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  1. This is what happens when you’re paying 3 coaches in one season
  2. But he couldn’t dive on a loose ball in the Super Bowl
  3. I can’t believe no one has mentioned ’yea if he’ll do vet minimum’
  4. A family man a DAWG man O-line wrecker All the traits for us to drag out this negotiation and BOTCH it
  5. https://www.forrestquinn.com/panthers as I was driving on 77 south yesterday I noticed this. I approve, great work calling out Tepper
  6. A vastly under appreciated Panther He was special
  7. You’re better off taking that $100 and supporting a single mom on Taco Tuesday then betting on the Panthers to win the super bowl
  8. Psychological Warfare Former Eagles coach Andy Reid brings in 49ers villain BigDom for ‘security’ Greenlaw suffers a fluke injury on the sideline
  9. Agreed but this play was also at the most crucial time of the game like last year, not like it was run randomly in the second quarter
  10. at this point Reid is just trolling DC’s you’d think Wilks would be prepared for this
  11. Now I’m happy for CMC….. enjoy that L
  12. I could give two poo’s about him. He made ‘business decisions’ while getting paid millions to represent the Panthers. Fug him
  13. Been to Brasil, beautiful country but VERY dangerous place. Enjoyed being part of a BBQ Festival in Southern Brasil
  14. Tag and trade Burns to DET for their 29, J-Mo, 2nd in 2025 this way we have 29 and 33 and J-mo
  15. Morgan wants DAWGS on a feline team Who’s your dawgs? Luvu- certified dawg Brown- alpha dog Thielen- gritty dawg Chuba is a dawg Who’s not a dawg burns is not a dawg eke is not a dog sanders is not a dawg Horn is a female dawg
  16. Dude is a mental midget who dropped a game altering catch against KC we have no need for him
  17. He has a glaze stare to him that lights are on but nobody is home.
  18. My guy didn’t even blink for 237282 seconds I don't think this is a double chinned yes man kind of person
  19. Bryce Young has the makings of an amazing QB He just needs: 2 hall of fame WRs a Hall of Fame RB a hall of fame OL prime Andy Reid scheming plays give him that and I PROMISE you the kids gonna be great
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