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  1. chiefs LT got pushed straight back like a sled
  2. never expected this to be a defensive battle
  3. chefs better come up with some magic at halftime, or this is going to get ugly
  4. Lions don’t think it’s a damn show. Lions think its a damn fight!
  5. baltimore shot themselves in the foot in that second half. two turnovers in the end zone. ouch.
  6. you got me with Keep Fishing. lolz
  7. we lost that super bowl due to poor coaching choices, eg not adding enough new offense and not using enough OL help. Harbaugh did not lose because he made bad choices. they are not even close to comparable.
  8. it’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it. there are plenty of panthers fans who don’t whine about everything that happens, but look forward to changes to come. having a negative outlook is an internal thing, not an external events thing.
  9. their current contract extension offer says no more NFL flirting.
  10. i expect he wants a championship more than $$. his bro is about to win his second. he needs to keep up.
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