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  1. Hurts, Mac, Tua, Herbert, Mahomes, Jacson, the list goes on.
  2. If Shi or Terrace made that play it would be jersey time for a lot of mfers.
  3. don't get hung up on my use of wording. the tide is obviously changing.
  4. Tepper can make all of this right if he does the following: Let Dan Morgan handle the interview / pitch to bring Ken Dorsey back home as the HC. They have relationship, he's ready and worthy obviously. Draft Bryce Young with our high pick, give up whatever you have to to move up. These Bama QB's went from being unreliable to the factory. It's the only way to right this ship.
  5. I'm way passed #firemattrhule, I'm pushing #sellthepanthers.
  6. it starts at the top, as in our owner. and that isn't changing. enjoy your football team, Charlotte.
  7. don't give me hope like that...my financial advisor is begging me to stop betting on the Panthers.
  8. damn a squad of college kids were two bad calls and a 60 yard FG away from beating an NFL team?
  9. plain and simple, our owner is too stubborn and his football IQ is too low to understand that this is one him.
  10. Icky, LMFAO. kid is trash. Beat like a drum. I don't care if it's his first game vs Garrett. Dude is not a top 10 LT. Horn, LMFAO. This is his rookie season since he broke his foot back pedaling. The kid has no idea what he's doing, penalty riddled, can't wrap, can't cover, looks lost. Two HUUUUUUGE misses back to back drafts. This will set us back YEARS. FYI we should have won, that call on Burns was ass. I was going to make this thread regardless.
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