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  1. Unless you’re lucky like @RoaringRiotand go to all away games, what away games do you plan on attending I’ll be going to @NYG and @MIA
  2. Both are MVPs, both at the top of their sport, both have a championship. I’d say given his humble nature, rags to riches story and family centered Giannis has to be the current King of WI. Rodgers while once loved is about to take a chapter from the Brett Favre diplomacy handbook
  3. I can confirm T. Marshall is in Charlotte. I ran into him at the elevators of a popular Charlotte condo building. Welcomed him to the Panthers, he's very tall
  4. Lol at the Falcons thinking he still carried a first round grade Getting a second for his age, decreased production and contract is though very good for ATL. Given TEN talent that second is more like a high 3rd TEN basically is all in to try and get something done in the next 1-2 seasons
  5. Unless you are in rule America without high speed internet who uses Satellite
  6. If you could put #89's heart in KBs rookie body, you'd have a top 5 WR of all time I wish him success and hope he can resurrect his career
  7. No former beat writers who trade future 1sts for second round duds No more bup bup bup egotistical GMs who won’t even entertain trading back ‘a Quarter is better than 2 dimes’ Fitterer is bringing what he learned in SEA to CAR. Volume of picks in later rounds where quantity will eventually yield quality but stuck firm to not trading a top 14 pick where he noted there is a decline in caliber of players beyond that mark He had a fair offseason with his signings and I think demonstrated some real GM skills in this draft Panthers fans have never seen and this team is 3rd
  8. Eli Manning is a two time SB champion. The fact you labeled him Decent to Good instantly turns your analysis to trash
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