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  1. I’m optimistic that Bryce will be much better with an O line, weapons, and a good coaching staff…….but those comments worry the hell out of me. Cam already spoke about Bryce needing to find his voice and it sounds like he’s not inspiring the team much from a leadership perspective
  2. I’ve been a wait and see optimist with Bryce….but this worries me a lot. You have to be able to command a team as a QB. It’s one of the most underrated qualities of the position. How many quiet qbs like that have you seen really be successful or lead a team to long term success? Cam has already mentioned this about Bryce and it does not seem like things have changed much since last season on him being more vocal.
  3. Taylor Moton. To me he is currently our 3rd best O linemen ever and has been very durable. Most people don’t appreciate the man enough. Everyone thinks RT is so easy to fill but forgot some of the horrific line play we have had throughout the years
  4. I agree but why call out your own team to the public like that knowing it will make headlines when they already have a plan in place for it and knowing you won’t be on the team a year from now. Seems like an unnecessary shot taken to me, but it’s not a huge deal either way
  5. On Draft Night: ”But I was sitting there and my manager called me and was like, 'hey, stay by your phone. A lot of teams texted me and said they could come get you.' Then the Panthers traded up and then that's why I got a call. Shows we weren’t off in our evaluations. His agent expected him to be drafted late second, early third so it’s not like it was a huge reach. He stated he was the 4th ranked LB according to his agent as well.
  6. Idk they may be wanting someone who could have a long career here with us. Every other team passed on him multiple times due to viewing him as a one contract player because of how bad that knee is.
  7. I don’t hate. Bryce, I hope he kills it this season. No QB in the league would have been successful on this dumpster team last year, much less rookie. We already have a plan in place to upgrade the facilities which is why he was making the comments to begin with. Speaking up isn’t helping any future teams, that’s already going to happen. He made several comments since he signed that had been odd, it just seems like an unnecessary shot at the team he plays for when they already announced the plans to upgrade.
  8. No question, other than gross and Kalil he’s right there with the best linemen we have ever had, and he is very dependable with not only play, but his ability to stay on the field (knock on wood). We will certainly miss him when he is gone, and I would love to give him a small extension on his current contract, although I don’t know if it is reasonable being that we just signed out guards to mega contracts. As much as we have struggled with tackles throughout our franchise history, you would think he would get move love than he does.
  9. He’s prob not wrong but Adam gets on my nerves for some reason. He has made a few off the wall comments in his short time here and I’m not sure what the purpose of saying this was. He’s not going to be here after this season and has only been on one team, so what’s the point of calling ours the worst? We may be, but STFU and get ready to lead us to 4 wins this season. I miss old school football players, I mean the guy is getting paid millions and should be thankful he’s on is team at his age.
  10. We aren’t making the playoffs this year so who cares. He didn’t make any crazy pressure picks for us nor will he this year. Go with the cheaper option, and save the money for positions we will actually need.
  11. It cannot be stated enough how bad Frank was with O-Line performance. It’s one of the reasons he got Matt Ryan killed his last season with an incredible amount of talent across the line, and the next season they look light years better, with the same crew. He comes here and the line that once looked like the biggest team strength, suddenly could not pick up a stunt and was by far the worst line in the league. I know injuries played a part, but you cannot ignore Franks outdated scheme and the effect it has over the last few years.
  12. https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/panthers-kicker-eddy-pineiro-skipping-otas-while-seeking-new-contract-231310209.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAD3L0nJcnRfk1HswQLRPrCUoumSC2nBmnWA3DdNZMtN3RSExvqGcOYcuK1UmTp1u64wDjtH3suepNiJctoJHymaSImpFDQc4R__5PMiWcJckErCpQmL2DzHzv1LdjPH4Zfuo24ND6XrV0OcIqdX7m2u4mPEqCAhlGkfpzTdKd1qH
  13. The man, the myth, the legend is still missing from OTA’s. Not since Burns have we had such a impactful holdout. What is your thoughts on this scrub holding out?? Lol
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