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  1. Was there last year… believe it or not fans were friendlier there than Dolphins fans
  2. MONSTER FLEX attending an NFL game.... I'll start another Matt Rhule thread
  3. I had some kind of coupon / credit I think with Stubhub, that was my net cost
  4. I ended up doing Ravens, Rams, Bengals… this should be fun
  5. every year I have made it a tradition to pick 2-3 away games to attend with the boys so that over the course of a few years we'll have seen all NFL stadiums. The away games looking juicy this year Rams Ravens Bengals
  6. if anything Austin should get a team
  7. Why is the poster child of ‘journeyman QBs’ running the Elite 11
  8. All the measurables look great.... now it is what's between the ears
  9. This is like a consolation prize for Rhule for sitting in the corner and letting real football men do their work
  10. Penn St is like Linebacker U… them and Miami
  11. Guys like Fitt can get a job at another organization. He’s not going to stake his career for one owner then be scapegoated if it doesn’t work out
  12. This seems to be a draft thus far that is run by Fitt / Morgan Round 1- LT, no getting Pickett cause he is from PITT and the owner wants a QB Round 1- no trading future assets to getting back into round 1 Round 2- watching the board, getting eager but not wasting a future 1st to get back in.... A sinking ship Rhule would want back in Round 3- giving up only a future 3rd and current 4th to lock up arguable a top 3 QB in this draft class.... that's value play right there
  13. That’s like trading gonorrhea for chlamydia….
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