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  1. I would love stafford in front of Wilson or Lance for a year or two. ideal scenario imo. the youngin can learn the position from a solid vet, and we don't mortgage away our ability to build up the lines.
  2. maybe they can get houston to trade watson for breesus, straight up.
  3. gtfo, you cheap ass ‘round to the next dollar’ tipper
  4. lol at breesus talking to the receiver about how it was his fault. what a douche
  5. with Talley, the original spider-man. that defense was the tits
  6. win it for Marv, and exorcise those demons so he can go in peace.
  7. it for 3 firsts and 3 seconds. that’s half a damn starting side.
  8. #8 is likely the highest pick we'll have in a while. If you're going to move to get the QB, this is the year to do it. Fields and Wilson both look like the goods. This is probably the first time I wouldn't be upset about trading next year's first if the professionals believe one of them is the guy. But, I also wouldn't be upset with Lance at 8, if they like him as much as the other two.
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