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  1. So we can play press man with him and Jaycee and Brian burns & Reddick will eat
  2. They're both on the final years of their deals, I'm just looking ahead to the future. If Donte doesn't wanna stay here, we might as well get something back for him now, and this was what I came up with
  3. If we need to add a couple extra picks to make this even, we should do it. Fittergoat will get them back anyway in next year's draft
  4. Alright. Hear me out. Donte is a very serviceable corner with some upside, and he is a nice chess piece to have on the defense. That being said, he's in the final year of his deal and unless we resign him soon it looks like he could hit the open market. If the patriots would go for it, why not trade Donte for Stephon to pair him with Jaycee? Stephon is a top 3 press corner in the league and would mesh beautifully with Jaycee. He could also teach him and polish his game up considering they're in the same mold. We could keep Stephon for the final years of his career... 2 Gamecocks cor
  5. Trey Lance was my cookie. Now Kyle pitts and Sewell are the cookies
  6. Nobody unless it's a king's ransom. We desperately need a blue chip player with our first pick. We can't get too cute and waste it. We're really not that far off competing.
  7. Rashawn Slater. NFL evaluators don't even know if he can sustain play at left tackle and think he needs moved inside. "With your number 8 pick, that could be used to find a slam dunk player, Rashawn Slater left.... GUARD!!!"
  8. We could have 3 WR who go over 1,000 receiving yards easily. This would be much better then what we had with curtis. Man! I just don't wanna take someone who's average. I know we have needs.. I just want a slam dunk. I'm not sold on slater so imo if Sewell is gone we need to take BPA... Everything will work itself out
  9. Why are we so sold on slater when the majority of draft pundits are questioning whether he's even going to be playing Left tackle? If it's not a true Left tackle I don't want him...
  10. Bottom line is I want a slam dunk. I like slater but is he a slam dunk??? Idk. Jamarr chase to me looks like a slam dunk.
  11. Also. Joe Brady had Jamarr at LSU.. could imagine he's halfway pounding the table for him if Pitts or Sewell aren't there
  12. Hear me out. I know we never invest in left tackles and this is a prime opportunity to do so, but if Kyle pitts and Penei Sewell are gone, would anyone really be MAD about picking Chase? By all accounts he's the best prospect we've seen since julio. Can you truly be mad taking Julio Jones at 8?
  13. Awful, awful, awful, and awful and would have been none of their faults
  14. Sorry you have the I.Q of a squirrel my boy. I'll be sure to make it perfect just for you. You need the extra help
  15. You've gotten more poo today with your takes then I have ever. I been paying attention. Might be time for you to make an Alt
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