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  1. I got to get me some 26 inch rims and some air force 1's!
  2. Anybody know how the coronavirus came about? I was hearing it came from a bat in China.
  3. I heard the same, except my source gave me a date she said starting Monday. Get prepared folks!
  4. I wouldn't ride it out at home if other people living there. Doesn't sound like a safe environment. Just my opinion.
  5. You do realize we are about to have a major shutdown in the US right?
  6. Who's freaking out? Im saying take this serious. I know the people who are freaking out are the people buying up all the grocery stores.
  7. My man people are dying from this, it doesn't matter if they are older people. What if one of those older people are someone in your family? Also infants are at high risk as well. This isn't about protecting the elderly, it's about protecting everyone of all age groups. The virus spreads rapidly. This is just not another flu.
  8. Lighten up in this situation? This seems like a joke to most people and I don't really get it.
  9. You worrying about personal needs in this situation? Nobody cares about you wanting to go to work at the office. And liquor damn sure isn't going to make things better. We have to do better people.
  10. lol I was thinking the same thing.
  11. Not once did I say I had a better life. How about you quit reaching?
  12. Im sure it is nice. But I prefer to enjoy life and what it has to offer. Staying isolated all day is not what I call a productive life.
  13. Just my opinion. Not saying im right or wrong.
  14. Sounds like you living in prison not going to lie. Im not one to tell another how to raise their family, but I would suggest maybe getting out a little bit more with your family after this situation passes over. Stay safe!
  15. That's my point how are you safe at home when your kids have school and your wife has a job? Nobody is going to sit at home everyday for 2 months. At some point you're going to want to go out and have family night.
  16. You make good money, nobody feels your pain.
  17. I guess you have no job and live with somebody else?
  18. Nobody is staying in the house all day though. People will find a reason to go out and come in contact with public places.
  19. Because this is bigger than football. Life and Death situation>Football.
  20. Schools are already getting shut down. It's only a matter of time for NC to shut down their schools.
  21. Wow they already closing schools Nationwide. This about to get ugly for the grocery stores. People better start stocking up on food and water. This might be a while before everything is back to normal.
  22. If you don't have enough can goods in your house to last you 2 months you are doing yourself a disservice. My family has enough to last us at least 3 months. We got a closet with nothing but water. We get delivered huge jugs of water once every month actually.lol
  23. That's literally impossible unless you live at home by yourself and can actually work from home. Wife/girlfriend/kids will still leave you exposed.
  24. The average working citizen doesn't have an office job. What about those major companies like Amazon/Wal Mart etc... those people actually have to go to work because it is a warehouse environment. This is how viruses like these spread. I was just talking to a guy who works for Amazon and he said it's already people testing positive for the virus who work in these warehouses. They are touching products we order online. People don't think about this stuff though. I would stay away from ordering online as well.
  25. Scary times. Be safe people. Im done traveling and eating at fast food restaurants for a while. Going to be a homebody for a few months until this gets under control. Workplace is the most concern. If someone gets it at work it can easily spread. Just think about this when you're at work. Make sure to wash your hand every chance you get.
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