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  1. The declassified documents that the CIA released about UFO’s. It needs to be talked about.
  2. While here, Brown will work closely with Kate Callaway, the team's director of performance nutrition. Rhule called Callaway "one of the stars of this place," and she's already been in contact with her counterparts with Alabama to come up with a plan for Brown. "I know Kate will do what it takes to help him," Rhule said. "She's really special." Rhule said the team would also lean on the sports science department to put all the players who arrived this weekend through a series of body mass and movement and strength tests to help determine an ideal weight. After they make that cal
  3. From the article at Panthers.com: While rookie minicamp is mostly an introduction, what Brown showed the Panthers in the pre-draft process is that he's a large and strong man, whose mass makes him a different kind of player than many of their existing options. Keeping that mass at a manageable level has always been one of the questions with Brown, who vowed on draft weekend it wouldn't be a problem. The 6-3 1/4 Brown weighed in at the Senior Bowl in January at 364 pounds. He said his initial weigh-in here Thursday was at 347. Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said he w
  4. The pure joy in his voice of finding out he got drafted over being an UDFA is awesome. Already a huge fan. “I’ll walk my happy ass to Carolina right now if you want me to....on my hands and knees
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