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  1. Yes and paved the way for QBs like Bryce young. Showed that size doesn’t 100% cripple you
  2. The history shows my ideas are usually right. So disagreeing with my analysis is technically the same as playing with fire
  3. Think about this. Fitterer came from Seattle where he had Russell Wilson. He’s quite undersized and had an amazing Seattle career. If rumor is true Tepper likes Bryce Young as well, it just makes sense he will be the guy especially if he shows out at his pro day. The size thing. Y’all are overthinking it. and why should we be excited? A Russell Wilson in his prime was fun to watch and Bryce young is a lot like him in my opinion. Our version of him could be even better. That will be must watch football. Let’s be honest all of you would take Prime Russell right now… People are gonna call me crazy but hey. Check my last posts. I always get poo’d and yet I’m always right. I said last YEAR WE SHOULD TRADE CMC AND DJ MOORE for the highest capital possible because we just weren’t gonna get it done with them due to other circumstances. Called that. *shrugs* Bryce young will be the pick.
  4. Just for deshaun Watson to beat our asses twice a year and keep us from doing anything for the next 10 years trade the farm. Trade burns. Trade DJ Moore. Trade CMC. Trade Chinn. It’s all for nothing
  5. Except the saints because they have nobody enticing to even give up
  6. Well. New Orleans is going to end up with him and only have to give back a bag of chips because they have absolutely no good young talent on that roster. Make it make sense to me …
  7. I don’t understand how or what the saints would trade for him they have no young pieces that are elite like we do … if he goes there he’s a straight clown
  8. Trade CMC for one of the jets first round picks. Draft Tyler lindenbaum and Evan Neal / Trevor penning / ekwonu. Draft / sign a back or two and become a running back by committee team. Resign one of donte Jackson or reddick. Find a qb next year or trade for a qb next year
  9. at least he would be the weak spot and one of the few spots needing replaced going into this year (if we made those above picks)
  10. 1st round) Micah Parsons 2nd round) Asante Samuel jr 3rd round) trade 6th and 7th round picks to move up for Jeremiah Owusso 4th round) Creed Humphrey 5th round) trey smith With that set of picks we are a playoff team even with Matt fool running the show
  11. Hear me out I know how crazy it sounds. However he could easily be the piece we need to push our defense over the top into the force we think it is... Guys relax, we can spend every other pick in the draft and get some free agents. The Bengals didn't go crazy with o lineman either. They took the best player available and you see the results
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