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  1. I put him and their RB Booker in my Fantasy lineup just in case, help lube the penetration if you will.
  2. idk Chad Cota seems like a super random person to pretend to be. btw this is Terrace Marshall yall live from Metlife.
  3. which game are you referring to? you can't run a hurry up the whole game for obvious reasons, you'll gas the defense but you'll gas your offense simultaneously. and also get your defense back on the field faster with less rest.
  4. I've grown accustomed to expecting opposite of what Rhule says. That means hurry up tempo, 5 wide, fug it chug it football. Hopefully similar to the game tying drive that we saw.
  5. Joe Davis and Greg Olsen what a fuggin combo
  6. you could prob buy a solo ticket on one of several apps an hour before the game or outside of the stadium from someone.
  7. My apologies for not quoting you verbatim, I am a pysch major not a law major.
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