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  1. Does anyone really care?
  2. That's #FakeNews...do you understand why?
  3. Rounds of golf in 8-years as President. G.W. Bush (#43)......24* rounds of golf in 8 years...3 per year. Barry Obama (#44)......333* rounds of golf in 8 years...42 per year. (*all on "the tax payers dime")
  4. Players gonna play... ...stay home if you don't want to play. (Biden supporters cower in the basement)
  5. Doesn't answer the question of when...
  6. Wow. When did he test positive? I think Brian Jones was first to test positve back in mid-April, was Zeke about the same time?
  7. Was Zeke at Dak's big house party?
  8. BTW, your anger is misdirected... ...what allowed that cop to remain on the force was the union contract that is in place. You should redirect your anger toward the union. I suspect you aren't aware of it but there was an ongoing negotiation between the union and the Minneapolis PD but the Police Chief there broke off negotiations on Wednesday. Had that officer been part of CMPD he would have been exited a LONG time ago..... (no union here)
  9. I hear property is available in CHAZ for a song...sounds like your kinda place.
  10. After the first time you didn't learn a lesson and modify your behaviour? Agree with your stance on mass gatherings. PS...one day you will, and they will be there for you despite your incredibly poor attitude.
  11. That is the link. Take a looksee...
  12. www.nypost.com It’s a pretty well know site guess you haven’t heard of it .
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