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  1. https://chng.it/RFJj44wC48 Panther fan’s are officially fed up and has started a petition to Fire Matt Rhule. Fans do not want him here anymore and it’s literally showing on all social media coaching is holding this guys back and it’s showing!
  2. Former Bronco 5x Pro Bowler and Super Winning Champion DeMaryius Thomas has reportedly passed away according to his wife.! Friends and family have also took to social media expressing their condolences. Please keep the Thomas family in you’re prayers!
  3. I can understand that the playing from Joe has been Sus he’s had good play calling then a disaster’s play calling the next game but how much can we blame Joe? Honestly because without a QB you can’t execute the plays without a QB!!! Sam Darnold is not it I don’t care what no one has to say anymore Matt cuddles him so much!! I know with any other coaches they would have pulled sam after the Second INT! Sam is Simple HORRIBLE and CANNOT be fixed I cannot be here for a second season with SAM I just can’t
  4. I know he has been injury plagued with the browns but baker hasn’t even been looking his way his father posted a video of Odell beating Man coverage and literally running by himself and baker threw a INT and that drive But if he’s released should Carolina take a look at him? And move Robby to slot Robby has enough speed just not the hands to take a top off of a Defense and it gives Sam anther weapon on the offense. We rank first in drops with 20 what do you guys think ?
  5. JJ Watt Has signed a 2 Yr 31 Million with 23 million Guaranteed contract. To play with his former Teammate DHop Thoughts ? Cardinals also only had 11,173,440 In cap space.
  6. According to Spotrac after releasing Boston , Weatherly , Paraldy Spotrac has us sitting at 9th with 35,231,683 with 22,672,807 in DC for the season I do expect Burris to be released as well and maybe Shaq and Paradis contracts to be re structured to give us a little more money. Who would like Carolina to go after in Free agency?
  7. Ikkkk I’m fudging with you come on now and Teddy should of been thrown under the train .. a bus is to slight
  8. If it’s not a report then JPA shouldn’t of Reported it and PanthersNation it’s a report.
  9. Per David Newton The Panthers are willing to give up 3 first rounds picks and CMC for Watson in my opinion this is way to much Capital for one person .. I rather trade up for a QB then Give away 3 first round picks and CMC.. Let me know your thoughts below instead of CMC trade Shaq ?
  10. Honestly I would love this move hicks is a animal and paid him with brown sheesh
  11. Well guys looks like we’ll be in the market for a DT as well saves us 8,603,250 current cap space is 20,756,242 who would you love Carolina to go after in free agency or draft to replace KK
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