private planes+pilots in Concord airport. Not sure if he still does. Randy is a super quiet dude. Really opposite from his football persona.
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