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  1. So you’re like the village idiot…. Here I was thinking you just targeted me with your stupidity.
  2. Aaron Donald deserves to have a SB ring
  3. Bengals 49ers it’ll be an amazing SB
  4. Tell me how my ass tastes loser
  5. This may go down as the biggest choke in history
  6. Careful… Mouthbreather association will see that and ride your tail with every post
  7. Hit the ground. Play is over. Penalty happened afterwards
  8. The Bengals are an O-line away from being perineal SB contenders burrow was sacked 9 times today
  9. Nah I’m gonna jump on the Cincinnati wagon for a year and root for them, I like their story and team.
  10. I’d rather BOA be filled with transplant Eagles/Giants/Cowboys fans until the point is proven that Rhule has lost the fanbase
  11. I’m all for that hedge funds only understand money. The less we support financially, the more Tepper loses
  12. I’ve sat through 1-15 I’ve sat through Jimmy C I’ve never felt as cheated being a PSL holder for this upcoming season. If MIA can fire Flores, why are we holding onto Rhule So I’ll pay my PSLs and immediately sell all the game tickets I won’t attend the home or away games I’ll casually watch them if they are on Redzone sure this board is fun but I no longer have this attachment to a rudderless team until Tepper fixes this horrific wrong. Rhule is hands down, the worst coach in team history cue the Patriots jokes, that’s fine but turning in my Panthers fanboy card for 2022 is one of the most mental health relieving exercises I can do and if I can get my money out of the tickets and sell them to opposing fans than thats 3 more non panthers fans in the stadium and I’m net neutral on my PSL financial commitment
  13. can we sign Brian Flores... like SERIOUSLY.... the Fins never quit on this guy.
  14. Hahaha whodey…. Whodey thought they was gonna get into the playoffs!!!!
  15. Sad to see a prize fighter go out like that moRON really did a shitty job protecting Cam all these years, he’s busted
  16. Nice man but if you can’t have back to back winning seasons with prime Luke, Cam, Davis, Olsen, Kalil, Johnson you’re not really an amazing coach
  17. If the goal is to embarrass hedge dung magnate David Tepper to fire Rhule, I’d like to play a part https://www.blipbillboards.com/billboard-locations/north-carolina/charlotte/ was thinking of taking a billboard on I-77, 277, 485 with a black and blue theme ‘Fire Rhule’ I’ve never done a billboard but a lot of you on here are pretty creative. I’ve never been this disinterested in Panthers football and I actually tuned in during the 1-15 season
  18. Finally something you’ve posted that I agree with
  19. I’m going to say Reddick the guy has double digit sacks and showed up all season long, he made a ton of impactful plays. Proved he wasn’t a one year wonder, showed us all why Temple is amazing runner up- Zane Gonzalez, 90.9% FG rate, that’s money right there
  20. No…. Very proud of the men for taking the L
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