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  1. Welcome to the NFL young man, every DT in the league is a freak athlete
  2. if you had his money would you prefer Charlotte or SF.... end of discussion
  3. basically took DK out of the game. A true physical lockdown corner. While I still prefer Parsons, having a half a field locked down opens up a D-coordinators options
  4. Great stadium and city, center say enough how fun 2015 was there
  5. You're really upset over a pro bowl alternate journeyman backup QB who has over a decade of Quarterbacking experience that came in on a bare bones deal?
  6. It's finally nice to meet you Darren.... your wife Karen is lovely
  7. I mean to me it's just "meh" nothing authentic about it or true to the area. I went to the Rams stadium last year and that damn thing was like the Taj Mahal Green Bay I've been, very iconic SEA has a gorgeous stadium Saints even with as old as the dome is, just a great atmosphere ATL stadium was like being at a mall, nothing to get you "pumped" for a football game, that was just my take
  8. Ford Field is MI.... what's that have to do with SEA?
  9. my boys are really stoked on that one, I got us an Airbnb right on Pike St to be in the middle of it all
  10. CHI will have a great storyline game as which team is faring better given the trade for #1, primetime game, cheap flight from CLT to CHI.... I look forward to that game
  11. That stadium might be the worst ‘new stadium’ I’ve ever seen. But the draw is hard to resist as it’s opening game
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