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  1. just like the most important characteristic of boobs is proximity
  2. are we going to whine about not serving the right kind of popcorn next?
  3. it was hilarious when he was getting a boner over their 14pt 4th quarter comeback
  4. people whining about carrol in his first rookie preseason game are why this board is borderline unusable
  5. it’s kind of funny to listen to the WAS broadcast team getting all lathered up over this 14pt comeback in the 4th quarter.
  6. corral trying, doesn’t look like the WR are giving him much to work with
  7. i dig the matte metallic look of the Was helmets. i hope our black ones are like that.
  8. sunshine has made some questionable reads. his arm is a damn rocket, he can still improve on his decisions
  9. jags whiff on the gift. get 1yd on the ground, and another FG
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