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  1. He even brought his grandpa
  2. The Dude before press conference
  3. Stanford is 32 and go like 8 more years in him. I’d go for it and it won’t be 1st rounder I would think as Lions want to get rid of him.
  4. Moving stadium to Pipe and Foundry location would requiring rerouting railroad and possibly build new bridges because it might impact 77 or 277. At least that’s what reported initially. I think the new stadium will be in Fort Mill area in future. A ton of land and 15 minutes from uptown.
  5. It’s the new norm everywhere in the world now. Rich do not spend a dime anymore. Stan Kroenke (Rams owner) bought Arsenal, one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world, purely with a loan from the bank with almost 0% interest. Then he sold all of the best players and paid off the team (he also used team TV proceeds to pay for his loan). Now he have a team worth $2.5B that he literally paid nothing for.
  6. Since Igo is Zod again is locker room coming back? Zod was huge fan of titties.
  7. My wife was helping my son get on zoom like 2 months ago and another kid mom was nude trying to get her daughter zoom to work... it was working and everyone could see her titties dangling in the camera for like 2 minutes until teacher ended the class.
  8. Data reported by CMS Legal Service Administration. Data includes 83k students grades 3-12. Also, on top of that... NC lost over 15,000 students. They don’t know whereabouts of these students or if they are ok or not. https://www.ednc.org/2020-12-01-nc-students-missing-days-virtual-learning-covid-pandemic/
  9. I got it out of my system before settling down. And even than I told my wife we need to live together for some time before getting married. Lease with an option of permanent renewal.
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