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  1. https://youtu.be/lxhY04ymQvo
  2. Tuesdays bring fan reactions!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMCZUl8NTFg
  3. Live Watch Along 7:30pm EST Can't get out to one of the watch parties tonight? Come hang with us.. We will discuss the LA game before kick off.. https://youtu.be/mPIB9KxrdbU
  4. I don't think that equation works in the MLS... would be much different if it was Europe or something...
  5. No its not Teppers fault... the league and their rules are crazy... money while it helps is not the fix for all of it... with the closed system it really takes some good moves and luck... This season was buliding a squad and being able to compete... weve done that for the most part... now we upgrade the players that didnt work out and look towards next season... Soccer is worldwide and players that we need are not always available. I think this time next season is when we can truly tell how we are going to be... look at Austin...
  6. Late game tomorrow for us east coasters... come join us for the much anticipated watch along... sometime it gets heated... https://youtu.be/0jrWlDXH4bQ
  7. Tuesday's after home games bring fan reactions!! Like,share,sub and all that fun stuff! https://youtu.be/HAv9xeoDRcw
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