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  1. It’s going to turn out by year’s end ,that many of the things you said Sam couldn’t do will turn out to be false. Reminder to the remaining Darnold haters. Quarterbacks get use their weapons. That is a thing! Ask Aaron Jones about Rodgers
  2. This is a similar opinion to the OP, but I would say that Brady will implement a plan to fix these issues, at least from what Ive read about him. As opposed to Gase, who spent literally 2 years not communicating with his QB during games
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/why-panthers-fans-shouldn-t-be-optimistic-that-sam-darnold-s-problems-are-fixable/ar-BB1fopBj?ocid=msedgntp
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/why-panthers-fans-shouldn-t-be-optimistic-that-sam-darnold-s-problems-are-fixable/ar-BB1fopBj?ocid=msedgntp
  5. Starts are more important? I at least hope you realize that is not a factual statement.
  6. Brees was 26 year old player. 4 years in the league. Please And I am not throwing out or ignoring any games. Never suggested that. Sam did have his bad games, as any rookie should. Thats Just the territory. But, he did show great promise against good and great defenses down the stretch of that year. And the the next season, won most of his games. So with the combination of Gase and a disastrous roster, there is no way he has had a fair shake or evaluation. He will get that this upcoming season
  7. Darnold did not show those problems, second half of his rookie season, and then Gase took over. Darnold was on a nice stretch back then. Then he was Tannehilled. He is 23 yers old, ( Look up Brees after year 3 and 25 yrs old)and would not be the first young player to turn it around. He's got a shot , now that he is with an actual coach.
  8. Sam is 23. 24 when the season kicks off
  9. oh yes, we do. Amazing kid Joe Douglas went out of his way to praise Sam today, at the press conference. It’s worth the listen, if you get a chance. The Jets WOULD NOT have traded Sam, if they had the 3 pick in this draft. You can take that to the bank. They just love Wilson. Also, it’s important to remember, Sam is younger than Joe Burrow and Daniel Jones. He is the youngest in his class. The Panthers took a high upside gamble
  10. He was not "sh**" his first season. He did turn into a bad decision maker by year 3. Gase had something to do with that. Ask Tannehill. Nobody knows where Sam goes from here, but with good coaching and support, he may reach his potential. He was a different player the last part of his rookie year. I encourage you to watch a few of those games. Vs Texans, Bills, Packers. There was tremendous optimism before bug eyes showed up
  11. Moderators, could you please move this to the correct forum? Thanks
  12. I come in peace. Hope to be here often next season. Nice to meet you all First off, we all know Sam had major issues this past season. Not seeing open receivers, bing careless with the ball... etc. But, we also know the coaching was non existent. Ify you ever watched a Jet game, you would know not once in 2 seasons did Gase pull the kid to side and go over what was going wrong. Gase was a horrible leader and coach. Ask Tannehill. I do not where Sam goes from here, but I do know he was a different player from his rookie year. He had so much promise. And you have to remember the Jets had a winning record when he played his second season. Then came the disaster season. He has to clean up his decision making, but if Brady is as good as advertised, you guys may have a steal. I can tell you about 60% of Jet fans did not want Sam to be traded. Most did want a Qb drafted, but many of those wanted it to be a competition. Sam is an OUTSTANDING guy and many of us will root for him in Carolina. If he can clean up the decisions and allow the game to slow down, maybe the flashes of brilliance he showed as a rookie will resurface and he can become a true franchise QB. Here is a game against vs a stout D in late December, who were fighting for the playoffs.
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