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  1. also I would like to mention that recency bias of mobile qbs (watson/mahomes) is clouding the judgement of mobile qbs in this yrs class. Lance and fields are projects with huge risk factors if you pick them. I advise everyone to watch individual game tapes of mahomes and watson in college. Then compare those tapes to fields and lance. Its not even close. Do not watch flashy highlight mixtapes of qbs on youtube and base your qb evaluations on that.
  2. Keep in mind when mahomes was drafted at 10 and Kansas city moved up for him, most mocks had him at bottom of first round and many mocks and analysts had him going in the second round. Teams are quiet about the qbs they love. If Kansas City believed those mocks they had no reason to trade up. Its obvious they knew more information about the interest level of other teams in mahomes. Fact is the NFL is higher on mac jones than the analysts and mock draft pundits are. I would not have been surprised if Atlanta took him at 4, and had him sit behind Matt Ryan. It would have been a per
  3. you say that when a 43 year old tom brady just won the sb. people act like every mobile qb is the second coming of mahomes or watson. Those are once in a generation type players. Trey Lance and fields are no where close to those two coming out.
  4. I should of wrote he has potential to be more mobile brady/marino instead of "think brady/marino" I do believe his floor is matt ryan.
  5. interesting that Todd Mcshay agrees with me: https://247sports.com/Article/Mac-Jones-Tom-Brady-Dan-Marino-Todd-McShay-compares-NFL-Draft-2021-Alabama-Notre-Dame-Rose-Bowl-158143789/
  6. lol we will see who is right and wrong in a couple years man
  7. Hello Panthers fans. I am a 49ers fan and just came here to say this: I want Mac Jones to be the pick at 3. I have spent months watching game tape on all the prospects in this draft and came away with this ranking: 1. Zach Wilson: my only concerns with him are injury related. Think Aaron Rodgers/Mahomes 2. Mac Jones (more on him later): Think more mobile Tom Brady/Dan Marino. His floor is Matt Ryan imo. 3. Trevor Lawrence: most overrated prospect in draft in recent memory - he is no Peyton manning or Andrew luck. Ran a read option/spread offense in college and missed a lot of
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