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  1. loved him jawing with Aaron Glenn in Hard Knocks
  2. It appears he is exploring options where he calls the plays on his own and has his own gameplan install instead of just assisting Andy Reid. He's been with one of the best coaches to do it since 2013, worked with Mahomes as a rookie so if this team is dead set on getting them a young buck QB then having guys like Reich and Bieniemy would do wonders for the development of a QB. Mr. Teppah can easily make him the highest paid OC in the game
  3. I just called Genesis Nursing and Rehab.... Vinny is ready to roll!
  4. 2021 Draft / FA Signing / Trades RD 1, Pick 8: CB Jaycee Horn. RD 2, Pick 59: WR Terrace Marshall Jr. RD 3, Pick 70: OT Brady Christensen. RD 4, Pick 83: TE Tommy Tremble. RD 4, Pick 126: RB Chuba Hubbard. RD 5, Pick 158: DL Daviyon Nixon. RD 5, Pick 166: CB Keith Taylor Jr. FA Signings that year: Reddick- HOME RUN signing, wish we could have resigned AJ Bouye- JAG Perryman- disaster Erving- JAG and should have NEVER been the LT starter Miller- JAG Elflien- serviceable at best C Fox- wish we could have resigned him, he was a high motor guy Arnold- we traded him for CJ Henderson, wish we would have kept him. We need a pass catching TE BADLY DaQuan Jones- serviceable DT Melvin- JAG Luvu- FA signing that has blossomed Darius Clark- Who? David Moore- Who? Micah Simon- Who? Traded for Gilmore- while extremely talented, would NOT have traded for him, we were not "one player away" from competing Resigned Jackson / Thomas- could maybe understand resigning Jackson but Thomas needed to walk I screamed to the top of my lungs wanting Micah Parsons at #8 but Horn is a top 3 NFL CB WHEN healthy. TMJ is still an enigma, we'll see how he fares with a true offensive coach. Christensen is SOLID, Tremble is JAG at the moment but can develop. 2022 Draft OT Ickey Ekwonu (No. 6 overall)- EXCELLENT PICK QB Matt Corral (No. 94 overall)- Too early to tell LB Brandon Smith (No. 120 overall)- will be a contributor to the team Edge Amaré Barno (No. 189 overall)- WHO? OG Cade Mays (No. 199 overall)- great swing lineman CB Kalon Barnes (No. 242 overall)- WHO? FA Signing Bozeman- Top 3 C in the NFL, HUGE Signing Corbett- Incredible guard, excellent signing Foreman- fantastic signing Hekker- Top 3 P in the league Higgins- who Ioannidis- great contributor Littleton- meh Westry- who Wilson- who Woods- solid signing Traded CMC for 2,3,4,5- great trade for a draft depleted team looking to rebuild It is still a work in progress but just off the body of work of 2022 over 2021, Fitterer is IMPROVING in my opinion. In 1 offseason he literally retooled the O-line from one of the worst units to possible a top 5 unit with depth between draft and FA signings. To me his big "misses" were not trading Burns but the team must have him in way higher regards then most of us do, resigning Thomas, letting Reddick walk (was not going to commit to two mega DE deals) and trading capital for Gilmore (it was a 6th so you can't be that upset about it) Keeping Fitt and Morgan as a unit together will be imperative as this franchise tries to find its identity once again and become competitive. Scott Fitterer's biggest enemy is Mr. Teppah who is basically a hybrid of Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder, Terry Pegula. The Mr. Teppah Entertainment who is now a soccer mogul, real estate mogul, coaching hire expert, draft expert, NFL expert, hedge fund expert (this one is actually true). He has to be able to tell David and Nicole Teppah to write the checks and GOMD so that he and Morgan can get poo done.
  5. I think Tepper is doing this just to run up legal fees on Rhule
  6. If there was ever a time I was proud of Tepper ignoring to pay someone, this is the time
  7. nuked his family life to go 7-10 and get smashed by Dallas.... congrats
  8. Vontaze Burfict has entered the chat
  9. CIN needs to spend their ENTIRE draft rounds 1-7 on OL
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