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  1. It’s exhausting seeing these reports. Similar to Watson have to hear about it every other week.
  2. Report: Three weeks after the draft, quarterback Baker Mayfield continues to be on the Cleveland roster. That likely will continue to be the case. Jeff Howe of TheAthletic.com reports that a “holding pattern” exists as to Mayfield. Howe reports that the Panthers and Seahawks remain interested in Mayfield. The problem continues to be the amount of Mayfield’s $18.8 million guaranteed salary that Cleveland will pay, and that his next employer will carry. Mayfield can play, if heathy. He’s currently not healthy, which reduces the urgency to resolve things. Then there’s the Deshaun Watson situation. If Watson ends up being suspended for a significant piece of the season, the Browns may need Mayfield. Before they can do that, however, they need to rebuild the bridge to Baker. That may be impossible. But that’s what the Browns should be doing. Both sides ultimately may need each other, and Mayfield’s best option could be to play for the Browns instead of the Seahawks or the Panthers. Mayfield may need some persuading to get there. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/05/20/report-holding-pattern-for-seahawks-panthers-browns-on-baker-mayfield/
  3. I’m doing great. Here’s a throwback to make you smile on Friday
  4. Sitting at #32…..right were Sam should be with the amount of teams in the league
  5. Lol Bills ranked 27th? I’ve seen those fans almost kill themselves over finally reaching the playoffs, while we have more fans of the opposite team in the stadium than us. 2015 was absolutely magical but the stadium has been a shell of itself since.
  6. Surprised Pride was cut so soon, but the CB rooM was very full.
  7. When he ask that question I was cringing….and the follow up even more. Newton such a douche and I have no idea who he has blackmailed in order to keep his job as a reporter.
  8. “Rome was not built in a day”’ -Jay Z
  9. CMC will go insane this year if he stays healthy. (Save your injury comments…..I already know)
  10. Okay Huddle GM’s. Slow week with news so I figured I would open up a discussion on what YOU would rather do as GM of the Panthers if you had a choice. The Watson update threads were a thing of magic. The overall sense *at the time* was that the majority of posters here on the board were open to the idea of landing Watson. Knowing what we know now, would you rather have: 1. ( Watson/ vet LT) for the exact trade package the Browns gave up knowing that you have a top of the league franchise QB OR 2. (Icky/Corral) even though we may have to endure another season of Darnold we get to keep future assets/picks and young players. Much less known with Corral as a franchise QB but you keep your cap/draft picks for the future.
  11. I’ll say it yet again….sign Fitzmagic and let him/Darnold battle it out for starter. Loser is 2nd string and we give Corral a true redshirt year then let him take over the franchise next year.
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