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  1. So what are you going to do when Sam ends up being a mid-tier or better QB? Are you going to change your avatar to Sam in a big pink heart, and admit how short-sighted and what a bad evaluator of NFL talent you are? If PJ goes somewhere and becomes a perennial starter, I'll do the same for him.
  2. yeah, didn’t read that. i’m sure it’s a regurgitation of the same tired lines you’ve been spewing for weeks.
  3. still can’t figure out why you’re upset we have a decent QB on our roster. do you need help finding the Bears message board?
  4. it’s like this administration actually wants to win games or something. who knows what the last one was about.
  5. did he actually say anything that is wrong? if you didn’t know he was a jets convert, you’d be right there with him.
  6. annnnnnd, they both lost. so much for a triangle finals. On that note, GO CANES!
  7. Catch it on the ESPN2. https://www.ncaa.com/brackets/lacrosse-men/d1/2021
  8. Jags, because we came into the league together. we will always be compared as to who has done what with the same amount of time. also NO because alice
  9. dammit…here i’ve been living in shangri la the past two years watching the rest of the world implode from my mountain paradise. only problem is there’s no good tacquerias around here.
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