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  1. He doesn’t have the NFL size or arm strength and right now his processing has been bust to me he is Danny Wuerfeul 2.0 but he’ll get 2 more seasons to sink or swim
  2. In his personal life he had to overcome demons and work through therapy. I think that level of insight will help him in his professional life
  3. Xavien Howard has like 1648393 children, he’ll be motivated to play
  4. He has 1.5 seasons i wrote him off last year when he doesn’t have the torque to throw 40 yards
  5. Are we really questioning Dan Morgan’s eval of a LB
  6. This isn’t a Dave and Nicole Draft!!!! this isn’t a limp Rhule / Reich draft this guy is in total control of the Panthers draft. Working the board to go up, working the board to go back, getting value i have to see of our recent GMs (Hurney, Fitt, Gettleman) he seems to be BEASTING the draft
  7. Offensive minded coach- check MEGA money spent on fortifying the guards- check Trade for a #1 WR- check Draft a #1 WR- check Draft the first RB taken off the board- check Has a reliable WR veteran- check He has more tools now then Cam had. I am not expecting him to be an All-Pro but he has no excuse to look like a middle school QB out there this year Time to step up big man
  8. And had we not taken him the Giants were
  9. Why am I impressed with Morgan working the draft so far
  10. I can’t recall in recent memory we’ve won a trade so good job Morgan
  11. Posting the picks in advance on here is bush league
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