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  1. always play to win. always.
  2. if we lose every game, we’ll always pick #1. then we’ll be awesome! pick #1! pick #1! pick #1!
  3. Brooks is now transferring with only 1 year of eligibility left. Davis has his work cut out for him recruiting an entire new team. https://www.si.com/college/2021/04/10/unc-forward-garrison-brooks-enters-transfer-portal
  4. can't wait to see us sign Bart Starr for vet min
  5. you sure it wasn’t your puckerhole?
  6. Pitts should be on the list for any team looking at WR, like Cincinnati and Detroit. if he happens to fall out of the top 5-6, he would make our choice interesting. getting our next Gross at 8 would make me
  7. what he did during his pro-day 3 years ago is not relevant to who he is now as a player with 3 years of NFL experience, and it is not relevant to comparing him vs the top rookies in the draft.
  8. are the other 14 of your posts as cheap and high quality as this one?
  9. hopefully he keeps up the tradition, and we have a short ride on coaching carousel
  10. and people are whining because we got him for a 2nd round pick. we have an upgrade and potential franchise QB, kept all our 1st round picks, and kept our young defensive core intact. win-win-win.
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