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  1. please send example of the last time this strategy worked, will venmo you a grand.
  2. That is way too much for an unknown product, and when you break down the success rate in doing something like this - the statistics aren't friendly.
  3. the only logical response for this kid is if he is into betting. which even then it would be a bullshit way of phrasing that.
  4. LMAO come here son, I got time today. Let's expose this lie real quick.
  5. you "unfortunately" have to watch hours of game film? please explain this BS lmao.
  6. I'm ready to pull the trigger, you need a superstar at QB and if Fitt claims he can nail all the mid round picks then this should be a no brainer.
  7. lol the fans from the 2015 wave are the worst. they have no idea who delhomme was.
  8. yeah sounds like they thought hiring a guy that he hit it off with at the pro bowl one year would change his mind lmao.
  9. they literally hired this guy to try and entice DW to stay, that's gotta hurt. come on home Deshaun.
  10. Please don't talk about 03 or 15, it's honestly taken me years to get over that. I dead ass almost lost my mind after the Denver loss. That's when I realized I was too invested and needed to stop worrying about things I can't control. I tried not to tell myself the league is fake or anything either because that would be probably kill the fun for me.
  11. I have a good feeling about Mac Jones. Not sure if I want to be the team that takes the risk, but I would definitely be kicking myself if he pans out. Not going to say any names, but he reminds me of a poor mans version of a QB playing next Sunday.
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