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  1. Rhule would be trying to beat the Browns record for most QB’s started in a short period of time if this happened. No way we should touch any future draft picks with Rhule as our coach until we know his future (I’d bet my savings he’s as good as gone after this season)
  2. On a positive note, it’s fantastic to see decent results from our line, especially knowing that we will get better with time as this unit gels and the young guys get more experience.
  3. We always say we are a few pieces away with Rhule and it’s always the same result. Decent defense (who wears down at the end of the year from being on the field too much/ offenses adjusting, bad offense performance, 5 wins, wash, rinse, repeat, Rhule collects collect check and says we are close.
  4. Example from the Athletic: “As he often did when Sam Darnold was struggling, Rhule pointed to Mayfield’s footwork as the root of his problems. “I think Baker would be the first to tell you he wants to play better,” Rhule said. “I think it’s still a matter of settling his feet in.” But backup quarterback P.J. Walker said Mayfield has always been a quarterback who bounces around the pocket. “I think it’s his game. I think that’s who he is as a quarterback. He’s not a guy that’s going to sit there and sit still,” Walker said. “He’s not a statue in the pocket, either. He likes to move his feet. If you watch his previous years and previous films, he’s one of those guys that likes to move his feet in the pocket.” -The Athletic He seems to be playing as bad as he ever has under Rhule and is healthy. That goes in line with what every other QB has faced it seems to me
  5. Yes he does. The larger problem however is that Rhule clearly makes QB’s fit into the system that he has in place and does not play to whoever’s strengths (this is across the board not just QB) Baker has always had “happy feet”. Those clips did not show much separation at all, and DJ had one of the worst separation rates in the league against the Saints. I say all that while still acknowledging Baker has many issues going on, but how many QB’s have started for Rhule now and they all seem to have the same issues.
  6. Why can’t we get this type of passion with our main radio guys?????? They are awesome. Absolutely love it and they almost had a heart attack during the superbowl run.
  7. I was happy about the win. I stated that. I’m just being realistic about where we are as a team rather than saying we could be unstoppable.
  8. It’s wild what one win will do for some of you lol. We literally had everything fall our way yesterday against Winston with a broken back, missing Michael thomas, Landry, and Taysom hill….yet we allowed them to keep it close. You won’t be able to keep many teams under the golden 17 points so we shall see. I still don’t see us winning more than 5 games total. Our offense is the worst (is not bottom 3) in the league. Same old song and dance with Rhule. Decent defense, horrible offense, 5 wins. Wash, rinse, repeat and collect that check
  9. We have new signs up for situational drills….I guess that qualifies as positive. We also care about people as an organization. We are helping Elf to support his family by allowing him to continue to start over someone who is much more qualified and talented than he is.
  10. No way he isn’t fired after this season. When you start the year 0-2 against the Giants and a Browns team with a backup QB…..it’s already over. That is as easy as it will get all year.
  11. You can’t ask fans to be passionate about the team and then be upset when they are pissed about being one of the worst teams in the league multiple years in a row. You can only take so many top 10 draft picks before you go insane
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