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  1. “Young offensive guy”. Tepper hires 61 year old. I guess Tepper still thinks he’s young.
  2. Did anyone even hired a coach yet? It’s almost February…
  3. Disney all-inclusive cruise for 8 people (2 staterooms) for 7 night is $15k. So yea…
  4. Haha! I just went to Atlantis with my son 6 months ago. It was amazing. The plane tickets are nuts otherwise I so would do it. $13k for flights is too much.
  5. Thank you, all! I’m looking for something where I park my car and never seen it again for a week. Clear ocean water with no big waves. Everything walking distance and fun for the kids. Almost everything should be in my price range. No four season villas tho. We have been vacationing at Emerald Grande at Destin for years now.
  6. When our grandkids will ask us about Panthers playoffs
  7. In the past 6-7 years my family and I only rented homes in Outer Banks or took a trip to Destin. That’s it. I feel like it’s getting a bit stale and kind of want to try something new. Does anyone go anywhere else on the east coast? I got 4 wild kids from 4 to 10 years of age. I have been searching for resorts in Florida that have restaurants, attractions and fun stuff to do. Please no Myrtle Beach… last time I rented 4 star suite there it smelled like urine and had roaches. I haven’t been back there in 9 years and will never go back.
  8. Yep, this. I have a realtor and I know he would always get my side cause I already used him for 3 other homes. Realtors roll with the hand that feeds. If you are using this realtor for the first time and the other party is not, you are in disadvantage.
  9. My realtor hired a professional before I put my house up for sale to tell me the issues I had. I received a professional paper stating all of the issues. I even tested for mold, I think it was $400 and I got a professional paper stating that I had no mold. This shouldn’t be complicated. I think he has a shitty realtor. Also, I would never pay for service that cost more than $500 thru PayPal on Venmo. Invoice a must and check or credit card only because both protected (if you have stop payment on check). Venmo… once money sent, you are on the hook if you got screwed.
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