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  1. So I was just sitting here thinking panther this, panther that and it struck me Lets just trade 3 first for Watson and get this show on the road. We're young, hot and ready. If there was a team to do this successfully, it's the Carolina Panthers. We're built for this trade--- RIGHT NOW. Would be a dynasty I'm thinking. 3 firsts and Donte to sweeten the pot.
  2. Just want to remind yall besides Brian's 3 untouched sacks in the first 3 weeks he has pretty much missed every one since then. He might have gotten 1 more I forgot. But missed probably 5 more
  3. Im not willing to go that far yet. But seriously, it isn't a stretch to say he should have 10 sacks right now. He's good for a miss or 2 per game lol
  4. Brian Burns. The destroyer of tackles. The conqueror of double teams. The... King of missing. He is my favorite player on Defense but my god he misses so frequently. He should have 10 sacks right now at least on the season. How do you beat the fugg out of the tackle and miss the fragile little QB? This happened a lot last year too. This isn't new
  5. Vikings 35 Panthers 21. We don't have a corner who can stop Justin Jefferson
  6. A time machine so we can get a different quarterback
  7. Sam for sure ain't it. Took the words out of my mouth. Everything. Please poo Me as well.
  8. Sam doesn't just throw picks. He makes horrible decisions and thinks he can fit the ball into tight areas like he's Patrick Mahomes. The O line gave him enough time on multiple occasions and the guy is just lost. This type of behavior can't be fixed. He simply has no vision
  9. Our O line is horrible as a whole, why is it with you know it all's people either agree with you or that suddenly makes someone not a full time fan? Two things can be true. Our guards are terrible and our left tackle is terrible.
  10. Lol I stare at burns every play of the game when we're out there. They moved him around and he hardly got any pressure va Tunsil. His sack he came in untouched just like he has with all his other sacks so far. He was getting tossed around lol. I love burns, I'm not pushing some agenda against him, I have no bias
  11. Wtf? Why are you people hating? Is this how you treat all Carolina huddle people?
  12. Yes I get it. You think you're the smartest guy in the room. Complete moron lol
  13. They're heading into rebuild mode. Tunsils ability won't help the team enough to win anyway. And they could fetch more picks for the rebuild
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