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  1. How many days has it been now? May 25 to June 16? 22 days and counting. Minnesota has shown no spike. New York is opening. Georgia is still plugging along. Are we ready to see it yet?
  2. No we could not do what they did. We did what was needed at the time yet the time is gone and were still sittin here. per capita would matter if we needed to test nation wide. We dont, so, yay!
  3. Day 16 since protests started. Day 47 since GA began opening up. We test more than anyone in the world. Hell Chy-nah just said fuxk it we aint testing poo round eye. Outside of Wuhan, Chy-nah opened up after only 16 days. 16.... 16. We've been down since March? r'You shittin me?
  4. I cant believe folks are still afraid of this thing. On par with other viruses, contagious but less lethal. Look out there. You see those crowds? Today marks day 14 since the protests started. We should be seeing reports from all over the nation about a massive spike. I doubt you'll hear of it tho.
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