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  1. Upcoming Live show!! 3/20/21 @ 9am Join us live this Sat at 9am while we have "breakfast with Bronico!" This will be a live Q&A where you the fan can ask @Bronibro13 your questions. This will be on our youtube channel https://https://youtube.com/cltfcfantv Mark those calendars! https://
  2. here is our discussion on it if interested
  3. i think you can pick between 2-4 years if that helps any.
  4. thanks all were doing what we can... all we ask is you hit the subscribe button!!
  5. Jerseys will be out i imagine this time next year.
  6. Supporters section for sure. Cant wait!! Roll on 2022!
  7. Frank finally has a fit team and doesn't know how to play them. Its good to see them flounder though!
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