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  1. Did you predict Pickett going in the 20's and Malik / Corral going 3rd round? Someone always falls. Richardson is a day two pick for sure. I think Levis could be available at 9 but they will trade up for Stroud.
  2. weird ass list, trying to be edgy with some of these rankings. oh and the sooner yall accept that we aren't picking at 9 the easier this will all be.
  3. man theres some great options this year. how much money do we have to spend roughly? especially after cutting Shaq, Elf, Thomas, etc.
  4. perhaps you have me confused with someone else? This is a pretty small bet that I'm super confident in if anyone wants to take me up on it.
  5. I guess I read it wrong I thought you said than draft any QB in this draft. We are going to trade up for one of them for sure. If we go with Carr we're gonna trade picks and take on a huge contract.
  6. Yeah I've seen their tape, I don't want Richardson at all. I've seen Corral's tape too and watched him in limited preseason action vs 4th stringers and he looked awful. To say Corral looks better than prospects like Young and Stroud is just wrong.
  7. haha there's some good agents out there for sure but my God I've never seen someone get such large commissions for such little work.
  8. bro wtf is going on here lately with these takes...
  9. The Rams bringing in Stafford who was always held back by Detroit and surrounding him with a super team that was designed to play a super bowl at home while Snoop and Dre held down the half time show was a one off NFL Hollywood script. Same goes for Brady X Tampa tbh. Drew Brees is the only example I can think of in NFL history where this worked.
  10. rarely in this league is one mans trash another mans treasure at the QB position.
  11. a lot of you guys don't learn from your mistakes in life, do you?
  12. man this gives me PTSD from my home sale. What a nightmare. If I could do it all again I would've used Open Door or Redfin and said yall figure it out and let me know what I get at the end. glad you fired him, I hate real estate agents in general. no way you have to pay closing costs up front. Even if the buyer was asking you to cover closing costs and he was not making that clear, it would come out of proceeds. But yeah, we don't know how much you owe vs how much you're selling it for obviously.
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