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  1. this is why I voted NO for the internet pipeline to Gastonia
  2. Many don't want to hear it but his prime window is closing Rivera and now Rhule ran him into the ground. The best ability is availability
  3. This is where having a dad who played in the league over a decade is invaluable.... Whether you like Joe Horn or not, the advice he's giving Jaycee right now comes from veteran experience
  4. 4 yrs $65 mil.... $30 of which is guaranteed.... Sound fair?
  5. He's the second best coordinator on this team
  6. Really hate it for this young man. He was getting his confidence going
  7. It would take 4 injury and a natural disaster before Ronald would plat a rook
  8. So you're saying Phil Snow >>>> RONALD Rivera
  9. He looked good on the route / catch for a blocking TE
  10. 30 touches week 1 30 touches week 2 and had to leave with cramps for a bit You'd think the coaching staff would have given CMC a few series off instead of running him into the ground by week 3
  11. Adam Gase is trash Jets are trash Robert Salah will be fired in 24 months
  12. You think the Gase thing is a funny little meme because Tannehill and Darnold improved post-Gase, and because the Broncos won the Super Bowl immediately after he left. Then you see he left LSU after 2002, and they won the national title in 2003. Then you realize how deep it goes 7:54 PM · Sep 23, 2021·Twitter Web App 2,473 Retweets 252 Quote Tweets 17.9K Likes Kevin Clark @bykevinclark · 9h Replying to @bykevinclark I regret to inform you—this is not a joke—that Adam Gase’s Michigan high school, Marshall, won the state title in the first season after his 1996 graduation.
  13. This team hasn't trailed to my knowledge any point this season
  14. It's never a 'blessing' to lose a top 3 NFL RB
  15. This might be our best tandem DE not named Peppers / Rucker
  16. DJ Moore.... Critical catches to move some late quarter chains
  17. Shaq Thompson Brian Burns Derrick Brown Jermaine Carter All came signed sons poster, jersey and gave him their gloves... Unreal.. I love this team
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