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  1. We got Houston's 2022 4th round pick too right? Great draft. We just added a lot of talent to this team. I think we made the right move trading down in the 2nd. We got a player in the late 2nd that I would have been fine taking in the early 2nd. We are 6 deep at CB, 5 deep at WR, 4 young DT's, pretty explosive backup RB, added more young talent to the o-line and a perfect TE to compliment Dan Arnold and Ian Thomas. Its on Sam now, he is in position to be successful, worst case he struggles and we go all in on a QB next year.
  2. Keith Taylor Highlights - Washington Huskies - YouTube
  3. Shaun Wade CB from Ohio st was a 1st or 2nd round prospect if he came out last year. He had a bad year of tape this year but it was a weird year. Can he play FS?
  4. That Safety from Syracuse Andre Cisco would be a good pick. Jaycee Horn was talking him up in that video following him during the draft process.
  5. Not all of you but it seem like this forum is filled with a bunch of covid karen's, mask nazi's and social justice warriors. Why do you believe everything the fake media and their fake doctors tell you? 99.8% recovery rate lol. If people like you didn't get upset over a mask, this all would be over. Go take your vaccine and enjoy the time you have left because that vaccine is going to shorten it. Be sure to take the moderna vaccine, I've heard that is the best one for a shorter life.
  6. Some of you guys act like you are the poo while you post of a team forum all day.
  7. This whole situation comes down to a bunch of emo sjw's.
  8. Lets be real. The riots made covid weaker. And that just means the main stream media has wayyyy to much influence on people. If these riots ever stop, watch the liberal main stream news push covid back on us. Sad part is there are people that believe it.
  9. Protesters were not social distancing last night. They don't care about grandma.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/denver.cbslocal.com/2020/05/14/coronavirus-montezuma-county-coroner-alcohol-poisoning-covid-death/amp/ Within a week, local Montezuma County Coroner George Deavers determined Yellow had died of acute alcohol poisoning, his blood alcohol measured at .55, nearly twice the lethal limit. “It was almost double what the minimum lethal amount was in the state”, said Deavers, during an interview with CBS4. But Deavers said that before he even signed the death certificate, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment had already categorized Yellow
  11. Im glad you responded. One of the top complainers on this forum. Your victim mentality makes you vulnerable in life. Watch out.
  12. Its draft day and we got one side whining and complainging again on a carolina panther forum about politics. One side points fingers and plays victim. Be happy. You live in the United States, be grateful. If you actually liked football, today is like Christmas. Stop being a victim, life is too short.
  13. Only a Deomcrat will blame Trump for whats happening with the economy and unemployment during a pandemic. Never before seen in our life time. Those are the type of answers that lets me know i have common sense.
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