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  1. I’m all on board with Slowik being our HC behind Johnson. I was excited when I got the notification of us trying to interview him
  2. CJ is the reason why you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I remember a lot of Panther fans calling stroud slow and stupid because of a S2 score that no one still knows what the true score was. If we didn’t have to trade the farm for Bryce, I think Adam and DJ with Stroud would have been a nice trio with a healthy offensive line, of course. If CJ Stroud reaches the next level and becomes even better while Bryce declines even more, we might be in trouble for some years to come. All those Bryce young lovers stating that Bryce cleared CJ on every aspect of being a QB, he’s making y’all truly eat your words. Huge credit to Slowick as well
  3. This is the thing with me right the carrying part with Bryce gotta quit it’s Alabama guys not Missouri they retool every year! Bryce young’s wide receivers that where so “bad” still transferred and went to other D1 programs… I’ve seen Bryce young play like garbage and get carried by his defense. Name one Defensive player from Ohio state that’s projected to go in the first 2 rounds ?
  4. My question to you is why not go with the guy who’s naturally been under center where u don’t have to teach him
  5. He isn’t mobile like Lamar and isn’t mobile like Pat mahomes either. But I get your comparison
  6. Go to YouTube and pull up Alabama Vs A&M 2021 2:28 mark
  7. Looking at anther thread in the Huddle it stated that CJ Stroud under center count was 121 which ranked 15th most in the nation Young had 4 in 2022. This could be a huge Red flag and it’s not talked about much either also looking at a-lot of young tape I seen him under center on a 3rd and 1 Vs Texas A&M and he didn’t look comfortable at all his hand off to Brian Robison Jr was high and it caused a fumble on a crucial down so if Bryce is drafted are we limited to just Shotgun and pistol or will they coach him to be under center tried to include a video but for reference it’s at 2:28 Alabama Vs A&M 2021 RPReplay_Final1680967765.mov
  8. CJ Stroud and Bijan Robinson did a joint Interview with Ryan Clark Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor known as the Pivot Podcast on September 2nd 2022. I usually don’t dive fully into someone’s life but This interview was really eye opening aside from football he talk about what he’s faced to what his mom has dealt with even being homeless I’d definitely give it a watch if you wanna know more about him outside of football it really let me inside to his character what he can bring to Carolina as our QB. https://youtu.be/y2KxCAHR3Y8
  9. https://chng.it/RFJj44wC48 Panther fan’s are officially fed up and has started a petition to Fire Matt Rhule. Fans do not want him here anymore and it’s literally showing on all social media coaching is holding this guys back and it’s showing!
  10. Former Bronco 5x Pro Bowler and Super Winning Champion DeMaryius Thomas has reportedly passed away according to his wife.! Friends and family have also took to social media expressing their condolences. Please keep the Thomas family in you’re prayers!
  11. I can understand that the playing from Joe has been Sus he’s had good play calling then a disaster’s play calling the next game but how much can we blame Joe? Honestly because without a QB you can’t execute the plays without a QB!!! Sam Darnold is not it I don’t care what no one has to say anymore Matt cuddles him so much!! I know with any other coaches they would have pulled sam after the Second INT! Sam is Simple HORRIBLE and CANNOT be fixed I cannot be here for a second season with SAM I just can’t
  12. I know he has been injury plagued with the browns but baker hasn’t even been looking his way his father posted a video of Odell beating Man coverage and literally running by himself and baker threw a INT and that drive But if he’s released should Carolina take a look at him? And move Robby to slot Robby has enough speed just not the hands to take a top off of a Defense and it gives Sam anther weapon on the offense. We rank first in drops with 20 what do you guys think ?
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