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  1. Welcome to the NFL young man, every DT in the league is a freak athlete
  2. if you had his money would you prefer Charlotte or SF.... end of discussion
  3. basically took DK out of the game. A true physical lockdown corner. While I still prefer Parsons, having a half a field locked down opens up a D-coordinators options
  4. Great stadium and city, center say enough how fun 2015 was there
  5. You're really upset over a pro bowl alternate journeyman backup QB who has over a decade of Quarterbacking experience that came in on a bare bones deal?
  6. It's finally nice to meet you Darren.... your wife Karen is lovely
  7. I mean to me it's just "meh" nothing authentic about it or true to the area. I went to the Rams stadium last year and that damn thing was like the Taj Mahal Green Bay I've been, very iconic SEA has a gorgeous stadium Saints even with as old as the dome is, just a great atmosphere ATL stadium was like being at a mall, nothing to get you "pumped" for a football game, that was just my take
  8. Ford Field is MI.... what's that have to do with SEA?
  9. my boys are really stoked on that one, I got us an Airbnb right on Pike St to be in the middle of it all
  10. CHI will have a great storyline game as which team is faring better given the trade for #1, primetime game, cheap flight from CLT to CHI.... I look forward to that game
  11. That stadium might be the worst ‘new stadium’ I’ve ever seen. But the draw is hard to resist as it’s opening game
  12. Haven’t you been to Mia? will I meet the legend in Jax?
  13. Very nice Stadium. Went there when Cam invented Tennessee Mom, don’t know why they need to build a new stadium
  14. Closing in on seeing a fair amount of these stadiums but this year the boys picked: SEA- I have been there before when Cam and Co played against them in the playoffs, that damn KAM Chancellor ended our night. This will be the first time the littlecats go with me CHI- first time at Soldier field, wanted to see it before the stadium gets replaced with some suburban metropolis. Should be a VERY fun Thursday night matchup. Jacksonville- Taking the RV South and enjoying warmer weather in St. Augustine FL, haven't been to the Jags stadium but wanted to see it before they inevitably become a full time London team. Will make a end of year holiday trip with the kids at the RV resort Notable miss- LIONS, wanted to go to that game badly, should be a fun matchup and I was in that Stadium when it was relatively new, went there when it was PITT/SEA with friends other than Lions game, we've been to every other away games stadium to attend a Panthers game so this is really getting to be a kinda neat fulfillment with the kids as they've gotten older, I am starting to feel like an old man
  15. Did this fella really have us as a 12 win team with a rookie QB?
  16. like beating Tampa in a meaningless game last season would have set this franchise back at least another 3 seasons
  17. Long term vision…. 20+ years and no back to back winning seasons
  18. We beat the Bucs- we win the division, get a 20th pick instead of 9, out of contention for the #1 pick, likely retain Wilks and a cut rate coaching staff and get embarrassed by Dallas in the playoffs. This off-season we’d be excited about signing a Jimmy G / Derek Carr kind of QB #vomit We take the L… we get the #9 pick, new coaching staff that turns out to be on paper quite possibly the best staff Tepper’s wallet can get, we trade draft capital and get the #1 pick, get aggressive in FA and suddenly things look optimistic after 5 years of dire Had we taken more L’s… we’d likely be sitting at 4 or 5, could have still gotten the #1 pick but it would likely not cost us DJ Moore Sometimes you have to think long term health of the franchise and had we racked up more pointless wins last year we wouldn’t be enjoying the position this team is finally in
  19. can’t fault a young man to get that signature, go to work and collect a decent six figure check to get his situation improved The numbers might move a little, but this provides a solid framework to work from for determining how much each pick will make from 2023 to 2026. The first pick of the fifth round will sign a contract worth approximately $4.224 million and receive a signing bonus of approximately $384,680
  20. He needs to win back the fan base. He’s done some boneheaded things of past years
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