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  1. Darnold is a high character guy, but he can't play the quarterback position. Even in college, he was an interception machine. You know who else has great character? Teddy Bridgewater
  2. Nearly every QB drafted in the top 3 goes to a terrible team [otherwise the team never would have been in position to have such a high draft pick]. Franchise QBs find a way to elevate disastrous franchises. Cam Newton went to a 1-15 team Hurney had sabotaged and instantly lifted them to contention. Perhaps Darnold's situation was a little worse than normal, but he showed nothing to indicate he had a future in this league.
  3. Dalton was always good though, right off the gate There was actually a silly debate Dalton should be rookie of the year against Cam.
  4. I'm not sure there are any QBs who started like Darnold who ever had good careers in the NFL. He might have to pull off a first in NFL history.
  5. I've seen Ryan Tannehill cited, but he was actually above average in on a terrible Miami team. In his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th season, he passed for over 4000 yards. His passer rating was always in the 90s, and while not a top tier QB, you couldn't really call him a bust. Tannehill went from pretty good to better, so I would never compare him to Darnold's disastrous start. Drew Brees was also very good in San Diego; are there any examples we can use to have hope for Darnold?
  6. Or perhaps we'll be the 3rd worst team, and need that high 2nd round pick as draft capital to move into the top 2.
  7. Look up the draft value chart for 33rd pick + 4th round pick + 6th round pick So yes, yes it is, if Darnold is terrible again.
  8. The history of draft busts suddenly turning around their career because they went to a better team is pretty sparse. People want to cite Tannehill, but he was actually pretty good in Miami if you look at his statistics. Good QBs find a way to shine even in terrible circumstances; we should know that with Cam Newton.
  9. Mariota is probably 5 times as good as Darnold and could have been gotten for a 6th round pick. But we should have drafted a QB to be honest instead of being content with mediocrity. Or preserved our draft capital for 2022 draft class.
  10. You could package the 33rd-35th pick in the draft with a 4th and 6th rounder to move into the late 1st.
  11. Teddy was mediocre, but a competent game manager with good skill players. Darnold has bee a complete dumpster fire, and you don't win more than 4 games with him unless he improves tremendously.
  12. Why give up 1st round draft value for him when he's been a bust and had little interest from other teams. Rookie GM.
  13. I'm just seeing too many people waive this off as a worthless 'midround pick'. No, it's in fact a very very valuable 2nd rounder which could easily be the top pick of the round [essentially a late 1st]. We will be a terrible team if we get the Jets Darnold.
  14. A late first round pick, but a 1st rounder nonetheless. If Darnold is anything like he has been the past few years for the Jets, we'll be a bottom 7 team picking at the top of the 2nd round. If you add up the other picks we gave up with a high 2nd rounder, it has the same 'draft value' as a late 1st round pick. So Darnold may end up costing us a late 1st rounder, and a tremendous cap hit in his 5th year. That is quite the gamble for a quarterback who has played at his level, regardless of his coaching.
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