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  1. Frank finally has a fit team and doesn't know how to play them. Its good to see them flounder though!
  2. The main team will be in the new Rock Hill part of the business the academy will be over in Eastland mall area from my understanding.
  3. its not official is it? I didn't see the announcement??
  4. Alright #charlotteFC fans. Here is the promo for the show dropping next week! Remember to win the #charlottefootballclub plaque you see in the wood stack make sure you have subbed to our channel! Rules will be in the video!!
  5. Hello #charlottefc community. We hope to have two more episodes before the end of the year. Next one we will have a gift for 1 lucky winner. sub to our #youtubechannel https://youtube.com/cltfcfantv it will be the only way to enter. While you at it watch our latest show with #alexilalas
  6. https://youtu.be/9XPkWadSPSE
  7. Quick promo for the next episode to drop next week! dont forget to sub to our youtube channel!! #charlotteFC
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