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  1. we got hung up on him running crisp routes in shorts and a t-shirt and trying to strike gold with another Ole Miss receiver. Tank Dell worked out with Stroud and lobbied with Stroud to be their pick and prove people he was worthy, hungry. Our team needs more players like Tank, hungry, ready to prove people wrong. Not highly regarded players from big schools thinking they'll be able to do what they did vs Vanderbilt in the NFL.
  2. hey the man that brought us this team was a former NFL TE, not a former owner or anything. fug it man I barely care anymore.
  3. Gantt says 10:30am EST but I also see 12:30pm EST, which is it?
  4. the kid in me loves this idea, but we tried the ex-player reunion thing with an all star big name staff. I want young, hungry disciples of proven coaching trees that are innovative and motivated to turn themselves into big names.
  5. actually watch it be Tabor so people can't say Tepper made the wrong choice twice not hiring the interim because he get us a few rah rah wins while everyone was resting their starters.
  6. I don't even fugging know or care anymore. hopefully one of the Johnson's. I like Frank Smith Miami OC that helped repair Tua. who knows though I can't believe we're doing this back to back years.
  7. their social media doesn't even caption their posts anymore. They just post a picture of the final score with no caption. truly ugly times in Charlotte.
  8. having a 4 figured bet on the under in that game x Rhule absolutely choking slapped better than any Panthers win in the last several years.
  9. let's trade Bryce and like a third for Stroud too
  10. yeah we really could have kept the culture in tact, kept a lot of these veterans mentioned and even a veteran coach like Wilkes. Could've kept Cam as back up / cheerleader and drafted a guy like Stroud or AR to take the reigns and bring some youth excitement into the team. The whole Jerry Richardson thing really nuked a lot of that unfortunately and obvi that gave us Tepper. It is what it is, can't live in the past. What we can do is keep blowing this thing up until we get the right combo of coaches, FO and players. that is the only way.
  11. Bryce will never work out here in Carolina but watch him have some annoying rah rah season like Josh Dobbs in 5 years from now when he's holding a clip board for some other team and gets a shot to do his dink and dunk crap for a team with actual weapons and OL protection when their starter goes down.
  12. not sure, I'm not an odds maker. It was 10.5 but I bought a couple points to avoid a double L.
  13. nice play by clemson, I have money on them today - but UNC looks far superior atm.
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