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  1. Packers - Conceited Snobbish Rodgers! Why does everything seem to fall the Packer Way? Love to see Rams pull the upset. Ravens - Jackson is on fire! I smell a burning upset over a surprisingly good Bills team. Chiefs - Mahomes ain’t letting this one slip away! Even if their defense struggles and gives up a ton of points, he will find a way in the end to win. Saints - This years team seems to be better than the others they’ve rolled out during there four year divisional run. Doubt they can win in Lambeau but should take care of business at home vs Bucs this Sunday. May come do
  2. Am I the only one here that doesn’t think it’s the end of the world if a team representing the tough NFC South ends up with the trophy? At the end of the day I think, year in year out, top to bottom, the four NFC South teams are solid. Everyone’s SB favorite Green Bay may have went 3-1 vs the South this year but was fortunate not to have been 1-3. Brady played in a division of pansies his entire career until this season. Never even lost two games in a season to the same division opponent. Comes to the south and the Saints knock him off twice in his first year. Just saying, let the cream of the
  3. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2020/05/15/saints-sean-payton-bucs-tanked-to-draft-jameis-winston/
  4. Hold at nine and take best player available.
  5. Happy New Year! Keep on Keeping On!
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