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  1. No Watson No mega trade for a rookie QB then you roll with Teddy B and go all in next year for a QB
  2. Miami in my opinion is more attractive than CAR opening, they are ready to CONTEND They were gifted the draft pick from HOU over the Tunsil trade, that pick holds high draft currency The Dolphins made the playoffs with Rex Grossman'esque play from Tua, while he is more mobile than Rex Grossman, I don't see this young man translating to an elite NFL QB The Dolphins are projected to have a Top 5 Defense this year https://sportsnaut.com/nfl-defense-rankings/ The Dolphins have over $31 million in cap space and can free up more CAR has better offensive weapons i
  3. The Moton deal should get done regardless of the tag, he should not have to play on the tag. Moton was around when the Daryl Williams disaster occurred https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article227629209.html A promising tackle who was SET to have a massive payday. Gets injured twice in 2018 season Gets signed in 2019 for a one year prove it deal and is not able to regain form Signs for even yet a cheaper deal last year with Buffalo If I am Moton and the offer is for Top 3 RT money and guaranteed money is solid, you take that d
  4. At this point it’s tossing money over damaged goods
  5. What significant mistakes do you feel he’s made?
  6. Overall thoughts on the guy, I am HAPPY this guy is the one writing the checks Never in my 20+ years following the team have I seen such a dedication of resources to having an overall great organization True training facilities No cap restraints on paying for the best possible coach out there (Rhule contract was INSANE) Diligence in the GM process Refusal of mediocrity Finding a loophole to "safeguard" the Richardson statue Soon to be new stadium You don't buy $76 million dollar homes because you are fixated on Jeans Fridays He
  7. Releasing busts like Kalil Releasing Steve Smith Releasing Cam Newton Releasing DeAngelo Williams Releasing Jonathan Stewart The #Panthers cleared almost $13 million in cap space with simple restructures on the contracts of DT Kawaan Short and OL Trai Turner.- Done by Hurney in 2019
  8. So Gettleman didn't come in and cut dead weight? Hurney didn't release players like Cam Scott F seems by all indications that he is going to be solid but moves like this happen every offseason
  9. Eagles WONT be drafting a QB this year they have the worst cap space in the league they will likely trade this pick to acquire more draft capital they will likely have a complete purge of an offseason (Ertz, Jeffrey, Cox, Johnson) and go full tank mode Eagles will have nearly 80 million in cap space 2022 and quite possibly the #1 pick next year due to them having likely having a Carolina’esque 1-15 season this year
  10. Chris Gamble.... I can’t recall the guy giving an interview during his time in Charlotte. For Christ’s sake he is likely the Panthers best corner ever and a total ghost
  11. Moton is a tag if no long term deal is reached Lane Johnson, Jack Conkin and Ju’wan Jones is the market rate Moton is going to be at. Easier to just pony that up and move on
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