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  1. No former beat writers who trade future 1sts for second round duds No more bup bup bup egotistical GMs who won’t even entertain trading back ‘a Quarter is better than 2 dimes’ Fitterer is bringing what he learned in SEA to CAR. Volume of picks in later rounds where quantity will eventually yield quality but stuck firm to not trading a top 14 pick where he noted there is a decline in caliber of players beyond that mark He had a fair offseason with his signings and I think demonstrated some real GM skills in this draft Panthers fans have never seen and this team is 3rd
  2. Eli Manning is a two time SB champion. The fact you labeled him Decent to Good instantly turns your analysis to trash
  3. Ogden Pace Munoz those are generational LTs. He has the tools to be very good, he’s not generational good
  4. Chicago sitting at 20 knows they must get a QB Pace and Nagy are on HOT SEATS Trey Lance is sitting there at 8 Chicago sends 2021: 1st, 2nd 2022: 1st, 5th Carolina sends: 2021: 1st 2022: 6th Carolina gets ammo to make up for 2022 second rounder for Darnold and get a lineman like Slater at 20
  5. Probably one of the wealthiest middle class guys you'd ever meet. Ran into him a couple times at Charlotte City Club
  6. Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round with the 33rd overall pick in the 1991 NFL Draft.[15] On July 19, 1991, Favre agreed to a three-year, US$1.4 million contract with a reported signing bonus of $350,000.[16] Atlanta head coach Jerry Glanville did not approve of the drafting of Favre, saying it would take a plane crash for him to put Favre into the game.[17] Favre's first pass in an NFL regular season game resulted in an interception returned for a touchdown in a game against the Washington Redskins.[18][19] He only attempted four passes in his career at Atlanta, was i
  7. 9th pick- Denver moves up due to fear of someone trading with Carolina to get a QB. Denver selects T. Lance. Carolina picks up an additional 3rd round pick for 2022. Carolina selects Micah Parsons. This team while not fortunate in many departments has had the fortune of AMAZING MLB play (Morgan, Beason, Kuechly) and while Thompson is an athlete, he's no MLB. Fitz knows what an impact MLB can do (Wagner) 39th- Liam Eichenberg OT Notre Dame- Sewell is gone, Slater is not worth the 8/9 pick but Carolina needs to solidify OT if they want to give Darnold a chance. Erving is a JAG, not a long t
  8. Fitt knew Teddy B was NOT the answer Fitt was not going to mortgage our future and trade away arguably one of the best non-QB offensive weapons to get Watson Fitt was not going to give away early round draft capital in this draft knowing our 2nd this year is a borderline first Fitt was not going to send the farm for a completely unknown rookie QB and have no draft assets to help build the team Fitt went out and got a 3rd overall pick 3 years ago for peanuts, still on a rookie deal and has given this team 2 years to evaluate whether or not this is our guy Darnold
  9. This is who was entrusted to coach and manage a #3 overall pick. Everyone thought Tannehill was hot trash, he left a dumpster of a coach and is having a resurgence
  10. He had NOTHING to work with at the armpit of NFL teams known as the Jets He had a deranged coach, look at Tannehill when he left MIA and went to TEN. Gase is POISON He comes to a team where he doesn't have to be 'the guy' he just needs to give it to studs like CMC, Robbie, Moore This isn't a bad trade, a bad trade is getting the Everette Brown's of the world in the second round Look at what backup QBs get traded for, career journeymens like Sam Bradford. Look at what was spent for a 30+ year old in Stafford This was a no risk pick and
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