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  1. that 2004 team should have won the Super Bowl..... had all the makings RIP Mills
  2. I remember when Gross was a rookie but everyone knew he was going to be a day 1 starter and he did. We had HOT TRASH for an o line last year and Rhule thinks he’s playing 4D chess saying Ick has to earn the spot , he’s a day 1 starter Fhule
  3. Not crazy about them and kinda feel this is the NFLs way of putting lipstick on player safety but whatever. Many times the concussion has nothing to do with impact but with velocity and sudden change in head position. Is this used in college or high school?
  4. DJ gets a lot of grief on this site and nationally he isn’t recognized but the guy gets YARDS. Yes hasn’t gotten the ball in the end zone as often but how much of that is a team function vs reflection on DJ. look at the past 3 seasons yards leaders then look at what DJ is getting paid and he did it with a carousel of horrific QB play. great work by Fitt getting a top 7 WR at a market fair rate
  5. Anything short of being forced to sell would be an insult given how quickly Richardson had to fold
  6. Team are going to average 100yd rushing against us
  7. How we passed on this decade’s version of Jon Beason / Patrick Willis for Horn will forever be painful
  8. Not the hero we deserve but the hero this forum needs
  9. So for the equivalence of Derrick Brown, Star Lotuleli and Vernon Butler we could have had Watson and 6 game wrist slap had Mr. Brass Balls money talks just guaranteed his contract Yay for Baker / Darnold
  10. 11 rings… will never be achieved again RIP GOAT met him once, amazing man
  11. Good to see the hate is in mid season form
  12. Because that was the last time I genuinely was excited or had faith in this team
  13. Not often do you see a league MVP and all world talent just fall off a cliff and it’s sad to see. Many will point to the SB as the event that Cam was never the same. For me it was November 8, 2018. I was at that Steelers game, team was flying to PIT 6-2 and Cam started that season COOKING. CMC was a stud, this team had a fast start Go up early against the Steelers 7-0 and I’m like here this team goes, we got this. Costly turnovers and the Steelers D. Cam was sacked 5 times one of which I feel that TJ Watt basically finished off Cam’s shoulder. Team went on to finished 7-9 from a 6-2 start and Cam was never the same since
  14. this makes the WNBA attendance seem enticing. Dan Snyder has single handed Lu turned a storied franchise into a cesspool
  15. it's that time of year where everyone looks incredible in gym shorts then the pads come in 8 weeks and we're seeing ghosts
  16. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article263676168.html first Rock Hill, now Charlotte….
  17. This is becoming a recurring theme he’s really trying to become disliked more than Ray Woolridge and George Shinn x 20 This guy perfected the pull out method better than a practicing catholic.
  18. I personally would... the reward is greater than the risk at this point Brown- Called out fans, lazy work ethic, if he doesn't show out this year then may earn the B label. I would say he is NOT RELIABLE as our # 1 DT Nixon- flashes, could be good, not ready to rely on him full time Roy- JAG Hoskins- flashed in a few games, not ready to rely on him full time Ionnadis- good when healthy, the WHEN should be emphasized Mccall- project draft pick Stah may not be the same player that lined up next to KK back in the day but if he can be an obvious run down rotational DT, it would stop the gap of teams just rushing right up the gut then getting the second level against our undersized LB core. TD and Kuechly's best years were behind Star
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