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  1. I've been to AZ twice and had bad experiences with opposing fans, Phoenix fans in general are a raucous bunch just FYI.
  2. God damn I wish had as much free time as some of you these days.
  3. people that have money to spend on basic things like this and don't want to deal with ads, lag, etc.
  4. lmao Charlotte, NC and San Clemente, CA could not be any different.
  5. I need a TV show to record my calls at work, this is childs play.
  6. Dante Rosario Kony Ealy Melvin White Charles Godfrey Richard Marshall
  7. Damn so DJ is changing his number?? Is he trying to get #1??
  8. you got venmo or Zelle? Daily limit is $2500, not sure what you mean by every dime but let's start there?
  9. Love it! Definitely gonna buy that jersey.
  10. I can't even find the right gif to describe my reaction. this deserves it's own damn thread. wtf happened?!?!
  11. that's fire, I'm glad he went with 24. another future star to dawn #24 and play CB for the Panthers? Ricky Manning Jr Josh Norman James Bradberry Jaycee Horn
  12. I'm starting to see jerseys, photoshop, etc with him wearing #1. With the new rule changes, this could easily happen. Will the team veto it? Does Horn not care? Can't believe this hasn't been discussed yet...
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