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  1. Ja  Rhule


    Yea, even harder now.
  2. A lot of posts on Facebook popping up about people looking to rehome their dogs. I guess they needed companion during COVID but with everything reopening they no longer need them. This is the real problem.
  3. Again. Because it fits your life style and family does not means it fits others. Some people only buy used cars while others prefer paying premium for the new.
  4. I did a reading on Pitt bulls and they were creates for fighting for over a hundred years. Most Pitts bulls are no longer have extreme aggression for fighting genetics but some still do.
  5. Robot has nothing to do with Russian word work. Robot in Russian is Robot. But not to take away from his comment cause he’s spot on.
  6. It does not but sound pretty close Rabotat aka to work. Rab means slave in Russian.
  7. Inflation plus garbage interest basically screams finance finance finance
  8. Rhule parachute with seal team six right on top of interview building
  9. Rhule is reading Huddle from his couch in Charlotte right now and like
  10. The Panthers decided to go all out on corners instead of OL. We got like 8 quality CBs and no OL. No idea what logic Rhule had there.
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