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  1. JJ Watt Has signed a 2 Yr 31 Million with 23 million Guaranteed contract. To play with his former Teammate DHop Thoughts ? Cardinals also only had 11,173,440 In cap space.
  2. According to Spotrac after releasing Boston , Weatherly , Paraldy Spotrac has us sitting at 9th with 35,231,683 with 22,672,807 in DC for the season I do expect Burris to be released as well and maybe Shaq and Paradis contracts to be re structured to give us a little more money. Who would like Carolina to go after in Free agency?
  3. Ikkkk I’m fudging with you come on now and Teddy should of been thrown under the train .. a bus is to slight
  4. If it’s not a report then JPA shouldn’t of Reported it and PanthersNation it’s a report.
  5. Per David Newton The Panthers are willing to give up 3 first rounds picks and CMC for Watson in my opinion this is way to much Capital for one person .. I rather trade up for a QB then Give away 3 first round picks and CMC.. Let me know your thoughts below instead of CMC trade Shaq ?
  6. Honestly I would love this move hicks is a animal and paid him with brown sheesh
  7. Well guys looks like we’ll be in the market for a DT as well saves us 8,603,250 current cap space is 20,756,242 who would you love Carolina to go after in free agency or draft to replace KK
  8. Look’s like Carolina was comfortable giving up the 8th pick and a 6th or 7th round pick for Stafford. Kinda surprised their wasn’t a player Involved but do you think if Carolina would have offered Teddy The 8th pick and a 2nd next year the lions would have agreed to the trade? Also does everyone still wanna trade for Watson or comfortable with drafting Mac Fields or Wilson ?
  9. Janarius Robinson 6’5 260 Matt Rhule might have found anther star coming out of Florida St Robinson has a huge upside to become a good pash rusher even elite with development over a couple of years. If you sat down and watched Burns highlight tape coming out of Florida St Robinson looks just like him whether it’s bull rushing or bending under the linemen he can definitely be a Brian Burns 2.0 and Matt Rhule has the chance to see that up close and personal as we know the Panthers are coaching the senior bowl. I think Robinson can be a Huge steal in later round’s depending on how he performs at the senior bowl what are your thoughts? stats- 2020- TOT- 26 Solo - 12 AST- 14 Sack-3
  10. Sir do you watch football ? Christian McCaffrey is the only back in Carolina history to have a 2,000 yard season Jonathan Stewart didn’t do it DeAngelo Williams didn’t do it so it’s not as easy as you think sir and a 7th round back who cause last time I checked theirs no 7th rounders that’s have had a 2,000 yard season if that was the case Zeke would have it (had the best O-line in the league at one point) Karma would do it and for you to even lobby for Christian McCaffrey being traded shows how much you don’t know football you don’t gotta O line already and now you don’t gotta future Hall of Famer either Watson is 1-6 against Carolina even Steve smith said it would be a dumb trade cause your trading away way too many assets... that should tell you something Steve smith said no one could replace him until DJ Moore and he was right. That’s like trading a prime Cam Newton for Lamar Jackson.......
  11. Mike Davis wasn’t even a 1K rushing back he had 165 carries and 642 rushing yards combined with receiving he was 1K back McCaffrey did it in both
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