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  1. I would literally just be clapping Olivia Culpo all day never leave my house.
  2. I'm really excited about this kid I see tons of Mahomes in him.
  3. And the school? None other than Oaks Christian in Westlake Village, CA. Home of Jimmy Clausen. Take that FWIW.
  4. I am a Miami fan, Rambo is a gamer. Really excited he gets a shot to try out for my NFL team.
  5. Especially when it was a fight with those snootyass Gretzky kids.
  6. I'm putting cash on duke ML, I think they wanna escort coach K to the ship. no way UNC beats them twice in a row.
  7. I'm all in on hearing either of these guys names called. Give em shot, we need a QB man. Sick of these retreads.
  8. wait are we still believing this person when it comes to news
  9. one thing you can't spend enough money on is a good lawyer.
  10. I could accuse you of touching my peepee, right now. there would be no evidence, but that didn't mean it did not happen. now add the in the fact the Watson has a poo ton of a cash and we live in a world where women get the benefit of the doubt in these situations. we also live in a world where rock star lawyers will gather a group of people with a common interest and pursue the legal route to try and make cash for them and off of them. sad world, let's move on. play ball.
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