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  1. Australia start in tomorrow morning with Charlotte FC Riley McGree on the roster..
  2. you can find all our thoughts and the folks that watched last night on the replay here:
  3. According to The Athletic Charlotte FC have hired new coach Miguel Ramirez. Join us at 9pm EST to discuss!! Charlotte FC appear to have a new manager Miguel Ángel Ramírez Join us 9pm to discuss - YouTube
  4. Come join us this Wednesday at 9pm as we test your knowledge of Charlotte FC. Winner gets to pick what they would like from our Swag shop! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwyUuKpMlZs
  5. England is who I am pulling for too....
  6. Live show tonight 9pm EST discussing our new signing and current squad! https://youtu.be/cO5ppKEH868
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