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  1. I don’t know about the all time number but we are leading the NFL this season for sure
  2. It seems like our entire team has been on IR. What a strange season.
  3. Can't be any worse: The Panthers signed veteran guard Gabe Jackson to the practice squad Wednesday, an addition that could come in handy soon. The 32-year-old Jackson spent the last two seasons with the Seahawks after his first seven years with the Raiders, and adds a proven starter to a position running out of them. He has 130 career starts and brings some size and experience in the middle. They need that, since they're strapped there with injuries to Chandler Zavala and Cade Mays last week, leaving them with no reserve options. Brett Toth and Nash Jensen finished the game at the guard spots last week. Jackson will be on the practice field Wednesday.
  4. I never really expected us to light the world on fire this season, I don’t think the rest of the fans would go crazy if we only pulled out 6 wins in Young’s rookie year as long as we showed fight in the games and made it competitive. This has been some of the most lifeless football I’ve ever seen. It makes no difference who we face, we are all shocked if we score more than 10-13 points. Bryce hasn’t had a single game over 250 passing yards has he?
  5. I can be mad a Tepper for making horrible decisions while still being glad that we moved on from Frank. I would be more upset if he gave him 3 years just to look like he has patience to the rest of the world while we suffer through 2 more losing seasons with that type of play calling. I guarantee Tepper was pissed at how soft Frank addressed the team week after week. The team, like our former coach, shows no fight or life on the field and that is a coaching problem.
  6. @Leaky_Faucet We have all heard about Tepper, which we can’t do anything about, but have you heard anything about the issues with Frank now that he is gone? I have to believe his stubbornness to not adapt his system to the team was one of the major issues.
  7. If I was getting 30 million to not work, it would be hard bad mouth Tepper as well lol
  8. If this was already posted, my apologies as I don’t see it. It makes me feel bad for the man, although he does have 30 million coming his way without having to work. Article: The Panthers fired head coach Frank Reich on Monday, making him one of the shortest-tenured head coaches in league history. But even after team owner David Tepper elected to dismiss him after just 11 games — Urban Meyer got 13 games with the Jaguars in 2021 — Reich aired no grievances in an interview with Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer. “There’s a heart-pounding disappointment in not hitting the marks that we needed to hit to keep this going and try to get it turned around,” Reich said. “It hurts me for the guys, the team, the coaches, and the fans.” Tepper fired Reich in person at Bank of America Stadium, which also serves as the Panthers’ team headquarters, on Monday morning. “I want to convey that I have nothing but positive thoughts about Mr. Tepper,” Reich said. “On a personal level, I saw a side of him that I deeply respect and care about. “But the NFL is a meritocracy. It’s not unconditional love. I understand from a professional standpoint Mr. Tepper is going to have certain standards that he expects to have met. I have no hard feelings, and my personal relationship with him was actually a real highlight of this short time.” As for if he’ll coach again, Reich told Fowler, “This is probably the final chapter of my NFL journey.” Colts owner Jim Irsay fired Reich was fired last November after 74 games as Indianapolis’ head coach. He compiled a 40-33-1 record with the AFC South franchise. Reich, who started the first Panthers game at quarterback, was then hired to lead the same franchise in January. “This ends in an extremely disappointing fashion,” Reich said. “But I will always be a Panthers fan.” https://www.nbcsports.com/nfl/profootballtalk/rumor-mill/news/frank-reich-the-nfl-is-a-meritocracy-its-not-unconditional-love
  9. Who can’t see what’s about to happen…..we wait until after the season to “evaluate”…..wait too long during this process and miss out on getting a jump on interviews, miss out on all the good candidates, are then forced to pick through scraps who have no other options. We hire them with a 4 year contract, they suck and we have to start another re build in 1-2 years
  10. He should stay out of the locker room unless it a special occasion. He has no clue about a toxic work environment and him being involved in every aspect of the team is not helping, especially with everyone being aware of the fact that Rhule….i mean Frank, is on the hot seat. This season has been a complete disaster and the owner being this involved helps nothing.
  11. I get it, Bryce looks like the wrong pick. It’s still amazing to me that we look this pathetic even compared to the horrible teams we face. This entire franchise is under performing from top to bottom.
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