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  1. Figured I’ll start a thread. Who’s your team? I think England will make some noise in these Euros.
  2. Ja  Rhule


    Really enjoyed it. My favorite so far. Owen Wilson did an awesome job.
  3. Few years back both wife and I worked in uptown and it was our daily habit to meet for coffee in the am (we drove separately). We definitely spent over $50 a week on Starbucks. But we almost never went out for lunch or dinner (kids and busy jobs… eat lunch at the desk) so Starbucks was our mini date every day.
  4. Also… common TD.. ”Deputies said Davis also reported that two guns were stolen from one of the unlocked vehicles in the driveway. Those guns have not been recovered.”
  5. This time McLaren and this time it was found… wrecked. https://www.charlottestories.com/panthers-star-thomas-davis-offering-reward-for-identity-of-idiots-who-stole-his-mclaren/?fbclid=IwAR0qaZJ4UjtZvkuxJe4f78agI7ax_HTig_JWnCaBCtS1ik3-JO4oXx_fU3c
  6. After an incident between him and the Ravens no one is even looking at him. Did NFL blacklist him or something? Would love to have him as FS.
  7. Jackson will be on Ridley and Horn on Pitts.
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