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  1. Oh I absolutely would. I would bet that if he was on any team in the league. I don’t bet, but that’s one I would go all in on. I’m not a crazy Teddy hater at all either... I’m just a realist
  2. Kuddos to you. I don’t believe anyone on the planet has defended Teddy B as hard as you have on this thread. No matter your feelings about him.....I can promise you Teddy is not a QB that will ever win a super bowl (as a starter).
  3. One of these toughest players, much less Lb’s to ever play the game. I will never forget his return from 3 ACL tears. The guts he showed to play in the super bowl with a broken arm will live in the hearts of panther fans forever.
  4. Matt Ryan compared to the QB’s throwing to DJ is one reason, the other is because Ridley has Jones taking up double coverage.
  5. Great points. If he made an insane move and didn’t care what the coach/gm wanted that would be a terrible move. He has not done so, and we have no evidence that this will ever be something that he would do. Also SUGGESTING moving to a 3-4 with Rivera is much different than forcing him to do so. Rivera did this every time he felt like his job was on the line, he went out of character and tried new things, hoping it would save his job. This time it did not.
  6. Also where is the evidence of Tepper driving football decisions? I’ve heard no stories where he has done so other than mentioning we need a franchise QB (which literally everyone knows we need who has common sense). Has anyone heard of any stories where he dictates the game plan? Said we had to sign a specific free agent? Forced Hurney to draft a specific player?
  7. I don’t understand why so many people keep this up with Tepper. He has shown no evidence of being “too involved”. He had to set up the business side of the team and just now got the football side in line with a new structure and all pieces in place. He gives his opinion on the team, which is a warm welcome from Richardson who literally never spoke to the public. Speaking of that guy, no one pointed out how terrible he was as an owner until the “Jean day” articles came out and he was forced to sell the team. Tepper admitted he should have canned Hurney when he did Rivera which was als
  8. Joe expects “a couple mid round picks” to be what we receive if we were to trade him.
  9. A piece of the Article from the Athletic which first reported the 49ers interest: You probably heard: The Panthers are interested in finding an upgrade for quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. The rest of the NFL has gotten the message, as well: San Francisco is among the teams that have called Carolina to gauge the Panthers’ interest in potentially trading Bridgewater, according to league sources. San Francisco general manager John Lynch indicated last week the 49ers would like to find a solid backup as insurance for oft-injured starter Jimmy Garoppolo. The Panthers aren’t going to j
  10. I bet we ask them to wait until after the draft. He will be our worst case scenario starter for next season, so I’m sure we will want to get another starter via trade or draft before we make the move. Being that he will be a backup/insurance for them I’m sure they don’t mind waiting a bit....but with all that said trade him for anything any I’m good
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