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  1. This was 100% influenced by his father Joe Horn when your dad is a former pro, they giving you advice on how to get them checks he’ll ball out next year in his contract year, get paid then lay an egg he has now dawg in him
  2. If there's one person who would put David Nicole Tepper in his lane it would Harbaugh
  3. We’re all at risk for CTE just watching the Panthers play let along playing for them
  4. IF Tepper is serious about winning and not meddling Jon Ferrari, Eagles Jon Ferrari, who enters his 17th year working in the NFL and eighth as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, was elevated by the team to assistant general manager during the 2022 offseason. Previously, Ferrari served as the Eagles' vice president of football operations and compliance for more than three years (2019-22). He additionally earned titles as the organization's director of football operations (2018-19) and director of football compliance (2017-18) after originally being hired by Philadelphia as the manager of football compliance in 2016. Prior to joining the Eagles, Ferrari spent time at the league office from 2007-16. He supported the NFL Management Council and spent the final six years as the manager of labor operations. Ferrari also oversaw the administration of the Bill Walsh NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship program. Ferrari completed his undergraduate education at Franklin & Marshall College in 2000. He and his wife, Leslie, have a son, Will.
  5. or the thought of getting paid for 4 years but working for 1
  6. It's great to see him walking upright, was going to offer him my hamstring if he needed it for the remainder of the season
  7. the real estate I occupy in your brain continues to expand..... that's awesome.... I need to stop at the county clerks office and get that deed of ownership recorded
  8. no I am not saying Cam today, I am saying imagine our 2015 roster in the current NFC South, we'd have a reign of dominance
  9. Can you imagine if we had 2015 Cam and Co during this era, it would be a New England style reign of NFC South Championships. A division that is now VOID of Brees, Ryan, Julio, an aging Saints defense, Fournette, etc Now imagine being a good team but having to battle in the AFC East / North The real shame in all this was there was a 3-4 year window of NFC South ownership and it got squandered due to negligent ownership, general management and coaching
  10. they show the same enthusiasm as him... basically ambien level enthusiasm
  11. Bill B is $20 a year, you want Ben and it's a poo show here, you're going to have to make him highest paid in the league. This is going to be the Deshaun Watson coaching edition sweepstakes
  12. Bears and Chargers would offer him a 10-15is a year contract for 4 years If you wanted his attention here to deal with and clean up the mess, it's going to take a massive overpayment
  13. when someone guarantees you $210 million for your signature, you take a hard evaluation of your life and what's important and you sign your name on that line
  14. Ben Johnson will have WAY better options this off-season: Bears with 2 first round picks in the top 5, DJ Moore, familiar with the division, cap space, tradeable assets in Fields, an improving defense Chargers - Top 10 QB, top 10 RB that can catch out of the backfield, top safety, great pair of DEs, top 15 WR. He can turn them from pretenders to contenders OVERNIGHT With that said, any of these franchises will fork out money, so if you're Tepper and have a lifeless team with poor draft capital and no franchise players what's your pitch Money: He has LOTS of it and has not been shy to flex that wallet, current highest paid coach is Bill B at $20 million a year Commitment: he needs to know he won't be a one and done head coach, that to overhaul this is gonna take 3 years minimum Control: he needs to know you won't be meddling with every decision or passing post it notes from your tecmo bowl evaluation My offer is: 7 years, $210 million with Ben to pick his GM and it's only Ben and the GM who have final personnel matters You have shown commitment financially by the annual rate and length of the contract, you've also shown you won't meddle in personnel or pick another flunk GM
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