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  1. I can't even find the right gif to describe my reaction. this deserves it's own damn thread. wtf happened?!?!
  2. that's fire, I'm glad he went with 24. another future star to dawn #24 and play CB for the Panthers? Ricky Manning Jr Josh Norman James Bradberry Jaycee Horn
  3. I'm starting to see jerseys, photoshop, etc with him wearing #1. With the new rule changes, this could easily happen. Will the team veto it? Does Horn not care? Can't believe this hasn't been discussed yet...
  4. the legion of boom made their mark by doing this. playing physical but not completely crossing the line and breaking the rules.
  5. DJ Moore Robby Anderson Terrace Marshall Jr. David Moore Shi Smith Omar Bayless
  6. you guys wouldn't believe some of the info being tossed around behind the scenes. there are insiders, scouts, and other paid professionals that go behind this decision making and play a role in navigating their board. Christensen may have been the target, but analysis and other information pertaining to his interest elsewhere may have come to light in real time during the draft. while making this decision they also may have received information on Marshall, and his interest level increasing. that's why Fitt traded back to a spot where he knew he could get Marshall and gain
  7. The point is, you don't mess with your QB's psyche until given a reason to. Sam was brought here to have a second chance without pressure and a better supporting cast from top to bottom. Why throw a wrench in it by drafting a top 10 QB?
  8. damn I had no idea that @Verge and Nat_ whatever were the same person.
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