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  1. They should have NEVER extended that fake Bruce Lee
  2. When you have Ed Reed, Ray Lewis you’re going to the playoffs Harbaugh is a good coach, no doubt about t but that team went winless last year the moment Lamar went down
  3. Lamar is breaking that Watson contract either with the Ravens or with another team and he’ll be doing it with his momma as his agent. Owners and agents will HATE this deal because it’ll set new precedents but Lamar is that dude and the Ravens are a joke without him
  4. No to new stadium no to funding for practice field time to win back a fan base you’ve managed to obliterate in 5 years
  5. That’s FACTS. I thought Tua was a bust, his schemes and the team personnel have him looking like Mahomes
  6. Dom Capers- Defense Seifert- Defense Teflon John- Defense Rivera- Defense Rhule- used car salesman When will this team get a Brian DaBoll, Mike McDaniel, McVay style head coach, its been over 25 years
  7. Cause anyone with an iQ over 10 knew that Jon Beason Jr was on the board but we instead took a corner
  8. Watched RedZone all day. It was way more fun
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