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  1. Being a black coach has nothing to do with basketball so what is your point? Does his skin color make any difference in his ability to coach a team? Don’t treat him like a trophy for being a black coach. That’s extremely racist and disgusting. This wouldn’t even be a story if his wife was black and he said he was proud to have a black wife. Whether you’re white, black or Asian you should be able to be proud of your race. White shaming is just as bad as shaming any other race.
  2. Right? Imagine if he was a white coach with a black wife and brought her up. She would have been showered with praise and so would he have. They would have praised them for being so diverse and “progressive”. They treat minorities like they’re a trophy. It’s disgusting how you people are so quick to praise someone just for not being white. Who cares what color you are. Those people are more racist than anyone else for having that way of thinking.
  3. The fact that people are upset about this is ridiculous. So you can be proud to be a black coach but you can’t be proud to be white or have a white wife? I thought we were all supposed to be equal so why does it even matter that he is the first black coach at UNC? That matters just as much as how tall he is. Imagine the headline reading “first 7ft tall coach in history”. He is clearly clowning all you race baiting snow flakes. He doesn’t care that he is the first black coach and neither should anyone else. He should care that they thought he was the best person for the job and now gets to lead
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