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  1. so now we wait to see if he shows improvement. it’s perfectly reasonable to expect significant improvement from year one to two. we’ll see. i hope so.
  2. based on the QBs drafted #1 comparison thread, he’s right where he should be. if your expectations were to have a rookie lead us to the playoffs without an OL and WR corps, maybe your expectations were a bit off.
  3. there’s a difference between being a vocal rah rah extrovert and commanding control of the huddle. iirc, reports were that his understanding of the playbook and game in general made him respected when calling plays.
  4. i had ptsd after a few years. every time he’d throw i’d turn my head and grit my teeth afraid to watch.
  5. you have to manually change x.com to twatter.cum. see the OTAs thread for details.
  6. god i hope so, if nothing more than to make these haters stfu. it’s miserable in here.
  7. but the coaching gurus on here say he’s in over his head.
  8. we can’t play good foosballs because our coaches don’t have a fancy office building? if the goal was to be on Hard Knocks, i can see how having a fancy special building would help, but if the quality of the facilities are good, why does it matter where they are? you have a big list, but didn’t say why the facilities aren’t any good.
  9. worst in what way? don’t have enough options in the coffee maker? corn pops keep running out?
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