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  1. Orlando v Charlotte Watch Along! Join us tonight as we watch Charlotte play Orlando. Is this the night for our first away win? Show will start around 7:20pm https://youtu.be/CKSQTJAeGsw
  2. Every live show we will be giving away one free print of various members of Charlotte FC.. this week is "Miggy Smalls" tune in for your chance to win!
  3. Did you miss last night? Charlotte to play Chelsea - Breaking from @Topbin90 Jaylin signs a new contract Jaws should be in Charlotte this weekend Training facilities are being finalized The list goes on and on https://youtu.be/w2fUfp2rp4A
  4. ATL V CLT fan reactions... Join us tomorrow 9pm EST to discuss the game and chat about this weekends game against "The Revs" Like,share,sub https://youtu.be/mqtIseViQfo
  5. Join us tonight as we discuss the LA Galaxy game and the upcoming game against ATL. We will have Atlanta Fan TV joining us as well. Same link will show the replay if you miss it...
  6. What a weekend... Just a few fan reactions as we kicked off our very first home game!!
  7. Join us tonight as we discuss this past weekend and the upcoming game. During the show we will give away a pair of tickets to one lucky winner! 9pm EST... Like, share, subscribe!!
  8. I would go one further and say ALL the supporters groups made it a great atmosphere
  9. hes not going anywhere just walked up another rung on the corporate ladder
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